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0620 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 620 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Below each fig. a column of fine bold text and below each tree a column of floral ornament, the stems locking into ogee shapes which enclose nimbate figures, that to L. being probably a Biwa player. Well-designed, bold work. Paper buff, badly tattered and torn, very fragile and woolly. 9" x 5r.

K.K. II. 0280. b. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf showing upper part of Paradise picture. To R. part of enthroned Bodhisattva (?) with rayed halo and nimbus in architectural niche. Two figs. on cloud adoring to L. Beside niche a Hsi-hsia label. To L. part of stone terrace with stone steps leading up to it, and a building with open doors and windows. Part of two figs. below and a tree in upper L. corner. Paper buff and torn on three sides. Cf. K.K. II.0233. b, etc. 4" x 3f". Pl. LXII.

K.K. II. 0280. b. ii. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf with haloed Buddha figure surrounded by celestial attendants. Robe of Buddha banded with black ; no visible UUni§a ; Svastika mark on breast. Halo has waving rays bordered by white spots on black band. A Lokapàla's head each side and another figure below each. In foreground to R. a shaven monk. To L. part of Chinese rail and beyond a large-leaved tree (plantain ?) and clouds. Clear impression. Paper buff and in fair condition ; lower part torn away. 2-" x 5e". PI. LXIV.

K.K. n. 0280. b. ix—xiii. Five frs. of plain silk ; various tones of buff. Gr. fr. (b. ix) 22}" x 2f".

K.K. II. 0281. a. xxxviii. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf, double, with Hsi-hsia text decorated at top with row of three seated Buddha figures. The most perfect is the central fig., which is seated with legs in Svastikàsana pose, hands in Chin-mudrà pose. It seems to wear a single close-fitting robe leaving R. shoulder and arm bare. Face broad, long ears, black hair with tall narrow pointed Usnila. A tall spatulate nimbus rises from shoulders and a rather close halo emerges beside the arms and is decorated with scroll-work. Where this meets nimbus an angular projection occurs as in K.K. II. 0276. t.

On each side of nimbus, and perhaps seated on horizontal limb of angular projection, is a bird looking outwards from figure. Above birds one or two petal-like objects project from nimbus. The whole is enclosed in a frame of lotus-petal shape with point upward. Three narrow leaves attached to each side of upper curves of MaI}data furnish the spandrel. A vertical line on each side divides the composition from the repetitions on either side. The PadmAsana has one row of downward curving petals with tips turned up, and below these traces of further ornament.

To L. the same composition ; but L. p. hand of fig. raised to level of shoulder, palm up. To R. the same but with R. p. hand at shoulder level, palm up, probably holding something. The R. and L. figs. have an end of drapery falling forward over L. p. shoulder. Paper buff, thin and becoming woolly at lower torn edge. Cf. K.K. II. 0253. b. 4" x 3r". Pl. LXV.

K.K. II.0282. b. ix. Frs. of diagram on paper. Chinese

Yantra in form of wheel. Surrounding centre a fret pattern border. Between this and outer circle, space divided into many radiating panels in each of which are five characters, two side by side near fret border and three columnar. Very incomplete. Paper buff and soft. Gr. fr. Io"x3".

K.K. II. 0282. b. x. Block-printed paper leaf with Hsi-hsia text precisely similar to K.K. II. 0233. vvv and possibly from the same block, but a cleaner impression. This supplies the missing characters of the other, and the small shrine below the L. half-column of text is complete. Paper dark, thick, and has five columns of Hsi-hsia writing on reverse. Torn. 7r x 3f". Pl. LXV.

K.K. II. 0282. b. xi. Block-printed paper leaf with Hsi-hsia text, ornamented along top edge with row of five seated Buddha figures similar to K.K. II. 0292. i, but more carelessly engraved and the hair shown in solid black. Part of fig. to L. torn away. Paper buff, thin, woolly and torn. 7}" x 41".

K.K. II. 0282. b. xii. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf, with Hsi-hsia text, decorated at top with row of seated Buddhas and below columns of ` baluster ' ornament similar to K.K. II. 0293. a (Pl. LXV). Paper torn and ragged, only part of two figs. and three ` balusters remaining. 4" x 3f".

K.K. II. 0282. b. xiii, xiii. a, xiv. Three frs. of silk. b. xiii, loosely woven plain blue. b. xiii. a, in two pieces, printed pale blue. Ground with diaper of reserved white rosettes and darker blue centres. b. xiv, same as b. xiii, but with paper stuck to one side with Hsihsia writing. Gr. fr. (xiii) 3f" x 28".

K.K. II. 0282. b. xv. Cardboard miniature cap, with pieces of paper stuck all over it to form rough border, intended to stand upright. Diam. of cap 2f".

K.K. II. 0283. a. xviii. Fr. of paper, with block impression of part of same as K.K. II. 0260. v (Pl. LXIII), but more fragmentary. 3" x 2}"

K.K. II. 0283. a. xix. Fr. of stiff paper, with traces of block-print ornament. Stained. 2 " X I â".

K.K. II. 0283. a. xx. Fr. of paper, double, with block impression of lower L. corner of picture. To L. a standing figure, facing an altar or pedestal to R. Figure wears complicated costume which seems to include pyjamas tight at knees and ankles and several long stoles. Feet bare. Bands round waist. Upper part missing.

Altar curved (circular ?) and its surfaces decorated with scrolls and chevrons. On ground symbols consisting of groups of three balls, flames, trefoils and a curious object which may be intended for a Pbthi.

In border below, a Vajra and disc with two wavy lines running across it. Back leaf has three columns of printed Hsi-hsia text. Paper dark buff ; ragged. 31" x 3f'. Pl. LXIII.

K.K. II. 0283. a. xxi. Fr. of paper with block impression of upper part of Trimurti figure, enthroned. Upright nimbus with flattened sides and top. Above head, seated