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0183 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 183 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Yo. 059. a-c. Three terra-cotta appliqué masks. Small lion-heads like the preceding but rudely made. No moustaches. Gr. h. i".

Yo. o6o. Terra-cotta appliqué mask. Grotesque lion-face, a variation of type Yo. 058, but smaller and more minute modelling. Moustache, cable twist and pointed. Very pointed snout. Well preserved. I e" x I i".

Yo. o6r. Fr. of terra-cotta squatting fern. fig., similar to Ser. iv. Pl. II, Yo. 2. Front half only, head, shoulders, and arms lost. No modelling of limbs, the fig. merely sloping forward in rounded swelling mass to knees. Dress a plain jacket or tunic, and pleated skirt, as in Ser. fig. ; the jacket having similar border round bottom and down middle of front, orn. with short sloping incised lines. Marks of attachments broken off at sides of jacket, prob. ends of sleeves. On breast, two narrow pendent objects, perhaps ends of collar, one on either side of central vertical band of jacket, and sloping outwards to the respective sides. H. 2".

Yo. 062. Fr. of terra-cotta grotesque squatting fig. R. knee and adjacent portions of fig. only preserved. Knee a bulbous mass covered with pleated drapery as in Yo. o61, &c.

On inner side remains half of grotesque face, filling centre of space between the two knees when fig. was complete. The mouth of this face acted as spout, as is shown by a channel visible on the broken edge of the fr. and running from mouth to inner cavity of vessel. For similar fr., see Ser. i. p. 114, Yo. 0056. I-I. I".

Yo. 063. Fr. of terra-cotta bowl or small vessel, showing part of straight rim or foot, orn. with incised dashes. Above this is band of short incised vertical lines, then two annular lines, and above a band (incomplete) of counter-changed triangles, each having midrib in centre with short incised leaves. Over this, in one place, a small knob is applied. Gr. M. ITV.

Yo. 064. Fr. of terra-cotta fig. ; heels and back of squatting fig. as Ser. iv. Pl. II, Yo. 2. Solid. II. Ii".

Yo. 065. Terra-cotta camel with monkey rider (presented by Sir George Macartney at Kâshgar). Good naturalistic group. Bactrian camel, standing, head lost ; fore and hind legs respectively made in solid mass ; hair marked by short incised dashes ; no harness shown. Monkey sits leaning forward in life-like pose ; R. hand on breast ; features of face marked and head slightly on one side giving meditative expression, but fig. otherwise very sketchily treated. H. 4". Pl. III.

Yo. o66. Terra-cotta camel ; two-humped, standing, head raised (but lost). Fore and hind legs respectively joined in solid tapering mass, without modelling. Hair marked by few incised dashes on shoulders and flanks, tail by notched ridge, and edge of saddle-cloth by series of punched rings. Oblong cushion between humps. Rather rough work. Surface damaged on R. side. For similar type, see Ser. iv. Pl. II, III, Yo. oo8. c and 0049. a. H. 3".

Yo. o67. Fr. of terra-cotta camel and rider, larger scale. R. leg of rider only preserved, with portion of camel hump in front and fr. of hand of rider laid against it (arm gone). Leg attired in pleated trouser finished by band at knee. Garment or boot below not indicated. Camel's hair shown by deep incised dashes. H. 2gß". Pl. III.

Yo. o68. Fr. of terra-cotta camel. Bactrian, with load between humps. Head and hind legs missing. For similar fig., see Ser. iv. Pl. III, Vo. 0049. a. H. II".

Yo. o69. Miniature terra-cotta camel and rider ; legs of rider only. Camel, Bactrian, hind legs lost. Colour, grey, well modelled. H. IA". Pl. II.

Yo. 070. Fr. of miniature terra-cotta camel or horse and rider, roughly made. Head of animal and upper part of rider missing. H. i".

Yo. o71. Fr. of terra-cotta camel ; head, neck, and front hump. Ilead raised ; rudely modelled. L. side only. II. 2".

Yo. 072. Fr. of terra-cotta camel with monkey rider. Foreleg, shoulder, and part of front hump only. Foot of monkey at side. L. side only. H. si".

Yo. 073. Fr. of terra-cotta camel ; L. shoulder, lower end of neck and mane, fr. of front hump and pack, only. L. side. II. if,.

Yo. 074. Fr. of terra-cotta camel ; R. side only. Two-humped, standing, head and forelegs gone. Traces of pack between humps. Rough work. H. 2f".

Yo. 075. Fr. of terra-cotta camel ; hind leg and hump. R. side only. H. 2 ".

Yo. 076. Terra-cotta horse and rider ; type of Ser. iv. Pl. I, Yo. 0030. a. Head and neck and lower part of legs of horse lost, also upper part of fig. of rider. Horse solid and thick-set ; cast in halves and joined together. Remains of scored saddle-cloth, and incised crupper and breast-strap. Rider wears long trousers, and short jacket with border of incised dashes. Hair of horse not shown in this or other examples. Rough work. H. 2}".

Yo. 077. Terra-cotta horse ; R. side only. Complete except for feet and end of nose. I-Iogged mane, ring.. punched eye, oblong saddle-cloth. Crupper indicated by incised line ; also collar (?) and head-stall (?). H. si". Pl. III.

Yo. 078. Fr. of terra-cotta horse. Head and neck, bridled. Hogged mane, parted forelock. Type of Ser. i. p. I I0, Yo. 0030. k. Gr. M. if'. Pl. II.

Yo. 079. Fr. of terra-cotta handle from vessel. Hind part of winged horse as Yo. o88. a, Pl. II. Tips of wings meet short recurved tail. Ilaunches have furry lower edges and are ornamented on sides with whirling rosettes, incised. Two hind legs fused into single bar-like mass which descends to meet side of vessel. Broken away above tip of wings and at feet. For other exx., see Yo. 080-3. Length 3". Pl. III.