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0281 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 281 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.K. 092. Fr. of glass bead ; triple bulb, greenish-blue, translucent: 12"x r. Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 093. Fr. of bronze ring. Chord r, width i".

L.K. 096. Cone of greenish-blue glass ; blunt, opaque. H. a", diam. of base i", Pl. XXIV,

L.K. 097. Glass bead, double bulb, gilt. Length i", gr. diam. }". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. 098. Disc of lignite (?). Channelled and broken at back, flat on face. Diam. r, gr. thickness A".

L.K. 099-100. Two frs. of glass ; yellowish-white and greenish-white, translucent ; oroo showing bit of plain "

rim. Gr. fr. (o99) I x " x h".

L.K. 0101-9. Misc.. glass and paste frs. oror and 0105. Frs. of blue glass beads, cone-shaped and spherical, translucent. Gr. M. a". 0107. Blue glass bead, translucent, with channelled sides. Amalaka shape, perfect condition. Diam. T", h. a". , oro8. Blue paste bead, cubical, opaque. ig" x i". 0102. Brown paste bead, spherical, opaque. Diam. a". ozo6. End of yellow glass appliqué (?) rod, translucent. Length a". 0104 and 0109. Opaque paste balls, as L.K. 013, 047. Gr. diam. f". ozô3. Wooden bead (nut ?), pierced. Length ". PI. XXIV.

L.K. o11o. Fr. of bronze orn., small triangular, with stem curved for attachment. " x " x a".

L.K. 0111. Stone leaf-shaped arrowhead. Purplish-brown jasper, well made. Length xi", gr. width T', gr. thickness s".

L.K. 0112. Stone core, yellowish-brown jasper. x,1" X r x I".

L.K. 0113. Pottery disc, chipped from potsherd ; prob. for spinning-whorl as Ser. iv. Pl. LI, M. I. iv. 009 ; but not pierced. Pale red clay. Diam. xi", thickness ;";

L.K. 0114. Lump of iron, much corroded ; curved. 4" X2"Xi".

L.K. 0115-16. Two frs. of pottery, plain, pale red ; 0115 with light buff slip on outside. 3f" x 2 f" x I".

L.K. 0117. Core of yellow stone. f" x " x if".

L.K. 0118. Fr. of hard grey stone, more or less heart-shaped. Ii" x Ii" x r.

L.K. 0119-20. Frs. of two stone blades. Gr. fr. xi" x " x r•

L.K. 0121-2. Two frs. of iron ; rough, • much oxydized. Gr. fr. x j" x 1" x

L.K. 0123-6. Four frs. of pottery, red and (or23) black. Red, coarse and ill-washed. Gr. fr. 2" x x I" x }".

L.K. 0127-9. Three stone implements, or frs. of, roughly worked. 0128, Celt, Gr. M. 2" x (gr. width) 2i" x (gr. thickness) is".

L.K. ox3o.. Stone sphere, of irregular shape, flattened at poles and two sides. Diam. 2r".

L.K. 0131-2. Two frs. of pottery slag. Gr. fr. 1((" x I"x}".

L.K. 0133. Fr. of iron, oxydized. x" x " x

L.K. 0135-54. Misc. frs. of worked stones ; chips, blades and cores. Gr. fr. (0137) I " x x" x e".


L.K. Fort. 04-5. Two stone arrowheads ; leaf-shaped. Dark grey and purple jasper. Well made. 04 slightly broken at point. Lengths .21- and IA", gr. widths a' and i".

L.K. Fort. o6. Glass bead, gilded ; baluster shape of three bulbs. Length r, gr. diam. a".

L.K. Fort. 07. Silver earring, with traces of gilding, made in two parts joined by a copper loop. Lower and ` larger part is roughly sq. in shape (a"), and consists of two thin pieces of silver sheet, moulded in ornamental design, then placed back to back, and joined (imperfectly) at edges.

Moulded orn. shows relief circle surrounding hollow- sided square with pierced centre ; the segments enclosed between circle and square ` pecked ', to contrast with the plain bands forming these latter. Above circle runs horizontal four-scalloped band with free ends, and below a three-scalloped band of the same kind. Below again, along lower edge of each sheet, a row of small holes, from

which hangs a series of 8-shaped wire loops carrying tassel of five wire rods, flattened and pierced to take wire at upper ends.

Upper part is the same except for tassel and attachment, and placing of four-scalloped band below circle and three-scalloped above ; but it is also smaller and consists of single sheet only. To back of it, at bottom, is attached the large wire loop for suspension from ear. This carries first the small copper loop which attaches lower part of orn., then turns sharply upwards, and again down to form hook. Very good design and sharp impression. Wire apparently drawn. Excellent condition. Length without hook 1t". PI. XXIV.

L.K. Fort. o8. Object of white stone (?) ; triangular, slightly convex, drilled through centre. Sides in thickness a". Pl. XXIV.

L.K. Fort. 09. Fr. of pottery vessel, fine dull grey, showing part of trumpet mouth and bulging shoulder with incised nebule pattern. 3}" x 2f" x I". Pl. XXVI.


   L.K. 1. 01. Fr. of bronze hook fastening (?), in two   and bifurcate at other ; the two limbs slightly recurved

   pieces. Thin plate, narrowed and round at one end, sq.   and broken off. Hole in round end. " x A".