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0544 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 544 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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T. XLIV. a. oi. Fr. of edge of grass mat ; roughly woven: 12" X 3".

T. XLIV. a. 03. Fr. of wooden stick, hard and heavy ; split down centre (other half missing). Whittled surface. One end charred, other end shaped but incomplete. 18" from charred end, four Chinese characters written in ink. 26f" x i}" x)l". Pl. XLVI.

T. XLIV. a. 04. Wooden spatula; broad and thin. Similar to T. XLIV. b. 035, but complete, with handle tapering and cut to chisel point. 8" x i4" x

T. XLIV. a. 05. Wooden object ofhammer•head shape; slightly tapering one way towards ends, but actual ` panes ' shouldered out to full width ; hole through centre. 3i" x Ii" x r . Pl. XLVIi.

T. =Iv. a. 06. Fr. of wooden spatula ; handle broken. Similar to T. xxui. a. 07. 4}" x I ".

T. XLIV. a. 07. Wooden wedge-shaped object, cut round at thick end. ii" x i" x Ç".

T. XLIV. a. 08. Wooden peg ; small and tapering with groove }" from thick end containing string. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXXV, L.A. v. ii. I. 3" x r.

T. XLIV. a. og. Bag of strainer, made of plaited horsehair 21" x 6". Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIV. a. o10, on. Frs. of canvas ; coarse and strong. Larger 5r" x 2,I".

T. XLIV. a. 012. Fr. of leather shoe sole, showing leather stitching at edge. 4" x 3i".

T. XLIV. a. 013. Fr. of pottery, from bottom of vessel, in black pottery, sides faceted, as in T. xLI. c. 03. Inside very regularly moulded into low relief spiral. Diam. 4f". PI. XLVIII.

T. XLIV. a. o15. Bronze arrowhead, three-sided, flat ; as Ser. iv. Pl. LIII, T. XII. a. i. 005. 1" x Ç". Pl. XLVII..


T. XLIV. b. ox, 05. Two square wooden prisms ; the large surfaces divided by two diagonals and a short diameter in ink, with a dot in each end division. One end of one blackened. or, i}" x " X r; ; os, I}" x (l" x 1" Pl. XLVII.

T. XLIV. b. 02. Wooden spatula, similar to T. XLIII. k. oI I, but narrower, and the angular end more elongated. Chamfered on the long edges of one surface. 4" x x" x }".

T. xuv. b. 03. Fr. of wooden slip ; rectangular, split into two pieces, broken away at one end and partly at other. Traces of Chinese character at partly broken end. Reverse, large dab of black ink. Ir x 5" X "•

T. XLIV. b. 04, 06. Two square wooden prisms with one end pyramidal, of fine-grained light wood. Roughly made, perhaps ` chessmen '. Cf. T. XLIII. b. o8. I"X "X"; I"Xti"Xtr. Pl. XLVII.

T. SLIV. b. 07-9. Frs. of wood. 07. Round stick,

broken away at   end. Perhaps eating-stick. 5 i4" x 1". o8.
Roughly rounded stick, partly squared at one end. 4( " x r. 09. Round stopper-like object, flattened at one side from end to end, and partly flattened on opposite side. Diameter diminished by shoulder I}" from thick end. I" x r to (t".

T. XLIV. b. ow. Wooden stylus ; flattened, gently tapering and curved slightly in its length. Part of bark remains. 6}" x i ".

T. XLIV. b. our. Wooden spatula with broad flat blade, smoothed and slightly rounded. 7}" x I}" (blade).

T. XLIV. b. 012. Wooden cover, for mouth of vessel, with chamfered overhanging top, notched for cords. Marks of burning. 4h" diam.

T. XLIV. b. 013. Wooden cleat (?). Rectangular, roughly rounded at ends and with roughly squared hole )(" x " near each end. 51" x Ii" x i".

T. XLIV. b. 014. Wooden wedge ; rounded at thick end and with remains of black paint. Well made. 21 " x

X f".

T. XLIV. b. o15. Pottery jar; wheel-made. Flat-bottomed, sides expanding to shoulder c. 5" from bottom, and thence curving in to short straight neck. Straight, slightly thickened rim. Upper part of body faintly ribbed horizontally, as if by finger, and lower part scraped vertically. Remains of hemp cord tied round neck. Much caked with sand, inside and out ; part of neck and shoulder broken away. H. 7k", diam. of base 3f", of mouth 3r, gr. (at shoulder) 6 ". Pl. XXV.

T. XLIV. b. 034. Wooden writing-tablet, unfinished. Raised end for seal cay. sawn across with five grooves for string, but cay. only partly cut out. Other end cut off sq. at length of 3 ". Under-side unsmoothed. Wood hard. 5r x I" .1" to A".

T. XLIV. b. 035-6. Two wooden spatulas, very roughly cut. 035 has long broad blade, straight with handle, which is broken off short. 036 spade-shaped blade, slightly curved, and of reddish cedar-like wood. One edge of each blade lost. Gr. length (o36) 7r", gr. width (incomplete) I}".

T. xziv. b. on. Wooden counter (?) for game. Small solid block, boat-shaped in outline, each face convex and rising to more or less level ridge, }" long, down middle of face. One face shows shallow groove cut across this ridge, and remains of dark paint. The other has a cross-cut on either side of centre of ridge, another from each end of ridge to