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0536 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 536 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. XXIII. f. o1. String sandal ; similar to T. XXIII. 0. 03. IIrx4.

T. XXIII. f. 02. String sandal sole ; strongly made. II1"x4

T. xxIII. f. 03. Five wooden sticks, mostly Chinese writing-slips ; blank.

T. XXIII. f. 04. Two frs. of string mat, composed of two-ply string laid as a warp by doubling backwards and forwards ; joined by string weft laid in double waling at edges and at intervals of 3" between, making a kind of string ` chick'. Complete width c. iv" x ro". Pl. XLVI.

T. XXIII. f. 05. Fr. of coarse canvas ; buff. 61" x 6".

T. xxiii. f. o6. Fr. of thick string, of vegetable fibre ; prob. from sandal. Gr. length 16".

T. XXIII. f. 07. Two frs. of plain silk, one crimson, 2" X Ii", other green, 2i" x 2".

T. XXIII. f. o8. Fr. of pottery ; mouth of unglazed pottery vessel, with prism-shaped rim. Fine, grey body. Well made. 3" x II" x 6'. Pl. XLVIII.

T. XXIII. f. og. Iron holdfast, L. shape. 2 r x f'. PI. XLVI.

T. Xxiii. f. oxo. Frs. of silk. Miscellaneous small rags ; plain colours : crimson, blue, brown, yellow, and buff. Largest piece 12" X 2".

T. xxIII. f. on. Wooden tablet, rect., roughly pointed at one end, at which is a hole. Eight small holes drilled along one edge. 4f" x 1 â" x ?". Pl. XLVII.

XXIII. f. 012. Fr. of pottery from upper edge of vessel,

showing plain rounded rim and wall slightly ribbed horizontally on outside ; has been broken from vessel in antiquity and been repaired by means of boring holes in either piece and tying the two together with string. Blackish, well-levigated body. Sand-encrusted. Gr. M. 31", thickness ". Pl. XLVIII.

XXIII. f. 013. Fr. of wooden implement, as Ser. iv.

Pl. XXXV, L.A. Iv. iii. 001 ; perhaps stay for dasher of churn. Broken off through central hole ; wood furrowed and partially decayed. Length 8h-", gr. width,' f", thickness i". Pl. XLVI.

XXIII. f. 014. Fr. of wooden implement, very

roughly cut. Use prob. same as preceding. Long narrow wedge-shape, flat, oblong in section at wider end. Here surface has been cut down I", and large hole (Id" diam.) pierced through vertically. Inside of hole also rough, and fr. broken off half-way across it. 2i" from narrow end a groove, I" wide and 1." deep, has also been cut out across surface. Length 1 i n", width 21" to ", thickness 1" to ri". PI. XLVI.

. XXIII. f. o15. Fr. of iron wedge-shape shoe, prob. blade of hoe ; hollow to receive handle. Sides broken away. Cf. T. xxiii. c. 04 and Ser. iv. PI. LIV, T. xv. ooro. 3f" X 2f" X I". PI. XLVII.

. XXIII. f. oi6. Wooden tally-stick (?). Flat slip like writing-slip, with bark left on edges. Six notches cut in one edge near end. Length 71.


T. XXIII. g. oI. of sandal.

T. XXIII. g. 02. 8} x

T. XXIII. h. ox.

Frs. of string tied together. Prob. part
Canvas bag or sheath, hemmed at mouth.
Fr. of thick glazed stoneware, from

lower part of wall of straight-sided vessel, turning in slightly at bottom as for base. Outside ribbed horizontally. Hard greyish-white body. Glaze inside, mottled bronze and green ; outside, mottled bronze green and black, much scratched. Gr. M. 2ç", thickness ".


T. XXIII. 1. ox. String sandal, as Ser. iv. Pl. LIV, T. XIV. a. 002. Ioi" X 4f".

T. XXIII. 1. i. oI. Six wooden writing-slips, Chinese; blank. Average length 9" ; gr. width r.

T. XXIII. 1. i. 02. Seven wooden writing-slips, Chinese; blank, or with unimportant marks. Gr. 9" x I".

T. XXIII. 1. i. 03. Wooden bowl, boat-shaped ; with side handles or lugs, near one of which a piece of string has been threaded through hole drilled inside. Very roughly made. Knife scratches on bottom. For specimens of handles, see T. xxiit. c. 02 and T. XLIII. k. 026. 5 " x 31" X 2". Pl. XLVI.

T. xxxII. 1. i. 04. Fr. of wooden bowl ; boat-shaped, sides missing, black inside. Hole drilled downwards near end at one side. 6f" x 3".

T. xxx1I. 1. i. 05. Fr. of wooden bowl, round ; about half ; roughly cut by hand. Traces of black paint (?). Diam. 42", depth xe". Pl. XLVI.

T. XXIII. 1. i. o6. Fr. of iron weapon or implement ; four-sided, hollow, flattening towards blade' end, which broken off. Retains tang of wooden handle, which projects (splinter only) at handle end. Length of iron fr. 21", width is", thickness is" to A". PI. XLVII.

T. XXIII. 1. ii. oI. Eighteen wooden writing-slips, Chinese ; blank. Av. length 9".

T. xxIII. 1. ii. 02. a-d. Frs. of wood, roughly cut. a and b irreg. sticks ; c roughly spoon-shaped ; d flat, broken at one end, notched on one edge near intact end, and piece of string tied into notch. Largest (a) 5" x f"

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