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0368 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 368 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.F. ox. Man's felt head-dress. Brown felt skull-cap, with back forming angular ear-flaps. On L. are five plumes. Four are composed of wooden skewer-like sticks about ro" long, round upper parts of which feathers are bound with white thread over-wrapped with crimson woollen cord. The fifth, which is prob. the front one, is a long quill hafted on to a short skewer. All are threaded by their lower ends into the felt, and stand up with a backward cant.

A piece of wood is also laid across the sticks at height of 4" and bound to them, acting as a spreader. On cap is also the skin of a rodent, prob. mongoose, fastened to it (in some way not apparent) by crimson cord, and prob. forming crest.

Very ragged, dirty, and insect-eaten. For better example, see L.F. 04 (Pl. XXIX) ; also L.Q. iii. 03. Length of cap from top to point of side-flap 9", length of plumes ro".

L.F. 02. Lump of talcite (?), roughly rectang., rounded at two corners and edges. Hole partly drilled on each side. r1" x I" x i9r". PI. XXIV.

L.F. 03. Fr. of canvas, from shroud, coarse plain weave. Apparently of hemp or similar fibre. Ragged. r' ro" x

L.F. 04. Felt head-dress ; yellow, similar to L.F. or but almost complete, and with longer ear-flaps to which are attached cords for fastening under chin. About seventeen rows of red woollen cord are stitched transversely round the cap, crossing the shafts of the plumes. These appear again only on L. side and are apparently in two groups of three and two, a fold of the felt appearing between the groups. One plume is stuck horizontally through the branch, and the mongoose skin is in position as crest. A tuft of rich brown feathers of extremely fine texture is also stuck in point of crown. Well preserved. For inferior example, see L.F. or. Length from centre to point of flap IoI". Pl. XXIX.

.L.F. os. Woven grass basket (from grave L.F. 4) similar to L.C. 05 (Pl. XXVI), but slightly more pointed and with double chevron line worked in cane round upper part. With the above a piece of woollen canvas in which were wrapped grains of wheat ; a quantity of short stalks ; and a wooden pin (L.F. 05. a, Pl. XXIV) with barrel-shaped head carved with thirteen annular rows of triangular incisions. For similar pins, see under L.F. ii. 04 (Pl. XXIV). Well preserved. Depth of basket 6I", diam. at mouth 3i", length of pin 5", head ri" x (diam.) #". PI. XXIX.

L.F. o6. Fr. of bronze mirror ; from field only, edge broken off. Shows part of relief band of adjoining segments of circles as in L.A. ox24, with plain raised band

within. Chin. char. in relief in one of the spandrels between segments, and dot with two segmental lines on either side in relief, in depressed band outside. Two pieces joined. 2I" .ii" x A". Pl. XXIV.

L.F. 07. Fr. of bronze mirror. Plain thickened edge, then band of rays in low relief. I - " x A" x ".

L.F. 08. Fr. of bronze ferrule from end of sword or knife

sheath. Piece broken from one side. I" x   x I".

L.F. 09-1o. Two bronze rings, round in section ; both split open at one point, and much corroded. Diam. 2" and It", thickness A". Pl. XXIV.

L.F. o11. Rectang. slab, prob. of charred bone (?) ; circular hollow sunk near centre of one face. rig" x" x136".

L.F. or2. Fr. of grass basket, as L.C. 05 (Pl. XXVI), &c. Mouth broken away all round. Depth 5", diam. c. 4}".

L.F. 013-14. Two wooden pins, with plain, thickened and pointed head ; from shroud. See L.F. ii. 04, &c. Lengths 4" x 3e". Pl. XXIV.

L.F. ors. Four bronze rings ; thick, round in section. Imperfectly joined and showing marks of wear by friction. Fine green patina. Diam. A", thickness â".

L.F. o16. Fr. of bronze band ; curved, narrow wedge in section. it" x f" x " to I".

L.F. 017. Fr. of bronze rod ; curved, round in section. Length Ili", diam. ".

L.F. 021. Bronze link, formed of two bronze rods in the form of linch-pins, linked at heads. Ends rough. Length I}". PI. XXIII.

L.F. 022. Bronze buckle tongue ; cast, notched on upper surface. Length I". Pl. XXIII.

L.F. 023. Fr. of bronze nut or washer ; oblong, with bevelled ends, and small hole through middle. f9e" x x ".

L.F. 024. Fr. of jasper blade, long narrow, slightly curved at end ; yellowish-brown stone. Length I ", width A".

L.F. 025. Stone (jade ?) celt ; black, edge finely ground. Length 3i", gr. width ri", gr. thickness e".

L.F. 026. Stone implement (?) ; indeterminate, quasicelt-shaped ; mottled grey and red stone. Length 21", gr. width r}", gr. thickness A".

L.F. 027. Fr. of white jade (?) ; very hard. c. I" sq. X 1".


L.F. I. or. Frs. of grass basket, similar to L.C. 05

(PI. XXVI). Perished and very brittle. Gr. fr. 41" x 2i". L.F. X. 03. Fine broken stalks, from tied-up end of

shroud above breast. See also L.Q. iii: or and L.S. 3.01.

L.F. I. 04. Grass basket, as L.C. 05 (Pl. XXVI). Complete and in good condition. Om. round upper end with band of perpendicular zigzag, woven in cane. Depth 5}", diam. of mouth 3k". Pl. XXIX.