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0211 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 211 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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maroon, and black. Rough work ; surface much gone. 4" x 6".

Kuduk•köl. o27. Fresco fr., showing R. foot of large divinity standing on lotus upon lake, perhaps Lake of Rebirth. Lotus plants and small white flowers grow from bank. Background dark red ; water green ; foot

white with dark red outlines ; lotus light buff outlined dark red and black. r' x ro}".

Kuduk•köl. 028. Fresco fr., showing part of Buddha, within black vesica, on red background ; much effaced. 4 "X3 ".


D.K. or. Stone bead, echinus shape, facetted, and pierced with large hole. Black stone (?) jet. Well preserved. Diam. r, depth r. Pi. X.

D.K. 02. Lump of resin, kidney shaped, drilled as for bead ; rich ruby colour. t" x I" x i".

D.K. 03. Lead rod, doubled into loop. Partly corroded. ifxl

D.K. 04. Ball of lead of irregular surface. Diam. I".

D.K. 05. Bronze buckle ; small, circular. Section through ring, lozenge-shaped. Thin for about one quarter of circumference, where tongue is attached. Tongue made from piece of sheet, the lower end narrow and bent to form ring which encircles thin part of ring of buckle, and the point curved to lie close to opposite side of ring of buckle. Diam. ". Pl. XI.

D.K. 06. Ball of stone or paste ; hard light grey ; perhaps an inferior jade. Diam. r.

D.K. 07. Circular ring or disc of bone or ivory, stained pink, and drilled with hole through centre. In section, of flat echinus shape, with slightly chamfered fillet on top, and receding fillet at bottom. Four circles engraved on sides at cardinal points, with centre dot to each. Well preserved. Diam. I<", thickness i«". PI. X.

D.K. o8. Bone ring of same material as D.K. 07, but paler pink. Six incised double rings with centre dot, placed alternately near opposite edges of side surface of ring. Surface slightly corroded. Diam. ii£", depth A". Pl. X.

D.K. og. Stucco relief fr. ; elongated ear, pierced with large hole. Material ; red unburnt clay mixed with fine fibre ; backing of grey clay with coarse fibre. Painted pale pink with red contour lines. Damaged and friable. Prob. part of D.K. 014, Pl. IV. 4" x ri".

D.K. ow. Stucco relief fr. Circular lotus rosette surrounded by seeds ; prob. central orn. of tiara of D.K. 014, Pl. Iv; Traces of white paint. Peg of wood stuck into lower side to attach to fig. Same material as D.K. 09. Damaged and friable. 21" x 3f". Pl. IX.

D.K. on. Stucco relief fr. Headless Buddha seated in Dhyana-mudrà. Umbilicus very strongly marked. Fairly good modelling. Imperfectly burnt. Surface cracked and abraded ; sand-encrusted. 9"x 7r". Pl. IV.

D.K. ore. Stucco relief fr. ; U§nisa from large Buddha head. Hair wavy with circular whirling arrangement at front (?), pierced in centre. Material, grey clay mixed

with vegetable fibre, with outer coating of red clay. Remains of dark paint. Well preserved. 4" x 21".

D.K. 013. Stucco relief fr., in two pieces. Seated Buddha, Dhyana-mudra,with pear-shaped nimbus. Behind and above numbus, part of L. side of another fig. Buddha robe coloured bright pink ; hair dark grey ; flesh light pink. Material red clay with fine woolly fibre. Back bears impression of drapery lines, to which it was attached. Very soft ; much damaged. 4g" x 2i". P7. IX.

D.K. or4. Stucco relief fr. Bodhisattva head, life-size, effeminate. Well-arched eyebrows meeting at bridge of nose. Very small, but full, lips. Elongated half-closed eyes. Face broad and rather flat. Hair parted in waves on forehead below tiara. Lower band of tiara present, consisting of square jewels connected by five strings of pearls. Flesh coloured pale pink over white. Ürnâ marked by red circle, hair blue, lips black. D.K. 09-10, Pl. IX, prob. belong to this fr. Material, grey clay faced with red and mixed with fine fibre ; core of rushes ; well preserved. 9" x 6}". Pl. IV.

D.K. ors. Fr. of stucco slab, originally attached to curved lotus-petal border, like Chal. ors, of which impression remains on black. On obv., single Chin. char. Traces of white or pale pink wash. Red clay. Well preserved. 7" x 3".

D.K. oi6. Fr. of painted wood ; cut on three sides,

with painting of face to R. p. on red ground. If" x r}" X z"

D.K.2 oil. Fr. of wooden tablet, burnt at one end, with faint traces of Brâhmi inscr. 311. and 2 11. on respective sides. 21" x r" x i".

D.K. 039. Length of string, tied into knots to form rosary-like cord. Length c. 21.

D.K. 040. Stucco relief fr. from foliate flame border, with traces of gilding. Hard white plaster. 2" x r{".

D.K. 041. Stucco relief fr. Long-necked bird (?), issuing from open jaws of dragon. White plaster, burnt. Low relief. Much abraded. 2" X Ir. Pl. X.

D.K. 042. Fr. of cotton (?) fabric ; red, twill. r r" x 4".

D.K. 043. Plaited string band, natural colour with lozenge pattern in red ; oversewn in places at edges and rounded at ends. r' r" x 3I"

D.K. 047-8. Two bronze frs., irregular shape. Gr. fr. T a"X/"Xi".

D.K. 049. Fr. of bronze seal•ring ; bezel and thickened