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0305 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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and grazing, continued over most of this belt down to the early part of the fourth century A.D., when the Lou-lan station and the old Chinese route leading through it were finally abandoned. Evidence to be discussed in the next chapter seems, in fact, to suggest that no great length of time intervened in this region between the latest neolithic civilization and that contemporary with the assertion of Chinese control in the Han period, and that the physical conditions affecting this belt underwent no very considerable change in the interval.


L.M.C. xciii. or. Stone core, light brown, from which long narrow blades have been struck. Length I ".

L.M.C. xciii. 02-10. Nine frs. of stone flakes, various shapes and stones. Gr. M. r-,".

L.M.C. xciii. 0I1-12. Two frs. of pottery, very coarse and badly washed. Reddish-black clay, eroded. Gr. M. 2".


C. xciii. or. Fr. of iron, split and oxydized. I4" x la" x 8"

C. xciii. oio. Stone blade, long, narrow, dark greenish-grey ; two-edged, much worn ; bulb of percussion at end of under face. Broken at one end. Length 2".

C. xciii. our. Iron awl, sq. in section, set in wooden handle. Length of whole 31", of handle 2f", gr. diam. of handle 1".

C. xciii. 012. Fr. of pottery, flaked from thicker piece ; red clay. Probably wheel-made ; black inside. Ii" x

16 x is•

C. xciii. 013-15. Three stone blades. 013, broad ; two ridges, one split away to form shoulder, the one-sided tang being afterwards retouched. Long edges retouched and roughened. Broad end chisel-pointed. Scraper (?). Dark greenish grey. Sand-worn. Length 21" ; tang I x" ; width of point :}"

014, narrow ; three ridges, the two outer close to cutting edges ; bulb of percussion at end of lower face. Dark sage green. Worn and broken at one end. in

ors, broad ; two distinct ridges and two edges. Bulb of percussion on lower face. Yellow-brown. Edges worn. Broken at one end. Ili".

C. xciii. 016-17. Two leaf-shaped stone points ; as L.I. 012. Dark grey. oz6, 21" x f' x ;l"; 0z7, I g" x g" xis". Pl. XXII.

C. xciii. 018-rg. Two stone flakes (blades), long, narrow ; dark grey and black. Gr. length (oz8) 1

C. xciii. 020-1. Two stone flakes (blades), wide, flat ; dark grey and brown. Gr. M. (o2o) I1".

C. xciii, 022. Stone scraper (?), fine dark green ; extremely fine grain ; boldly worked to irregular fine edges, one end broad and blunt. Ii" x I" x u".

C. xciii. 023. Fr. of chert (?), dark grey ; marks of long flakings on one side, indeterminate. Gr. M. ".

L.M.C. xciixciii. or. Sandstone hone, dark grey, with one rounded end, other broken. Incised hole at rounded end. As Ser. i. p. 444, L.B. Iv. 007. 4" X I" x x". Pl. XXVI.

L.M.-C. xcii—xciii. 02. Fr. of jade, rough, green, irregular shape. 2 $" x i" x r"


C. xciii. 024-6. Three frs. of stone flakes (blades), long, narrow ; dark grey, yellow-brown, and red. Gr. length 1".

C. xciii. 027. Fr. of carnelian jewel or seal with chamfered edges. 1" x ?£" x I".

C. xciii. 028. Stone hemisphere, stratified grey and marbled white. Diam. of base ", h. â".

C. xciii. 029. Fr. of iron, oxydized. 2" X r}" x a".

C. xciii. 030. Fr. of glass bead, spherical, striated blue and white. Diam. 1".

C. xciii. 031-2. Two frs. of glass, pale yellow, translucent. Gr. fr. 1" x a" x 4".

C. xciii. 033-4. Two glass beads, gilded, double-bulb type. Larger $" x 4". Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. 035-63. Twenty-nine stone blades, long, narrow ; black grey and yellow-brown stone. Mostly small frs. Gr. fr. (063) 21 e" x r x1".

C. xciii. 067. Fr. of bronze rod, straight, corroded. Length 21", diam. é". Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. 068. Fr. of edge of bronze mirror. Raised plain rim, with band of rayed orn. within. Chord xi", width r. Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. 069. Bronze arrowhead, oval, two-edged, as Kucha. 062, Pl. CXI, but shorter. Length I", gr. width its". PI. XXIII.

C. xciii. 070. Lead disc, drilled through centre. Diam. â", thickness ,1,,". Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. op. Fr. of bronze arrowhead, flat-sided triangular, with hexagonal shaft, as L.J. or, &c. 1" x 1". Pl. XXIII.

C. xciii. 072. Head of bronze pin (?), cylindrical, tapering from centre. Small hole in one end. Corroded. Length 1", gr. diam. r.

C. xciii. 073. Flat strip of iron, broken both ends, bent at one. I â" x .}" x i". Pl. XXIII.