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0356 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 356 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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In series of lozenges below are pairs of griffins, but placed on all fours against vertical centre-line of lozenge, so that their four feet are opposite each other, and entire device is at right angles to the pairs of cranes. In lozenges above, pairs of dogs (?) placed similarly to griffins. Above sheep and below griffins are geometrical lines which may form trees, but are fragmentary. Axes of these are parallel to that of cranes. Very rotten. Gr. fr. c. 12" x 6". Pl. XL.

L.C. ix. or. Frs. of silk rags, buff and cream, part sewn in band ; plain weave. Gr. length c. r' 8".

L.C. ix. 02. Fr. of figured silk, like conventional tiger-skin in dark brown and yellow. Ragged and brittle. c. 5" x 33". PI. XLIII.

L.C. x. or. Mass of silk fabric frs., plain weave, dull green, blue, white crimson and buff, with frs. of silk fluff and vegetable fibre, and silk bow. Rotten and matted together. Gr. length r' 4".

L.C. x. 02. Fr. of woollen pile carpet. No pattern visible. Much worn and discoloured, but pink and dark brown pile distinguishable. 5" x 4k".

L.C. x. og. Four frs. of woollen fabric ; coarse, ribbed weave, red, brown, and buff. Gr. length r r".

L.C. x. 04. Fr. of figured silk, in many pieces ; warp-rib weave, in rich blue and golden yellow. Pattern : to R., R. eye, corner of jaws and R. leg and shoulder of large T`ao-t`ieh ogre ; leg is bandy and foot, turned towards jaw, is furnished with three thin voluted claws.

Thin spines rise from shoulder curving slightly into a form of eye which is large, elliptical, and formed of three concentric rings with centre dot. At forehead V-shaped lines following curve of elliptical eye. On head solid, tall, thin triangles ; ear pointed ; at shoulders curved markings of background colour.

It is in fact an extremely close but much larger rendering of the T`ao-t`ieh in L.C. ii. ox and prob. same colouring. From corner of mouth a thin solid band of blue protrudes horizontally about i", then drops at about 3o° outward for about x", then again runs horizontally or perhaps curving slightly upwards.

On this curving line stands lion of L.C. ii. or (Pl. XXXVI, XL), with rudimentary wing marked by angular yellow lines and a small blue point projecting above shoulder. The neck greatly elongated and upright, with sharp spines projecting and curving upward and continued as shorter spines on top of head ; yellow roundels on body. Lion faces ogre in manner of heraldic supporter.

Above lion and curling in from L. tree-coral cloud scroll in silhouette, but with thin line following contour of upper edge about 1/2" from it. It seems probable that the curved stem on which lion stands is the stem of the cloud scroll as the completion is missing.

Pattern repeats vertically quite close, as in L.C. ii. ox. Height of T!ao-t`ieh head 3}", which is the width of the repeat. Two repeats and top and bottom of two more are present. . A small and nearly perfect fr. " x 2" does not join to larger fr. Large fr. cut in curve at bottom edge and ragged at other edges.

Weft perished and the whole reduced to mere twisted strings of warp which were opened out with great difficulty and give figure. Colour brilliant. Gr. fr. H. 9r, width 3k". Pl. XXXV, XXXVII.

L.C. x. 05.. Leg of wooden food-tray, sq. in section, sides cut concave forming thin waist. Projecting edges at base cut sq. Broken tenon at top. Well preserved. Length 4" without tenon ; upper end I" x I " ; lower end ri"xr"; waist 1"x*"; tenon i"xÏ'x f".

L.C. x. o6-7. Pair of legs from wooden food-tray. Lion leg type, with edges chamfered. Two horizontal saw-cut lines on sides of dosseret. Long tenons at top. Well made and of good proportions. Well preserved. Length over all 5i", gr. width Jr, thickness i".

L.C. x. o8. Leg of wooden food-tray. Lion leg type, boldly curved. Depression above hock very deep, edges rounded. Mouldings of dosseret, flat fillet above deep quirk squared at projecting edges. Round dowel broken off level with top surface. Well preserved. Length 3r", gr. width xi", thickness i". PI. XXIX.

L.C. x. og. Fr. of wooden handle of dagger, split

lengthways through centre, showing oxydized scale from tang of iron blade and rivet through intact side. Short cross-guard, broadened pommel. All edges sq., showing dagger was not for use. Well preserved. Length 41", cross-guard. r A", grip at broadest i", thickness of fr. T". Pl. XXI.

Object of leather ; soft buff, stuffed with

coarse vegetable fibre. In shape somewhat like large fish head.

On L. side, in position of eye, is raised boss of leather, covered with blue felt, from centre of which projects thick short leather tab with crimson felt button. No eye on R. side ; but layer of thick felt between fibre and leather, finished off in projecting ridge round profile of snout. Roughly but strongly made ; now dilapidated. Perhaps part of saddle or camel trappings. 71" x 41" x 3r", Pl. XXVII.

L.C. x, o1I.

side of box. Fr. of bent wood (cane ?). Prob. part of r~ x3~ rz

"   " i1 "

Fr. of wooden comb, with fine teeth, and

L.C. x, 012.

arched back. 3}" x 1- €" x 1"

L.C. x. 013. Wooden comb, with very fine teeth, and high arched back. Dark rich colour ; well made. 21" x 2i" x N. Pl. XXI.

L.C. x. 014. Fr. of leather ; well dressed, buff, with marks of stitching all round and across. 61." x 4".

L.C. x. ors. Wooden food-tray ; elliptical with flat sides.; upper surface hollowed to form shallow cavity. Many knife cuts inside ; originally four-legged. One leg of a shape suggesting a squat Doric shaft and capital, detached ; tenons of two other legs in holes. No projecting sockets. Inside prob. originally coated with some kind of polish. Broken at one end. 16i" x Ion" x (H. with leg) c. 4". Pl. XXVII.