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0294 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 294 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Bottom of casket (oz) orn. with a pair of lines round edge and another pair i" within, the lines of each pair being about i" apart. At each corner was a hemispherical bronze boss with projecting flange at base, of which one boss is in position, one disconnected (L.M. i. ii. 07), and two missing. They appear to have been attached with lac only. Round base of each boss is red line, and in border, R. and L. of each, is small painted crescent. Field shows no orn.

Sides (03 and 04) are narrow panels with end edges cut to . angles of about 40° with longest edges. On 03 are tracés of painted grotesque animals and clouds of type similar to those on top, within border of double lines.

All pieces much faded and damaged. .Most of red lacquer of pattern has disappeared, but the forms are visible on account of the better preservation of the portions of black ground originally covered by the red pattern. Size of top, I' II" X 6h" ; bottom I' 5 " X 5 " ; sides, long edge I' II", short z' 5f", end edges 4f", width 3f". Thickness throughout i". Bosses, h. ", diam. xi". PI. XXV.

L.M. I. 05. Wooden bowl of same type as Ser. iv. T. vi. b. ii. oox, Pl. LII, but unlacquered. Roughly made. Slightly curved from end to end, the ends being higher than the middle. Traces of pink inside. In three pieces, now mended. 4" x 3" x Ir. Pl. XXVI.

L.M. I. 06. Two frs. of cord of vegetable fibre ; one soft and fine, the other coarse and harsh. Gr. length C. 2' 3", diam. i".

L.M. 1. 07. Wooden arrow•shaft, point broken off. Thickest part at centre of shaft. PIumes perished. Whipping, covered with black varnish, near notch. Material prob. cane, and certainly endogenous. Three minute holes near centre, perhaps indicating centre of gravity. 2' 2" x i". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. I. o8. Fr. of carved wooden architrave or abacus. Within a plain raised fillet border, shallow billets or dentils c. 3?t" broad with space about x}" between. Between dentils, a vertical prism with sides sloping backwards R. and L. towards dentils. Rough work. Broken away at long edges and one end. f' 4" x 2f" x e". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. I. 09. Fr. of carved wooden architrave, or abacus, similar to L.M. i. o8, Pl. XXVI. i' ii-" x ri" xi".

L.M. I. oxo. Misc. frs. of goat and kid skin, cured and with wool adhering. Plentiful signs of sewing at edges. Gr. length c. II".

L.M. I. on. Fr. of linen (?) fabric, weave doubled and sewn. Sign of burning. Very ragged. Gr. M. I' 8".

L.M. I. 012. Oblong wooden die. One side blank, the other sides marked respectively and consecutively with a cross in a square, three crosses (one such in an oblong), a triangle with centre line. Ends blank. Roughly made. 2i" X *" xy~g". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. I. 013. Turned wooden lid, slightly domed, with flat knob, projecting rim, and concave interior. Diam. rE, gr. h. r. Pl. xXVI.


L.M. I. 014-18. Frs. of silk garment, in stripes of red and blue silk sewn to plain white backing. Very ragged. Gr. length Ior.

L.M. I. -o1g. Fr. of paper, soft, blank, screwed up. Torn. 81"sq

L.M. I. 020-4. Frs. of woollen (?) canvas rags, buff and red. Gr. fr. I' 6" x 6I".

L.M. I. 025. Fr. of horn flask (?) ; cf. Ser. i. pp. 256, 267, 479 ; mouthpiece and part of body. Length 31".

L.M. I. 026. Strip of figured silk. Pattern in bands of red, blue, buff, &c., not clear, but cloud-scroll forms and quarter-foils are visible. Weave, double cloth, warp-rib. Much worn. 7" x Ii".

L.M. I. 027. Fr. of woollen canvas, fine texture, in holes. Gr. M. c. 3".

L.M. I. 028. Fr. of iron object with one thickened edge.

Rough. Badly corroded. 3" x i" x   Pl. XXVi.

L.M. I. 029. Fr. of bronze plate, narrow at one end (broken), broadening to other where it is rounded and very thin. Slightly raised edges and central rib on one side. 2" x i " X". PI. XXIV.

L.M. I. oso. Wooden comb with arched back and thick. widely spaced teeth. Prob. curry-comb. 3}" x 3" X i". PI. XXVI,

L.M. I. 031. Fr. of roughly split wood, drilled with three rows of four holes each, in two of which remain pieces of string. 3" x 2" x I". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. i. o32. Block of wood, broken at one end, with hole drilled roughly through middle and mark of burning at edge. 4" x 3" x tl".

L.M. 1.083. Wooden stick of natural L-shape, sharpened at end of long limb. Long limb 91", short 4", gr. diam. C. I". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. I. 034. Fr. of vegetable fibre rope, two strands, coarse. Length 3' 5", diam. c.

L.M. I. 035. Turned wooden beaker. High narrow cup, with plain rim (thinned down) ; sides very slightly curved, drawing in below bowl and expanding again to foot. Plain fillet round waist, and moulding round edge of base. Split in two, and one side of cup lost. Wood hard. H. 74", diam. of rim 4}", of base 4". Pl. XXVII.

L.M. I. ii. 01. Wooden spindle, finely made, with bundle of short threads tied to it. Thickest part 2" from one end has ring of black dots placed en échelon. From this part it tapers smoothly in both directions. Length s' 2f", gr. diam.

L.M. I. ii. 02. Horn spoon, with long curving handle thickened towards upper end. Much eaten and twisted. Length of handle 6", of bowl 2l". Pl. XXVI.

L.M. I. ii. 03. Fr. of leather band, in several thicknesses, with bone disc, drilled through centre, attached by iron rivet. Band x" x i", disc I" diam. Pl. XXIV.