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0538 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 538 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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T. xLI. b. 04, 05. Frs. of wood. Three chips. 3i" x I" x i" largest.

T. xu. b. 06, 07. Frs. of leather ; thin. Holes of sewing on 07. Gr. 5" x

T. xLI. b. 08. Fr. of pottery ; part of foot of bowl similar to T. xLIII. 1. 04, but bright buff. 11" x i" x I".

T. xLI. b. og. Fr. of pottery ; from wall of vessel ; grey, faintly string-marked. Fine texture. 2" x I i" x 1".

T. xLI. b. ow. Fr. of pottery ; part of rim similar to T. xLI. c. 03. Much weathered. ` Rivet '-hole near one end.

3i"xi"x i"

T. xu. b. ou. Fr. of pottery ; from wall of vessel ; string-marked ; similar to T. xLI. a. 04. 2?" x 21" x $".

T. xLI. b. 012. Fr. of pottery ; from wall of vessel ; grey ; string-marked. I i" x I" x

T. xLI. b. 013. Fr. of pottery ; from wall of vessel ; faceted similar to T. XLI. c. 03. If" x I $" x 3-1".

T. xLI. b. 014-17. Frs. of pottery ; of vessel similar to T. XLIII. b. 02. 014, 015, 017, parts of slightly out-turned thickened rim. Body dense grey-buff. Glazed inside and out with thin dark greyish-brown-mottled glaze. o16, part of wall, same glaze ; but inside only about half covered, leaving remainder unglazed. Gr. fr. 1 f" x 16" x $".

T. xLI. b. 018. Fr. of textile ; loosely woven coarse woollen twill. Discoloured to dark brown. 31" x 41".

T. xLI. c. 01. Fr. of pottery ; similar quality to T. XLI. c. 03. Lower part of same vessel (?), showing faceted


sides running to base, which is without foot. ` Rivet '-holes drilled near each of the three broken edges and another through bottom at broken edge. 31" x 4" x i" (nearly). Pl. XLVIII.

T. xLI. c. 02. Fr. of pottery ; thickened rounded rim, of common red ware. 2i" x I" x }" (at rim).

T. xLI. c. 03. Fr. of pottery ; from upper part of vessel. Fine grey body ; well burnt and uniform in colour throughout. Rim overhangs boldly, the upper surface" and of soft cyn:a recta curve, laid nearly horizontally ; the under-surface, simple hollow running slightly into general surface of side. From rim, side falls nearly straight for about Ii" with a faint band of two or three incised lines. Below this it turns slightly under, and is cut into irreg. flat facets forming a kind of flat fluting, each ` flute ' having a round top. (Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVI, E. Fort. oor ; fr. of glass.) Near top a hole drilled through. Traces of thin slip or glaze. 4i" x 4}" x i". Pl. XLVIII.

T. xLI. c. 04. Fr. of pottery ; from lower part of thick vessel ; of well-washed clay, dark grey throughout. Flat bottom, no foot. Large hole through bottom made before firing. Small ` rivet '-hole near junction of two broken edges of side. 41" x 21" x f".

T. xLI. e. oI. Rope. Two pieces, made of hemp (?). 4" x ïg .

T. xLI. e. 02. Wooden spindle, broken ; for length of 31", a regular cylinder, the remainder the same shape but thicker. An abrupt shoulder at junction of two parts. 6f" x i" (nearly) to f". PI. XLVII.


T. xLI. f. 01. Fr. of wooden tablet ; thin rectangular piece of conifer wood, broken at one long edge through small hole drilled near one end. 4f" x ri" x 6".

T. XLI. f. 02, 04-II, 013, 023, 024. Frs. of wooden slips, of various sizes, blank or effaced. Largest 91" x

7 n   9 if

1W x1S •

T. XLI. f. 03. Fr. of wood ; irregular rectangle ; close grained and hard, resembling that of which ancient combs are made. Shape such as might have been ` roughed out ' for a comb, but with irregular indentation at one end. Sides rough. 41" x 21" xis"•

T. xLI. f. 012. Fr. of cord, of vegetable fibre tied into knots. 7" x g'.

T. xLI. f. 014. 4"x2i"

T. ill. f. 015. T. xu. f. o16. T. XLI. f. 017.

Fr. of cotton (?) cloth ; showing selvedge.

Fr. of silk ; buff, finely corded. 6" x Fr. of cord, of vegetable fibre. 34 x Fr. of woollen string. Length 3'.

T. xLI. f. o18. Fr. of cotton canvas. Length 4". T. xLI. f. oig. Fr. of silk waste.

T. xLI. f. 020, 021. Frs. of pottery. ozo. Very fine texture, pale red ; partially glazed on both sides but glaze perished. I i" x I" x A". 021. Coarser ware ; part of rim, prismatic section. Red surface, grey inside. 2" x I" 1} x i"

T. xLI. f. 022. Fr. of iron ; rough, very oxydized cast iron. 21" x 11" x 37s"

T. xLI. f. o23. Iron nail ; flat, with wide-spreading head. I16" x i" (head) x l6".

T. xLI. f. 024. Fr. of iron bar ; square section. 11" x 1". T. xLI. f. 025. Bronze ball. Diam. A".

T. xLI. f. 026. Frs. of two green glass beads. 07 irregular, pale. i" x f' x 1". 09 annular, darker green ; chipped. Diam.", thickness i".

T. xLI. f. 027. Bronze wire ring ; split. Diam.


T. xLI. g. o1. Fr. of base of porcelain bowl. Thick greyish-white, very fine quality, with ring-base (chipped) and two faint blue annular lines on bottom within ring.

Coated with very fine glaze (?) which has lost its original polish by fine erosion. Gr. M. 2i", average thickness