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0189 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 189 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Kh. 0196. Fr. of silver ornament. Round a short tube nine minute grains soldered to tube and each other.

Diam. of tube   ", diam. of grains . 4" ; total diam. r14".
Length of tube c. 2".

Kh. o197. Frs. of lead sheet, rod, foil, wire, &c. Prob. waste scraps from jeweller's or silversmith's workshop. Gr. M. xi-V.

Kh. 0198. Mass of frs. of copper wire of many different gauges ; some twisted into close spirals, others into cable. Gr. length of cable II".

Kh. 0200. Mass of bronze and copper scraps. Gr. M. c. I" sq.

Kh. 0201. Frs. of bronze ornaments and fittings ; rings, studs, tags, rod, &c., mostly broken and corroded. Gr. fr. 1" x I".

Kh. 0243. Misc. bronze frs., including pieces of plate, loop (of wire, doubled), sq. knob, ring, pins, and fr. of rivet-plate. Gr. M. is" x f".

Kh. 0244. Fr. of bronze ornament. Front, a raised central rib with blade on each side having edge cut lunette shape ; unbroken horn suggestive of ram's head in low relief. Both ends and one side broken away. Back flat.

Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. VI. Yo. 0091. b. I" x   Pl. X.

Kh. 0245. Tongue of brass buckle ; tapering to blunt point. Loop broken. 2" x A" X

Kh. 0246. Two frs. of bronze ring, elliptical section. Arc. c. 2", thickness A".

Kh. 0247. Rectang. bronze tag for strap-end. Two outer angles rounded. Edges of front plate turned towards back to form box. Back plate flat, fastened to front by two rivets. 1 "x I"

Kh. 0248. Bronze cube, each face divided into four squares by two grooves. Angles rounded. Prob. a weight. Side i".

Kh. 0249-50. Two bronze spinning-whorls ; echinusshaped, concave on under-side. Pierced with large hole. x I" and is" X 3". Pl. X.

Kh. 0251. Globular lead pellet, showing slightly projecting mould ribs. Diam. I". Pl. X.

Kh. 0252-5. Four lumps of shell, approximately spherical, pierced for use as beads. Diams. c. i", I is , h", I".

Kh. 0256. Bronze ' cat'-bell. Suspension ring broken. Diam. I". Pl. X.

Kh. 0257. Shell disc, with two small holes drilled from side to side parallel to faces. On one face a ring of six small shallow circular depressions surrounding a central one. Diam. I", thickness s". Pl. X.

Kh. c258. Oblong bony object formed from an animal's tooth. Long surface striated, and ends showing convolutions. Polished. xi" x N" x IA".

Kh. 0259. Ivory charm. Upper edge shorter than lower, the two sides diverging equally downwards. Upper third tubular for cord, inward curve of tube at its lower side forming shallow transverse channel on front and back. Section wedge-shaped, with circular section at top and rounded point at opposite end. R" x 16" x A". PI. x.

Kh. 0260. Paste bead, millefiori, marbled in red, yellow, blue, and black. I" x 196". Pl. X.

Kh. 0261. Stone charm ; irregular wedge-shape. White with pale blue markings at broad end. Drilled at narrow end. i" X s" x

Kh. 0262. Fr. of stone charm, representing duck. Dark grey, well polished, and drilled for cord. Cf. Ark. Han. 02I. I" x" x

Kh. 0263. Stone bead, irregular elliptical flat, drilled near one end. I" x I"xis"•

Kh. 0264. Fr. of garnet (?) bead, highly polished. A" x I" x

Kh. 0265. Bronze ornament ; almond-shaped pendant, prob. to hang on strap or other band. Raised centre and roll border. Square loop at upper end, in which is copper band for attachment. Hollow copper filled with spelter. Flat back, riveted to front at centre of upper margin of

almond. Traces of gilding on front and edges. I I" x an


Kh. 0266. Irregular lump of metal, resembling antimony, or a hard spelter. 1" x 4" x }".

Kh. 0267. Stucco relief Buddha head, over life-size (presented by Mr. K. Moldovack). Usual Buddha type with narrow slanting eyes. Usnisa and ears lost, and end of nose ; face otherwise in fair condition. Hair indicated by wavy incised lines, not by applied curls. Fine clay of light buff colour. H. 1', gr. width 9". Pl. VIII.


Badr. 09. Fr. of handle of terra-cotta vessel ; straight, elliptical in section, main portion representing long flat body of a dragon-like animal, whose back-thrown head

forms lower end.   Forepaws broken off short, prob.
formed lower attachment to vessel. Jaws open, with line of deep punched holes emphasizing line of upper and lower jaw, and suggesting eyes and nostrils. Incised dashes on body to represent fur. Fair condition. Length 2i", average width i", average thickness I". Pl. III.

Badr. oio. Terra-cotta monkey, ` owl ' type, rudely


made ; head turned over R. shoulder ; arms and legs broken off. H. i".

Badr. oil. Terra-cotta monkey, ` owl ' type, body and head only ; prob. one of a pair embracing, as Ser. iv. Pl. III. Yo. 002. h. Rudely made. H. i".

Badr. 012. Terra-cotta monkey-head ; snout uplifted. Rude work. Gr. M. II". Pl. III.

Badr. 013. Terra-cotta ram's head, broken off at base of neck. Solid ; perhaps thumb-rest of jug-handle. Eyes,