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0615 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 615 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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In front of near edge of mat and near black-robed figure, a Hsi-hsia label ; to R. of that two overlapping hollow rhomboidal figures having a small ball at each of the disengaged angles.

To L. of black-coated figure, the edge of another mat with part of drapery of another figure. Rolling clouds in foreground. For parts of same picture, cf. K.K. n. 0283. a. xviii ; 0285. b. xi. i. Paper buff, and torn away at three

  • edges. 4+" x 31". Pl. LXIII.

K.K. II. 026o. w. Fr. of embroidered silk. There appear to be three layers of silk fabric ; the back or lowest a finely woven plain cloth ; the next inwoven with a thick ` tram ' warp with widely spaced thin weft ; the third a sort of crazy gauze of stoutish yarn evenly woven with a sort of ` oatmeal ' texture.

The embroidery worked mostly in kind of long featherstitch right through the three thicknesses. Pattern is floral. with large lily-like flowers and large broad leaves; only colours now recognizable are white, green, blue, and a rich brown. Very ragged and discoloured. 6" x ,r.

K.K. ii. 0262. Fr. of paper, with block-print impression of Bodhisattva seated on Padmàsana resting on base. Figure turns head I to L. and is in teaching pose. Loose, robe open at breast. Tall coiffure from which seems to proceed a single wavy beam of light. Body halo with double plain border and overlapping groups of three upward curving lines on field. Plain nimbus. A Hsi-hsia label at top R. and remainder of ground covered with cloud. Well drawn. 41" x 3". Pl. LXI V.

K.K. II. 0263. a. Block-printed paper leaf with Hsihsia text, decorated along top edge and across centre with rows of six seated Buddha figures. Pose of all Dhyànamudrà. Each figure dressed in single robe, no hands visible, head covered with `Lama' cap with high Usnisa crown and sides coining over ears to shoulders. Vesica and nimbus. Padmàsana of single row of downward pointed petals. Simple treatment and rather rough work. Paper buff, torn, but in otherwise good condition. Cf. K.K. n. 0257. o, 0258. a, 0260. h, 0265. a. 8" x 3t".

K.K. u. 0263. b. Fr. of paper, with block-print impression. To R. a corner of a draped altar ; behind it a standing monkish figure with hands together and having a plain nimbus encircled by clouds. To L. of altar and approaching it, a standing figure in profile in long spotted robe, bare feet resting on small lotus, hands together and back slightly bent. Features rather large. Head-dress perhaps a crown or floral, with snake rising from it. Plain nimbus.

Behind figure a confused mass of forms badly abraded but showing animal heads and many grotesque faces. Clouds in foreground. A railing in background with banana plant to L. In top L. corner an inscription in six lines of Hsi-hsia. Crudely cut but interesting. Paper buff and worn. 71" x3". Pl. LXIII.

K.K. u, 0264. c. Block-printed paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text decorated with row of five seated Buddha figures along top of type similar to K.K. n..02.92. i,, but

much coarser and carelessly printed. Paper buff, good.

7+" x 3r.

K.K. II. 0265. a. Part of block-printed paper book; four double leaves and one single, with Hsi-hsia text, each page decorated along top and across centre with rows of six seated Buddha figs. exactly similar to K:K. ti. oî63. a. Lower third decayed. Paper buff and in good condition. 6e"x4", Pl. LXV.

K.K. u. 0265. b. Three paper leaves, of a book and a small square piece. Two of leaves printed in Hsi-hsia ; third has block-print impression of part of large subject. It shows a crowd of fifteen figures all in adoration inclined to R. Figures are arranged in five rows of three each. Front row all kneeling, one to R. probably female in beseeching pose on lotus pattern mat. Other two on ground, the centre one with long beard and ox-head (?) crest.

In next row, figure to R. has Western crown. Third row, to L. perhaps Hanuman. Fourth row, figure to R. aged with upward streaming hair. Centre figure has long lank hair and seems to be cutting his head or banging it with some implement. Fifth row, to R. a bird's head (Garuda ?); in centre spotted figure holds up a disc in each hand (Sun and Moon) and has long upward-streaming hair.

All figs. nimbate except centre top figure. Scène, probably Nirvàna. Rough cutting. Paper buff. 71" x 31". Small oblong piece shows a large Hsi-hsia character written within a printed fret border surrounded by broad black. rr"•x rf". Pl. LXIII.

K.K. n. 0265. f. Two block-printed paper leaves, with Hsi-hsia text. One, a broad sheet divided by cutting down centre at lower half ; the other a narrower leaf. The broad leaf has two rows of seated Buddhas similar to K.K. H. 0227. b (Pl. LXV), but execution like K.K. n. 0238. b (Pl. LXV). Originally twelve figures in each of two rows. The narrower leaf, torn away at L. edge, has eight figs. remaining across centre and two at top. Paper buff, torn and becoming woolly. Gr. fr. 7" x 8".

K.K. II. 0266. p. Fr. of paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text ornamented along top with row of seated Buddha figs. and divided into columns by ` baluster ' ornament. Different from other examples with similar scheme of enrichment. The whole is in line-work with no solid black masses, as for example black hair and backgrounds. Figs.' are of the same general type as in K.K. u. 0293. a, but simplified. They are wearing voluminous robes with R. p. arms and chests bare, excepting for fold drawn over R. p. shoulders.

In each space between -figs. and hanging to top line of page is half of eight-petalled rosette enclosed by single semicircular line on which are strung pearls and a small rosette. At lowest point from this depends a vertical line with pearls, terminating in a flower-like tassel. Below each fig. a three-cusped arch rests on baluster columns, the face of arch ornamented with closely set two-lobed petals. In spandrel a half-rosette against horizontal line. Within arch, a pair of small curtains looped up as swags',