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0174 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 174 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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M. Tagh. 05o. Cone of hard red clay ; prob. miniature Stûpa, roughly made, with three bases. No detail. H. 3", diam. of base, 2e".

M. Tägh. 051. Two frs. of hemp (?) string. Lengths 2' II" and 1' 4".

M. Tägh. o685-7. Frs. of three wooden arrowshafts, unlacquered (0637 cane). 0635 shows notched butt and remains of binding ; other end broken off and charred. 0636 also shows remains of binding. Lengths row", 'or, 9}" ; gr. thickness I". Pl. VI.

M. Ugh. 0638. Fr. of wooden arrow-shafts, showing notched butt painted red, and remains of feathers and binding. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. LI, M. Tâgh. b. oo7-1o, &c. Length 9A", gr. thickness I". PI. VI.

M. Tagh. o639. Fr. of woollen fabric, fine buff, soft and evenly woven. Several frs. sewn together, double. Perhaps corner of padded garment. Much torn. I' 5" x x'.

M. Tägh. 0640. Wooden stamp ; flat, square, with slanting string-hole pierced through edge at two opposite sides.

Device (in cavetto) : a square in outline, with diagonals crossing and leaving four raised triangles. In centre of each of these again is small sunk triangle, the apex in one pair pointing in same direction as apex of raised triangle ; in other towards its base.

Good condition ; back worn. With it, shreds of twisted fibre string, two thicknesses. 21" x 2}" x c. f". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 0641-3. Three wooden dice, cubical ; 0641 and 0642 have numbers marked by small ink circles, 0643 by drilled depressions 1" in diam., made with fine centre-bit.

System of numbering irregular, 0641 having r opposite 3, 2 opposite 5, and 4 opposite 6 ; 0642 and 0643 having I opposite 4, 2 opposite 5, and 3 opposite 6. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. LI, M. I. iii. 004 ; iii. pp. 1293 sq., M. Tagh. a. 0031 ; a. iv. 00172, &c. 0641, 0642 c. I" cube; 0643" cube. PI. VI.

M. Tâgh. 0644. Fr. of stone, pinkish-white. Long and narrow, roughly shaped with flat back, sloping sides, and high narrow flat face which is cut away at one end. Notch cut in either side, near other end. Length r}", width }" to a", gr. thickness }".

M. Tägh. 0645-0646. Two stone beads ; soft, white, cylindrical with narrow hole. Lengths W and f", diam. }".

M. Tägh. 0647. Square of woollen fabric ; light buff, very soft and regularly woven. x x" x 9".

M. Tagh. 0648. Reed pen, as Ser. iv. Pl. LI, M. 1. xlii. 003. One side split away. Length 3".

M. Tagh. 0649. Wooden implement ; rounded stick, of

gr. diam. (t") 6}" from one end. At this point a shoulder, c. " deep, has been cut all round and thence smoothly tapered to the opposite end. Towards long end it is also smoothly tapered most of the way, but has subsequently been cut roughly for the last x}". Use Uncertain. Length 8}", Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 0650. Wooden stick, very smoothly trimmed, cut to abrupt point (broken) at one end, and to long tapering point at one side of stick (modern pen-fashion) at other end. Length 7}", diam. A". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 0651. Fr. of reed ; bevelled off in blunt point at, one end, broken at other. Length 9}", thickness }".

M. Tägh. 0652. Fr. of wooden implement ; part of shaft, expanding slightly to long octagonal (?) head, one side of which is split away. Remains of gut or fibre binding immediately below head. Length of whole 51", of head 2}"; diam. of shaft f", of head". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 0653. Crescent-shaped piece of wood, smoothly cut, curve only slight ; remains of pink paint over whole with band of black along shorter curve on one side. Use uncertain. Inner edge smoothed by friction, as from use as polisher. Length of arc (tip to tip) 41", gr. width I", thickness }" to c. }".

M. Tägh. 0654. Fr. of fine woollen (?) canvas, showing remains of paint (unintelligible) on each side ; perhaps painted banner. Binding preserved along one long edge and at one corner ; edges otherwise torn. r2}" x 6f".

M. Tägh. 0655. a. Fr. of drawing (brought by KAsim Akhûn). Shows part of group of horses, galloping. Two horses complete except for hind legs ; both heads well drawn, A third horse behind other two has lost its head ; all have full manes. The nearest coloured a dull pink, second a grey brown, and third buff. A few roughly written Tibetan characters scattered about the paper. Original pasted to new paper. II" x 7}", Pl. VII.

M. Tagh. 0655. b. Fr. of drawing on paper (brought by KAsim Akhûn). Youthful figure, in long smock fastening down L. p. side, black waist-belt, black top-boots, is leading a camel (?) and a horse. His face is full and hairless, hair of his head parted in centre and dressed in two knobs, one on each side. He carries a whip in his R. hand and grasps a bunch of reins in his left.

All that remains of the animals is the nose of a horse or camel to which a single cord is attached, and the uplifted forefeet of a horse which must be prancing. A pair of reins lead from youth's hand horizontally back from him and must belong to a second animal. Torn away to R. Fr. has been badly pasted on to a piece of paper, to preserve it. Io}" x 3". Pl. VII.


M. Tâgh. c. o1. Fr. of plain plaster, with thin backing of similar material, thickly matted with silky fibre. Face has separated from backing, prob. owing to one surface being too dry when the other was applied. Associated

with this, one fr. of felt, two pieces of canvas and a short length of string tied into small knots close together as a kind of rosary. Stucco 71" x 4}".

M. Tagh. C. 02. Fr. of plaster ; plain, similar in all