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0250 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 250 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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168   ON THE WAY TO LOP-NOR   [Chap. V

Koy. 1. 03. Stucco relief fr., hair from Buddha head, in small spiral curls. Remains of blue colour. White plaster. 2I" X 3".

Koy. I. 04. Stucco fr., with rounded surface showing traces of black paint (?) and oval patch unpainted. Unintelligible. 4" x 31" X (gr. h.) 2".

Koy. x. 05-46. Fresco frs., all in same style and colouring, and evidently from same wall surface, prob. large floral background. Majority of pieces show lotus-petal imbrications in bold black outline on grey, copper-green, pink, or buff ground ; e. g. 013, 014, orb, oi8, 039-4i, &c.

Others show festoon-like bands of copper-green or pink, with same heavy black outline and folds, on buff ground ; e. g. frs. 05-07, 029, 031, 034, 036, 042,'043, 045, &c. 046 shows part of rectilinear border, with series of acanthus-like imbrications, in shaded pink with brown outlines and veins, on darker pink ground ; a band of copper-green on either side, and fr. of black field with white outline on L. 09-0zz (joined) shows part of similar acanthus band. All on soft mud backing, very friable. Gr. fr. (046) 82" x


Koy. x. 047. Fresco fr., showing outline of human face and R. eye. Badly defaced. 3"x 2i".

Koy. z. 048. Stucco relief fr. ; band in 1" relief, with groove 1" within edge ; inner side broken away. Painted pale pinkish buff, with scattered copper-green and buff flowers with black outline ; cf. Koy. z. 049. Soft clay full of goat's hair ; very friable. 5" x 2" x z".

Koy. z. 049. Painted stucco fr. ; arm or leg in high relief, painted with drapery, pale pink, with pink and blue flowers semé. Clay (treated with paraffin wax by F. H. A.). 5" x 31", (relief) 2r",

Koy. z. 050. Stucco relief fr. ; prob. leg of seated fig., in very friable clay, surfaced with fibrous mud, and painted green. Perished and disintegrated. 7" x 4" x (relief) 31".

Koy. i. 01-2. Two fresco frs. ; traces only of black lines on white ground ; unintelligible. Backing clay. Gr. fr. 2" X I i".

Koy. f. 03. Fr. of painted wood (vertical section), showing plant with acanthus leaves and green berries springing from root between two pink scrolls (one missing). Above and below, traces of running scroll of pink and brown leaves. Outlines black and pinkish-white ; background dark pink. Resembles Italian orn. l' I" x II".


Koy. Iz. i. 01-4. Four frs. of glazed pottery bowl ; body of coarse red clay, exterior (only) glazed plain green with black line on ox. oz shows turn of wall to flat base, also glazed on under-side ; no base-ring. Sand-encrusted.

Gr. fr. (02) h. Ii", chord 4g-", thickness 4"" to 1".

Koy. II. ii. ox. Fr. of thin bronze plate, ; quarter of circular disc, prob. part of mirror. Unengraved ; oxydized. Orig. diam. c. 71".


B. Koy. oz. Broken frs. of plain silk, from banners ; red and white, and one fr. yellow. On one white fr. is Chin. char. boldly inscr. in black. On the yellow, marks in black paint. Very brittle. Inscr. fr. I4" x

B. Koy. 02. Stucco fr. of arm or leg in the round, with reed core. Clay painted pink. Length 6", diam. 21".

B. Koy. 03-4.

painted pink. Clay mixed with vegetable fibre. Gr. fr.

(03) 3" X 2r.

B. Koy. 05. Stucco relief fr. ; slightly curved, gilded. Fibrous clay. 3" x 4f".

B. Koy. 06. Fr. of wood. Flat lozenge-shaped piece, with round tenon at one end. 2g" x I" x r.

B. Koy. 07. Wooden knob, pear-shaped, with tenon at thick end. H. 4;", gr. diam. 2r".

B. Koy. o8. Stucco relief fr. Top of head in very friable clay covered with close ` Ammonite ' curls. 6k" x 6" x 3".

B. Koy. i. ox. Fr. of wood, carved on one surface (broken) into gradini in relief, with traces of paint in sunk ground. 4" x II" x i". Pl. XVI.

B. Koy. i. oz. Fr. of wood, with oblong end chamfered on three edges of one surface to form transition to rough narrow continuation. 4h" x Ii" to I" x i" to h".

B. Koy. i. 03-4. Fresco fr., in two pieces, showing border of red and green bands on ground of mud colour, and a painted black mass, prob. hair or drapery. 9" x 41".

B. Koy. i. o5. Stucco relief fr. Head of Buddha type nearly life-size, painted pink. Features small, eyes closed, Tilaka. Very friable clay mixed with fibre (now treated with paraffin wax). H. 6", gr. width 5f", gr. relief c. 3k". PI. XX.

B. Koy. i. 06-7. Two wooden pegs, sq. in section, with large sq. heads, bevelled top and bottom. Roughly made. Length 6r", length of head 2k", gr. width of head Ir. Pl. XVI.

Stucco relief frs., of linen-fold' drapery