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0265 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 265 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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of white priming on face. Rotted behind. Length 71", width ri", return (broken off) gr. m. /". Pl. XXI.

M. xiv. oxo. Fr. of wooden relief carving, prob. belonging to same object as M. xiv. o7-9. Consists chiefly of plain return edge, with fr. only of carved face showing bit of curved band of nail-head orn. within plain curved moulding. Priming in front ; rotted behind, as preceding. Length 2f", width r, return i".

M. xv. 01-z2. Twelve frs. of human bone. oz, complete, prob. tarsal, r4" x xi" x r; 03, prob. head of radius. Length Ç', gr. diam. I". Remainder, frs. of shafts of long bones ; 03 joining o12, and o6 joining o9. Latter very thick and of fine texture, with clean-cut section at one edge. Gr. length (ozo) 34".

M. xv. 013. Fr. of stucco relief head, of demon. Full eye, flat nose ; wrinkled, wide grinning mouth with strongly marked curved wrinkles at corner ; projecting upper lip, and remains of teeth displayed. Above brow, chin and whole of L. side broken away. Face painted pink, eye and lip red. Material, clay ; very friable. H. 5a", gr. width 4}" (incomplete). Pl. XX.

M. xv. 014. Stucco relief head ; probably of Bodhisattva, somewhat under life-size. Long and narrow face with small nose and mouth, and large elongated, dreamy eyes. Hair loosely coiled above head, and falling in waving curtain down temples and over tops of ears to back, with small curl in front of ear. Double chin.

Modelling very crisp and stylistic. Eyebrows sharply defined in modelling and arched in semicircular curve. Orbicular line marking sharply upper and lower limits of eyelids. Wing of nose sharply defined ; lips beautifully formed.

Deep depressions at angles of mouth and nostrils. R. ear broken at lobe ; L. ear and side of head missing ; neck and surface of R. cheek broken away. White or pale pink wash over face. Very friable clay. H. (chin to root of hair) 5", h. of whole 8k", width across temples c. 4", gr. relief 51". PI. XX.

M. xv. 015. Stucco relief head, almost in the round ;

probably Bodhisattva life-size.   Finely modelled, and
akin in style to the preceding. Vigorous treatment of

eyes, the inner angles of which incline inwards and downwards ; eyebrows well separated. Nostrils very narrow. Mouth small, sharply modelled, and with corners rather dropped. Face round at lower part, and under chin very full. Hair in heavy tresses, curtained over forehead, and with three tresses looping down each side ; ears covered. No orns. Part of neck preserved, but broken away. Broken and very brittle. Chin to crown 8/8, length with fr. of neck r', gr. width 7f". Pl. XIX.

M. xv. oi6. Stucco relief fr., of arm with armlet. The latter consists of raised band studded with projecting round jewels, and below this a larger round rosette with fine curved guttae, points outward whirling round central boss and pearl inside curve of each gutta. Two pearls lost. 2k" x 2f". PI. XXI.

M. xv. 017. Stucco relief head, probably of Bodhisattva, life size. Treatment similar to M. xv. 014, but ears, top, and back of head with whole of hair missing. Brow crowned with Mukuta composed of sq. jewels, each made of four petals round circular centre. Two of these are present, separated by about r" space which is furnished by two leaf-shaped jewels upward inclined.

Face painted flesh colour, with contours red ; eyebrows, thin moustache, and iris of eyes black ; lips vivid vermilion. Double chin shown by groove. Surface very friable. H. 8/", gr. width c. 5", gr. relief c. 4". Pl. XX.

M. xv. 018. Fr. of stucco relief head of Buddha, rather more than life-size. Chin, ears, and whole top of head gone. Eyebrows sloping well up from Tilaka mark. Eyes elongated and nearly closed. Mouth rather projecting, and smiling. Traces of red and pale flesh colour, but surface much destroyed. Friable. H. 6k", gr. width 6-i".

M. xv. o19. Stucco relief head of Buddha similar to M. xv. or8, but top of head remains, with hair done in semicircular rows of crescent-shaped curls behind whorl of curls over forehead. Hair blue. All below upper lip gone. H. (incomplete) 8', gr. width 6", gr. relief c. 4i"

M. xv. 02o. Fr. of stucco relief head, of old man. Heavy wrinkles across forehead ; half-closed eyes. Nose and all lower part of face broken away. Colour, pink with contours and black eyebrows. Very friable. 5f" x 7'.