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0593 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 593 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. I. 08, 010. Clay stucco hands ; two pairs, from small figures. o8 has backs showing, one hand over other ; old has palms up, one in other. 2i" x z".

K.K. z. og, 013, 020, 031, 032, 064, o66, 085, 096, 0112. Frs. of clay stucco snakes. Two heads and parts of bodies realistically curved and painted grey and buff with black spots. Originally attached to gilded stucco, as shown by frs. of gold adhering. Largest piece c. zo" across curve. Pl. LIII, LIV.

K.K. I. o11. Fr. of clay stucco, end of green drapery, bordered gold, in relief.

K.K. I. 012, 0203. Frs. of clay stucco fingers, with long nails extending nearly I" beyond finger-tip. Integument at root of nail conventionally emphasized ; sides of nails deeply indented. Pose, straight and stiff ; tips not recurved ; gilded over white paint. No core. Life-size.

K.K. I. 014, 023, 039, 044, 045, 049-53, o61, 062, 065, 070, 0162, 0163-84, 0186-94, 0196, 0197, 0201, 0216, 0227-9. Frs. of clay stucco pearl cable orn., with rosettes and lozenge jewels attached. Gilded. Cable consists of four twisted strands of pearls with jewels applied to surface at intervals. For detailed description of jewels, see K.K. 1.028 &c. (lozenge) and K.K. 1.022 &c. (rosettes). For manner of application of jewels, see long pearl string on figure, Ser. iv. PI. CXXXVIII, Mi. xviii. oog.

Construction :-on a core consisting of one or more rough wooden twigs, hard clay stucco, without fibre, is first applied. Over this, rough string is sometimes wound to form ` key ', and on this the cable pattern is cast in slightly fibrous clay.

It is probable that cable formed part of jewellery of colossal figures, and similar ornaments are found in Gandhàra and Indian Buddhist sculpture. The frs. may sometimes have served as a border for haloes, &c. Total length C. 21'. Thickness c. I"-2". Av. length of frs. 7". Pl. LIV.

K.K. z. oz5, 041, o81, oio8, 0132, 0133, 0144, 0145. Clay stucco colossal fingers. ors, crooked, broken at second joint but held together by string core. 5i" (chord) x xi". o4z, two upper joints. o8z, slightly bent, broken in centre but held by string core. ozo8, two top joints slightly bent. 0132, crooked. 0133 and 0144, strongly crooked. 0145, nearly straight.

In all, nail is trimmed below finger-tip, and integumental root of nail marked by prominent roll. All are fleshy, and upper joint recurved. Gilded over red paint. About twice life-size. Pl. LIV.

K.K. z. o16, 026. Fr. of clay stucco drapery (?) in two pieces ; painted red, with incised shape (lining ?) green. Traces of gilding over red. 3" x 6".

K.K. I. 017, 019, 024, 074. Frs. of clay stucco orn., convex band ornament in low relief, gilded. Scroll ornament between narrow plain bands, outside which pearls. Gr. fr. 5" x 2".

K.K. I. orb. Clay stucco orn. Flaming jewel, gilt. 3"x3"".

K.K. I. 021. Fr. of clay stucco drapery, showing folded ends, gilded. 2i" x I".

K.K. 1.022, 0202. Clay stucco rosettes. High centre, plain jewel surrounded by pearls ; outer ray, six blunt-ended petals, then plain band edged by pearls. Gilded over red paint.

0202 attached to fr. of stucco painted pink. This rosette is finely burnished, has eight pointed petals and no outer ring of pearls. 022, diam. 2i". 0202, diam. 2i".

K.K. I. 025. Fr. of clay stucco, from edge of drapery painted white, gold edge, green lining ; traces of red at lower edge. 7" x 2}".

K.K. I. 027, o8o, 0102, 0122, 0123, 0131. Frs. of stucco ornaments, of pyramidal form, consisting of two heart-shaped jewels placed one above the other, the lower larger than the upper, resting upon a row of six pearls. R. and L. of this central feature are symmetrical branching scrolls which fill side spaces of triangle and extend above upper heart. No specimen complete, some being cut to fit adjoining work. o8o, 0123, very fibrous and flexible. Gilded. Well burnished, other frs. much abraded. Pl. LIII.

K.K. z. 028, 078, 079, 0187. Clay stucco lozenge- shaped jewels ; from pearl rope. In centre, flat rectangle surrounded by raised pearls, a flattened heart-shaped jewel, point outwards at each of the four sides, and at point of each heart a cabochon. Scrolls spring from each corner of centre rectangle and divide, curving R. and L., connecting the jewelled arms and forming the lozenge shape. 028, 079, slightly convex with impression of pearl cable rope at back. Length 5i" x 3i". 078, flat with no impression at back ; one end broken. 4k" x 3". 0187, strongly convex, with cable impression ; one side cut away in clean curve. 5h" x 2f". Pl. LIV.

K.K. I. 029, 056, 090, 0115, 0119, 0141, 0199, 0205, 0206, 0222. Frs. of clay stucco pearl straps, with plain edges and peony rosette ends ; from pendent tabs hanging from carcanet of figure, as in Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXVIII, Mi. xviii. oog. 029 and ogo join, and have portion of breast of figure attached. For other example, see K.K. 1. 037. Gilded. Gr. fr. 6i" x If". Pl. LIII.

K.K. I. 030, 0140. Frs. of clay stucco from. band ; consisting of row of pearls with two plain bands to one side ; convex as for armlet ; gilded. Cf. K.K. 1.0107. 4h" x i".

K.K. 1.031, 032, 064, o66. Frs. of clay stucco snakes ; grey spotted black. 031, 6i" x z". 032, 7i" x Ii". 064, two entwined, 4" x Ii". o66, 5i" x zi".

K.K. z. 083. Fr. of clay stucco drapery, pink, tied with blue band at lower end and flowing in slight outward curve downward, exposing blue lining edged with gilding. Prob. the long open sleeve (a kind of ` poky ') as seen in the figure in Ser. iv. Pl. CXXVII, Mi. xv. 0031. 20" X 6" X 6'.