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0597 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 597 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. I. i. 016. Fr. of glazed faience ; similar clay and glaze to K.K. r. i. o6 &c., showing fr. of foliage in relief, with curled leaf like K.K. I. i. 07 (Pl. LII). Glaze partially gone. Fr. chamfered inwards at back to form wide V-shaped depression. 5" x 51" x z}" to 3".

K.K. r. i. 017. Stucco human hand, grasping small object such as spear shaft (missing). Modelling extremely good, and but for the size might have been cast from life. Painted dark red. Two wooden pegs at wrist for attach-

ment.   life-size. Pl. LIII.

K.K. I. i. b. or. Mass of frs. of painted silk, from which is made out an imperfect rendering of the Moon. On white disc with red-brown border line a tree with a hare standing on its hind legs holding a churning stick, in black outline. Surrounding the disc a series of radiating pear-shaped white patches (prob. eight) outlined roughly with red brown. Diam. of disc. 41". Other frs. show white scalloped circles, outlined black. PI. LXI.

K.K. I. i. b. 02. Frs. of painted silk, among which the lower L. p. angle of face, with red lips ; the upper R. p. angle of face with part of eyebrow and outer angle of eye ; a R. shoulder. All white, outlined black. Rough work. 1 life-size.

K.K. I. i. b. os. Frs. of painted silk banner. On L. p.,

head and shoulders of celestial figure, head 4" to R. p. bent slightly down ; dark complexion.

Head-dress has tall centre Linga-shaped black mass bound round with a ribbon. Round this are set tall white or pink lotus buds. A red band encircles head and hangs in loop at back. Elongated nimbus (green) and green halo.

To R. p. a second figure, front, costumed as Bodhisattvas in Th. B. banners with many ribbons, stoles and girdles. Head-dress prob. flaming jewels held by red band. At top one or two floating Apsaras on clouds. The whole is very faded and torn. Outline in black, very delicately drawn. To R. p., a red border. 7f" x 6".

K.K. L i. b. 04. Fr. of painted silk banner, with patches of colour. Design indistinguishable. 3i" x 21".

K.K. I. i. b. 05. Fr. of painted silk ; showing man's face in many frs. Flesh white, lips red. Eyes long and straight, upper and lower lips each drawn with single line ; eyebrows well arched and thick. Hair (or cap) solid black ; moustache and beard painted with rather dragging stroke. Life-size.

Outlines black, boldly drawn. Very good character of work, expressive and free. Top of head, extreme L. side of face and R. corner missing. Background to R. p., plain. 5" x 7". Pl. CVII.


K.K. r. ii. ox. Fr. of thin canvas painting, apparently part of border, containing seated Buddha fig. Soles of feet upturned ; hands in teaching attitude ; head } to L. p., slightly downwards. Ear large ; hair black and short ; nose long ; mouth smiling. Flesh pink ; contours black over darker pink. R. arm seems to be shaded. On upper R. arm an armlet. A stalk with flowers seems to proceed from L. arm. Rosary round neck.

Three garments ; under, light (perhaps white) ; robe vermilion ; stole yellow outlined grey. Horseshoe halo vermilion with green centre ; nimbus green, shaded light near head. Spandrels green, with vermilion flowers. Narrow line of yellow across above nimbus, and above, a border, E, vermilion.

Below, a straight and continuous Padmâsana, shaded. The whole rather Tibetan in style. Canvas carefully primed, and paint mixed with water.

Rev. primed grey, probably mixed with wax or oil ; a few well-written Tib. characters in vermilion. Edges cut.

With above a small fr. of paper with part of ornament drawn in black outline. Canvas, torn, but otherwise well preserved. Paper rather woolly. Canvas 3is" x 2k" Paper IA" X ". Pl. LXXVII.

K.K. I. ii. o2. bb. Block•printed paper leaf with Hsi-hsia text and decorated along top and across centre with rows of twelve seated Buddha figures similar to K.K. II. 0257. f, g. Coarsely printed. Leaf originally folded down centre. Paper buff, strong and torn at centre of top. 8i"

K.K. I. ii. oz. dd. Fr. of paper, with block impression of part of head-dress (?). ii" x Il".

K.K. I. iii. ox, 02, os. Clay stucco ; lotus petals, prob. from Padmâsana. oz, painted pink darkening to centre, and having white inner and yellow outer border. 4i" x (gr. width) 2*".

02. Similar but blue instead of pink. 31" x Ir. 03. Two petals in one piece, a smaller superimposed on larger, their bases together. Tip of larger rather strongly tilted outwards and the smaller less so. Painted pink. 215..g" X Ir. Pl. LV.

K.K. I. iii. 04. Fr. of clay stucco antler (?). Main stem bending backwards (broken off) ; a short blunt tine pointing forwards. Stick projecting from root for attaching to head of deer. Painted over all white with black markings, and green smear on under-side. Gr. M. xr x I1".

K.K. I. x. o1-5. Clay stucco lotus petals, coloured variously red with green border, green with red border and blue with red border.

Between border and centre a raised rib running all round curved edge turning into symmetrical flame scroll at centre and coloured yellow. Point of petal slightly upturned. Av. 41" x 31", excepting o3, 31" x 3r". Pl. LV.

K.K. I. x. 06, 07. Clay stucco rosettes in low relief ; gilded. Eight blunt petals with inner ring of pearls and plain centre. Diam. I}".