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0629 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 629 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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but detail worked on one side only. Good work. II" x

  • " -E x4 .

K.E. XII'. oz. Fr. of glazed pottery. Body hard, fine, buff ; glaze inside brown ; outside, cream-coloured, with roughly drawn spiral in dark brown surrounded by smaller spirals (brown over-glaze ?). Gr. M. IV", thickness A". Pl. LVII.

K.E. XIII. 03. Fr. of glazed stoneware. Hard grey body ; glaze each side thin greenish-grey, with incised floral pattern and bands on outside roughly drawn. For another fr. of same, see K.E. x-xt. 07. Gr. M. 2", thickness i". Pl. LVII.

K.E. XIII. 04. Fr. of glazed stoneware. Hard light buff body ; glaze inside dark brown ; outside, colourless glaze over cream slip and orn. in dark brown, showing floral pattern in outline, with background of small circles. For other examples, see A.K. 026, 8, Pl. LI. r a" x 1" x i". PI. LVII.

K.E. mu. os-I0. Six pottery spinning-whorls, made of potsherds ground into disc and pierced. Red or grey. Roughly made. Gr. diam. (o8) I1", thickness A".

K.E. xiii. on. Fr. of black stone hone (?); flat, roughly triangular in outline with hole drilled through near apex ; other end broken away. Length i ÿ", gr. width 16", gr. thickness 1".

K.E. XIII. 012. Half of glass bead ; flattened spheroid, translucent honey-coloured. H. u", diam. -a".

K.E. xxii. 013. Iron knife-blade, single-edged, with remains of tang. Corroded. Length 211", gr. width â".

K.E. XIII.014. Rectang. bronze loop ; one corner broken. 1-a" .1r, thickness -'u".

K.E. XIII. ois. Bronze ring, small ; corroded ends not quite joined. Diam. g".

K.E. xIV. 01. Fr. of cast iron, spearhead-shaped implement ; hollow on one side and keeled on other. Point broken away. Rough work. 5" x r " x i". Pl. LVI.

K.E. xiv. 02, 03, 06. Iron nails, two with broad flat heads. Longest 31".

K.E. xiv. 04. Fr. of glass bead, blue. " x ".

K.E. xiv. os. Fr. of bronze sheet ; doubled over, showing rough ornament in punched dots, drilled with a hole at each end. One end narrows to a rounded point, other broken away. 4" x".

K.E. x'v. 07. Fr. of pottery antefixa (?), circular resembling box lid. Pattern floral (?), within a pearl border. Hard speckled brown body covered with fine brown glaze. Convex back of tile is broken away. Cf. Chiao. or. 36" x I 1". Pl. LVII.

K.E. x'v. o8. Fr. of pottery, from wall of vessel ; thick, coarse, reddish-buff ; thinly glazed green-brown in and out. Ribbed inside. Outside S and U-shaped incisions, semé. Ii" x Ii" x I". Pl. LI.

K.E. xiv. 09. Iron wall-hook or similar object, shouldered at commencement of curve. zk" x I".

K.E. x'v. oio. Fr. of pottery, from rim and wall of vessel ; red body of fine quality, coated inside and out with dark grey-green glaze, in which on outside a bold floral pattern is reserved in sgrafiito, outlines and ground being of the revealed red body. Upper edge of lip, uncoated. Rim thickened by kind of cyma moulding. Three rivet-holes. General character boldly decorative. For other examples, see K.E. v. 020 ; x-XI. oI ; K.K. 0r 16, Pl. LVI, LVII. 3r x 2f" x I". Pl. LVII.

K.E. xIv. on-15. Frs. of pottery. on-, 012. From rim and wall of bowl. Grey body covered with grey slip (?) and finely mottled dark grey-green glaze shading to brown at rim, which is thinner than wall and rounded. Two thin brown lines carried round just below edge.

013. Red-buff body glazed as preceding, but leaving portion towards bottom (?) unglazed outside. 014. Red body, grey-blue finely mottled glaze on both sides, with part outside left unglazed. oz5. Grey body. Glazed inside and out as preceding. For other examples, see K.K. 039-44, &c. Gr. fr. (ozz) 213-6" x I4" x A".

K.E. xiv. o16. Fr. of pottery, from rim and wall of vessel. Light grey body, ribbed on outside, slightly thickened at lip, and glazed brown. xi" x 1" x i".

K.E. xiv. o17. Fr. of pottery. Complete mouth of vessel in ware similar to K.E. xiv. o16. Lip prismatic. Glaze speckled and green in parts. Diam. 16", height r.

K.E. xiv. 018. Fr. of bronze binding, from strap end (?), with rivets in position. -'u-" x". Length of rivets a".

K.E. xiv. omg. Fr. of pottery, fine red, moulded, but pattern too fragmentary to make out ; coated outside with fine glossy buff slip, over which remains of rich blue-green glaze, mostly flaked off. 1" x " x

K.E. xIV. 021-6. Frs. of glass beads, rather coarsely made ; mostly straw colour ; translucent. Gr. fr. (023, complete) I" x

K.E. xiv. on. Fr. of pottery jar, with small loop handle from rim to shoulder. Body grey, hard ; glazed each side and over top of rim, dark olive-green. Interior slightly ribbed. Bulging shoulder drawing in to short neck with slightly thickened rim. H. 41", width 5f", thickness ;". Pl. LVII.

K.E. xv. or. Fr. of porcelain from upper edge of bowl ; thin outward curved lip. Pale green glaze and pattern carefully painted in grey-blue. Outer surface, a border of four-petalled flowers in simple outline between parallel annular lines, under bend of lip. Below, running ornament of leaves, berries and flowers in silhouette.

Inner surface, a border on curve of lip consisting of alternate spirals on undulating stem with branching secondary spirals and bracts, between parallel annular lines. Faint ornament in low relief under glaze. Very fine quality. 1{" x 1}" x c. h". Pl. LI,