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0592 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 592 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Chin. chars. in black on outer side. Sharp impression of fine canvas inside. 3f" x 3" x ". Pl. L.

K.K. i. 02. Lacquered tray ; concave, circular ; of coiled cane covered with paper on both sides and lacquered red. In very bad state. Diam. 7", height c. I":

Contents : a strainer of roughly woven canvas stretched on bent twig and bound with string. 4" x 3k". Pl. C.

K.K. iii. oz. (E. of). Fr. of lacquered silk gauze, in two pieces with very even and open mesh, coated with pigment, perhaps lac, and dried under pressure ; has the appearance of extremely fine pierced zinc (unique). Mesh about 4o x 54 to sq. inch. Compare open-work fabric of M.B. r. iii. 014. Larger 2" X 2f".

K.K. iii. 02. Frs. of sheaf of corn.

K.K. iv. or. Lacquered wood bowl ; saucer-shaped, with deep ring-foot lacquered inside and out fine crimson ; bottom, black lacquer with three lines of Chin. chars. freely written in red, four chars. in each line, two upper ones broken. [The Chinese characters in the first and third columns read : ` Made by Chang Shan-fu of Wu-ch`ang

in the hsin-ssû year.' The middle column contains two Mongolian names, Li g`i, followed by a signature in the form of a monogram.—Dr. L. Giles.]

Construction : round a central flat wooden disc are successive rings of flexible wood or cane with which curving rim is built up. Over this a coat of lacquer or paint ; then a layer on back and front of open canvas made of a thin string warp and flat ribbon-like weft. Over this are successive layers of lacquer, the final being of the colour required, and well polished. About s of dish missing. Diam. 6", height of foot â", total height i". Pl. XI.

K.K. iv. 02, 03. Frs. of silk ; discoloured ; without pattern. 02, tied in how with one long end and one short, 61t" x i". 03, two strips with remains of sewing, 8" x 3".

K.K. viii. 02. a. Fr. of Persian MS., on buff paper, torn ; [treating of the proper times for offering the various Moslem prayers, and especially the ten occasions (only seven occur on these pages) when the voluntary prayer or

j lz5 ~l~S should not be said. Probably of the early fourteenth century.—Mr. E. Edwards.] 6" x 71". Pl. CXXXVII.





K.K. ogo–rol. Twelve votive model clay Stüpas ; specimens collected from different Stiipa ruins, also outside walls. 097-099 similar to Ser. iv. PI. CXXXIX, So. A. ooh. Plan : a square with a central projection on each side, brought out in three re-entering angles. Elevation : a tall square podium supporting a stilted tapering dome, the transition from square to circle being effected through a stepped octagonal drum.

Round podium, a projecting plinth brought out from upper part of podium in four steps. Base of plinth projecting in four steps. At centre of each face of Stûpa is a flight of steps, broad below and narrowing towards top of podium, to which it gives access. Steps occupy the central projections of plan. On crown of dome remains of square base of Tee.

K.K. I. oz. Fr. of figured silk, with very fine warp and double weft of soft yarn. Pattern, floral. Colours ; salmon pink, green, yellow, and blue. Ragged. Gr. M. r8".

K.K. I. o2. Tangle of buff silk thread, two-ply, twisted. Thickness c. is

K.K. I. o3. Fr. of plain silk ; soft, brittle ; strong yellowish green ; charred one end. Gr. M. 6":

K.K. I. 04. Two frs. of plain silk, sewn together ; both faded brick-colour, one fine close weave, the other coarser and loose. 5" x

K.K. I. og. Fr. of copper (?) wire ornament, part of pendant or ear-ring. Made of a pair of fine wires running parallel ; general outline of orn. oval, the wires being coiled to form scalloped outline with spiral at point of

The whole model stands on a rounded clay base, in one piece with it, and necessary for drawing model from mould in which it is cast. Below Stûpa a band of inscription in I3râhmi chars., and other chars. on top of dome. 099 badly broken.

090-096, oI00–IOI are as Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXIX, So. A. oo8. In place of the square podium is a conical base in four tiers of miniature Stûpas placed close together, the lowest tier having 31 Stûpas. Below this a band of Brâhmi inscr., and below again a continuous band of downward hanging lotus petals forming a Padmasana.

oIOI has chars. round Tee, well defined, the base of Tee itself rising in a square stepped pyramid.

Av. height 3", diam. at base 21" ; 099, h. 41", diam. at base 3i".


each scallop. There are two series of this scallop, an outer and an inner, made of continuation of same pair of wires, and centre is filled with larger double spiral. Length ri-", gr. width r- g".

.K. I. o6. Fr. of faience, from architectural detail. A large vine leaf with stems and bracts in high relief, on a general curved surface. Red body, glazed fine green. Part of one end edge intact, otherwise broken at all sides. Rough back for ` keying ' to cement. Good work. c. 12" x 12". Pl. LII.

.K. I. 07. Fr. of faience, from architectural detail. Portion of' large flat scroll-work in high relief ; red body glazed brown and green. Parts of two adjacent edges intact. Other parts broken. Rough at back for ` keying' to cement. III" x I I". Pl. LII.