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0541 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 541 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. XLIII. a. olo. Wooden seal-case with three saw cuts for strings, as Ser. iv. PI. LIII, T. xix. ii. oor. r 8" x I x h". Cavity 16/' x196-".

T. XLIII, a. i. 01-2. Fr. of pottery, grey ; from lip and side of large vessel. Rim broad, at right angles to side ; small rivet (?) hole near one end. Two pieces now joined.

Ion x 3" x   Width of rim I Ifi". Pl. XLVIII.

T. XLIII. b. 01-7. Frs. of pottery, from one or more howls ; fine porcelainous frit, glazed both sides pale warm grey. Largest piece 3;" x 21".

T. XLIII. b. o8. Wooden square prism, one end pyramidal. Painted black ; cf. T. xLIII. h. o1 I. It" x r x z".

T. XLIII. c. 01. Fr. of pottery ; from flat bottom of vessel ; slightly raised broad foot. Badly washed paste, glazed dark greenish-brown inside. 51" x 41" x g".

T. XLIII. e. 01. Fr. of pottery. Hollow bar, square section with upper surface chamfered into three irreg. sides of octagon. Use uncertain. Dark grey throughout and very hard. 4$" x 21" x rr". Thickness c. 1".


T. XLIII. g. oi. Fr. of pottery ; dark red, coloured black on surface. Part of rim of bowl. Fine and hard. 2" X I! xg".

T. XLIII. g. 02. Fr. of pottery ; fine red ; grey-black surface, with close string pattern all over outside. 21" x Ii"Xi"

T. XLIII. g. 04. Fr. of bronze mirror. Narrow cable border lines within broad, flat, thickened rim. Fine smooth patina. Ii" x /".

T. XLIII. g. 05-13. Frs. of bronze, of various sizes and shapes. Largest i " x 14" x Jo".

T. XLIII. g. 014. Bronze arrowhead; triangular ; hollow

sides, barbed ; bronze tang. Cf. Lal S. 015. r" PI. XLVII.

T. XLIII. g. 015. Bronze arrowhead, triangular, flat-

sided, no barbs ; cf. L. J. oi. Corroded at lower end. I" x 1


T. XLIII. g. 021. Thin head of grass, tied round with string of same at half-length ; perhaps for brush. Cf. T. xxii. e. 013. Length rod", gr. thickness §".

T. XLIII. g. 022-4. Frs. of three wooden writingslips ; blank. Wood hard, but bleached. Gr. fr. (022) 71s"x "x r•

T. XLIII. g. 030. Wooden writing-slip ; blank, good condition. 9f" xis" x


T. XLIII. h. 02. Fr. of wood ; originally rectangular in section, cut into oblong billets on one face. Billets approx. 2!" x I". Interval I}" long x 1" deep. Split and perished. Broken at both ends. 9f" x i" x /".

T. XLIII. h. 03. Wooden handle, of awl (?) or drill. Short, thick, straight and round ; roughly tapered at drill end, and rounded at butt. Hard wood. 31" x II".

T. rim. h. 04. String shoe ; strongly woven in one piece. Under-side of sole presents evenly knobbed surface. Good work. As Ser. iv. Pl. LIV, T. xv. oo6. 9}" x 31".

T. XLIII. h. 05. Fr. of woven string fabric, with very strong loops projecting from edge at intervals of about 5". Probably mat for covering loads on ponies, or for some similar purpose. Close warp ; weft ` wrapped-twined' at intervals of about }". i8" x 8".

T. XLIII. h. o6. Fr. of paper. • Torn, tough, and plain.


T. XLIII. h. 07. Fr. of plain cloth ; cotton, strongly woven. 9" x 2r"

T. XLIII. h. o8. Fr. of plain cloth, loosely woven ; woollen ; buff. c. 2f" x I".


T. XLIII. 11. og. Fr. of silk waste.

T. XLIII. h. 01o. Fr. of wood ; small rectangular billet, hard and roughly shaped ; broken at one end, and roughly chamfered at other. Plain. 41" x r x ".

T. XLIII. h. oII. Wooden square prism, plain, with one end pyramidal. Chessman (?). Cf. T. XLIII. b. o8. I q" x -" x f".

T. XLIII. h. oI2. Iron hoe (?) blade, hollow for fitting to shaft; wedge-shaped. Oxydized. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. LIV, T. xv. ooio. 2f" x 2k" x I" at broad side.

T. XLIII. h. 013. Wooden peg, rough, pointed one end, with roughly drawn grotesque face at square end on one side. Cf. above, T. xxu. d. 027, Pl. XLVII ; Ser. iv. Pl. LII, T. vi. b. i. 002. 7h-" x 21" x .a".

T. XLIII. h. 014. Wooden spoon ; roughly made. Bowl in same line as handle, but concavo-convex. Rounded back continued up handle, which is flat on other three sides. Handle merges into bowl in hollow curved shoulders, and at opposite end is shaped into abrupt hook for suspension. Lip of bowl broken away. 6" x 2"(bowl). PI. XLVII.

T. XLIII. h. 015. Wooden writing-slip ; blank. 9" x I" x}.


T. XLIII. i. or. Wooden spatula, roughly cut, slightly concave end to end. Flat at back of blade which thins towards lip ; thickened at handle. Shape tapers laterally,

gradually from broad end of blade to wedge-shape point of handle ; cf. T. xxul. a. 07. 6f" x Ii" x f' at thickest.