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0614 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 614 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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each fig. a column of text; and between these ornamental vertical bands of baluster-like columns each supporting a symmetrical, foliate, double bracket which spreads R. and L. and invades upper corners of text columns.

Baluster is on solid black ground and consists of elongated polygonal capstan-like section, to lower end of which is attached a squat flower-like tassel. Below this is a ball pierced with two holes and supported on a horizontal band above two short diverging stems. The stems rest on a second band supported by a cup-like lotus. Below lotus the capstan', tassel, lotus, two bands and an inverted lotus as base. The effect is rich and decorative. Paper buff and torn on all sides. Cf. K.K. II. 0293. a, 0240. 11., 0282. b. xii. 5I" x 3f". Pl. LXV.

K.K. II. 0253. d. Fr. of paper leaf, with block-print impression showing four adoring figures on Padmâsanas, two in front and two behind and above. Similar in type to K.K. H. 0231. b (Pl. LXIII). Musical instruments and flowers float in air above. Paper dark buff, torn away at R. side. 71" x 3".

K.K. II. 0254. Fr. of paper leaf, with block-print impression of warrior (Dvarapàla ?) standing on waterworn rock. He stands in threatening pose to front, R. p. foot drawn back and L. p. foot advanced. Shoulders bent forward and head facing / to R. with long hair violently blown forward. R. p. hand holds long sword in thrusting pose ; L. p. arm stretched forward with hand up and fingers distended.

Elaborate warrior dress with agitated stole, feet bare. A few clouds float above and two Hsi-hsia characters appear at top R. corner. Well drawn and engraved. Paper pale buff ; ragged. 41" x 2}". Pl. LXII.

K.K. n. 0254. r. Fr. of plain silk. Pale buff ; ragged. One edge shows selvedge. 8" x 4".

K.K. II. 0255. dd. Fr. of white silk, woven in a small all-over diaper in twill, called in India ` bulbul-chashmi '. 6i" x1"

K.K. H. 0255. ff. Fr. of painted silk, from lower edge of picture. In lower R. corner, lower part of figure in pale yellow robe seated on mat. Slightly above to L., part of large Padmasana with small foot (?) standing to R. ; all painted pink. Coarse work ; much torn. 5" x 9r".

K.K. II. 0257. f, g. Two block-printed leaves of paper, with Hsi-hsia text. f is exactly similar to K.K. I. ii. 02. bb, but different text excepting the usual repetitions, and eleven figures in a row instead of twelve. Paper buff, but in good condition. 8I" x 6*". g has the R. half similar to f with eight figures in a row, and the L. half eight columns of text without figures. It was probably intended to be folded in halves. Paper buff, torn and woolly in places. 8" x 9f".

K.K. II. 0257. o. Part of block.printed leaf of paper, with Hsi-hsia text, formerly pasted by one edge to a continuation (missing). Decorated with a row of three and a half seated Buddha figures along top edge and the same

across centre. Similar to K.K. II. 0263. a, but centre of Usnisa point solid black. Torn. Paper buff, thin and smooth. 81" x 21".

K.K. II. 0258. a. Block-printed paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text decorated with a row of seated Buddha figures across top and another across centre, from same original as K.K. H. 0263. a. Paper buff and in good condition. 8}" x 3".

K.K. II.0258. b. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text decorated across top with row of seated Buddha figures. Two are complete and three others have parts missing. Same type as K.K. u. 0239. xx (Pl. LXV). Paper buff, thin and much torn. 6+y" x 41".

K.K. II. 0260. Fr. of paper, with rough drawing of large drapery folds and an ornamental hook or clasp (?). A Chinese or Hsi-hsia character near one edge. Very rough and fragmentary. Paper buff ; torn. 5" x 7".

K.K. II. 0260. h. Fr. of block-printed leaf of paper, with IIsi-hsia text. Middle part of leaf showing row of six Buddha figures same as K.K. u. 0263. a. Paper as in K.K. Ii. 0263. a. 3" x 3r".

K.K. II. 0260. q. Fr. of paper, with block-print impression of Buddha figure seated on Padmasana in a robe which covers body- and legs, leaving R. p. shoulder, arm and breast bare. Figure to front with head turned f to L. In L. hand an object (small figure) held at breast level, the R. hand held beside it, fingers directed upward. Behind figure is rayed halo and behind head a nimbus, also rayed. Padmasana is supported by pedestal ; in front an altar draped all round with knotted altar-cloth, supporting votive objects:

Elderly, rather emaciated, nimbate monk dressed in official robes stands in reverent attitude to R. Clouds and flowers occupy background. Upper part of face and head of Buddha torn away and all L. side of picture. Paper buff. 41" x 2f"

K,K. H. 0260. v. Fr. of paper, with block-print impression of part of large picture. In front two kneeling devotional male figures each on mat. Figure to L. wears black robe ; white girdle ; a black hat very closely resembling a modern Parsee hat. To R. the second figure in bulky robes, black bordered, head bare and bald. Nearly all of this figure is missing.

Between these two and farther into the picture is a figure similar to second, kneeling on mat with rich ornamental border. At his side hangs a cord with nine beads widely spaced and so arranged as to suggest a constellation ; or,

may be a device work upon a strip of cloth which hangs from his girdle.

Immediately behind him beyond farther edge of mat an object standing on ground ; it has appearance of a short slightly curved horn resting base downwards on small balls. Just above is a label with Hsi-hsia characters, and to L. of it some flowers.

To L. of mat and touching it is a growth like ` tree-coral'.