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0353 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 353 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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shape body, with thickened rim, short cylindrical stem and spreading conical foot. On under-surface of foot various roughly incised lines, among which a group of three diverging from a point ; another of five forming a half-open bud shape. Most of cup lost. Plain wood, unpainted. Sand-encrusted. H. 4}" diam. of base 3g". Pl. XXIX.

L.C. iv. oio. Scrap of woollen fabric, dark brown, plain weave. r" sq.

L.C. v. ox. Fr. of fine woollen tapestry ; prob. part of body-band. Through centre runs a band r" wide, edged by thin blue-black lines ; band is divided into sections 31" and 34" alternately ; in former is fret in red on blue-black ground.

Crossings of the lines of fret form four Svastikas, outer limbs being produced to carry on fret ; in four spaces alternating with the Svastikas are four square flowers divided by diagonals and diameters into eight triangular petals alternately red and yellow. Cf. centre of Egyptian bowl, Brit. Mus. No. 479o.

In the 31" section is a pattern of counterchange ` van-dykes ' or chevrons in yellow and purple brown. Each ` vandyke ' has a vertical midrib terminating at its lower end in a square spiral, of which there are four and a half abreast, from side to side of band. This pattern is twice repeated in length of section.

On each side of band described, the material is shaded from red outwards for iI" to purple brown. Beyond this it changes to a fine dark green. At edge of purple brown is a delicate pattern in yellow of undulating leaf and spiral, A' wide.

The whole effect is late Greek, and very beautiful. The technique is that of the ` Coptic ' tapestries. Where two colours meet in the pattern, in the same line as the warp, the opposite threads are carried across the opening, alternately, about every eighth thread. xi" x 8i". Colours good, Fabric perished and ragged. Pl. XXXI.

L.C. v. 02. a. Strip of fine woollen tapestry in three frs. Pattern divided into seven longitudinal bands, centre being broadest ; this contains, on dark purple-brown ground, an acanthus ` nest ' from within which rises breast and head of bird in profile between thin scrolls.

On either side and facing nest, bird with wings spread, solid recurved band-like tail, pair of horse's forelegs in galloping pose, supported on scalloped cloud ; under legs a square dot. Whole of this motif repeated, but between repeats a symmetrical scroll ornament like two anthemions reversed. In the centre of each anthemion is a long, narrow, detached green leaf.

Colouring of bird band : crimson, buff (light and dark), brown, green. These are counterchanged throughout the pattern, but scrolls are always brown or dark buff. Mead of bird always contrasting colour with body, and wings different again.

Group of three bands or ` guards ' above and three below form borders to central band. Centre guard, heart-shaped

flower between pair of diverging leaves in profile growing from stem which bifurcates downwards and turns into scrolls.

This pattern has its axis in length of strip and repeats closely, the colours interchanging. Colours in this band : pink, buff, two tones of blue on crimson ground. Bands on each side shaded ; inner from blue through pink to buff ; outer pale buff to dark buff.

Outlines, light or dark, used with discretion. Both long edges have been turned over and sewn. R. short edge complete ; L. short edge torn. Perished, ragged and discoloured. Gr. fr. zr" X4". (For damask lining, see L.C. v. oz. b.) Pl. XXXI, XXXII.

L.C. v. 02. b. Fr. of woollen damask (lining of L.C. v. oz. a.) ; dark brown, woven in manner of L.C. i. ou, but rather loosely. Pattern : double chevron forming lozenges c. 6" x 3", with inner concentric lozenges and lozenge centre. Sewn along two edges. For similar fr., see also L.C. v. 026. Much torn and rotten. 13" x 4#".

L.C. v. 03. Fr. of woollen tapestry band. Divided into four longitudinal sections. First, dark brown ground with pattern of group of four buff square dots placed lozenge-wise ; repeated at intervals of about r".

From alternate groups, a pair of elongated curved pod-shapes issue R. and L., each pair a different colour—pink, blue, yellow-green, dark buff. Second and fourth bands in rainbow treatment, crimson, buff, blue. Third, red ground with simple long rudimentary lily-shapes in various colourings ; their axis in direction of length of band. Rather coarse work. A debased rendering of L.C. v. o6. a. Ragged and fragile. 7" x41". Pl. XXXI.

L.C. v. 04. Fr. of woollen tapestry, similar to L.C. v. 03 (Pl. XXXI) ; but an additional piece attached by coarse sewing at one end, having red ground and prob. fret pattern in yellow and blue. Blue outer edge. 7h" x 5f". Badly worn, but good colour.

L.C. v. 05. Fr. of woollen tapestry, prob. similar to L.C. v. 03, but much faded and threadbare. 4f" x 31". Very brittle.

L.C. v. 06. a. Fr. of fine woollen tapestry border (detached from lining L.C. v. o6. b). Prob. part of body-band or garment. On purple-brown ground an imbricated series of lily-like forms of various colourings, red, buff, blue. The lily is fleur-de-lis type ; the two outer petals have always thick centre line of a contrasting colour, and centre petal is tipped with pale buff. Between two adjacent lilies and springing from deep within the lower one are two outward curving leaves of petal shape, alternately red with buff tips and blue with brown tips.

On either side of this band of ornament is rainbow band shaded crimson, buff, blue, beyond which is visible fr. of further pattern. Very good work. Two or more pieces joined without regard to matching pattern. r31"x41", Recalls ` Coptic ' pattern. Pl. XXXI,

L.C. v. o6. b. Fr. of woollen fabric, coarse plain weave,