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0210 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 210 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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132   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

pink and grey. Prob. damaged by fire. 21" X 2 r x 4". PI. Ix.

Kuduk-köl. 06. Stucco relief fr. ; part of halo border similar to Kuduk-köl. 05, Pl. IX, but without flames. Colour faintly visible. Hard grey plaster, prob. burnt. 2f"x2i"XI"

Kuduk-köl. 07. Fr. of stucco, surfaced with red clay and painted pink. Prob. part of fig. 31" x 2" x i}".

Kuduk-köl. o8. Fr. of painted wooden panel ; almost effaced. Upper part and one end broken away. Obv. Subject : three horsemen riding to R. p. Middle horse, dappled ; black mane, hogged. Rider in pink robe and black top-boots. Holds out katôra in R. hand. Long ends of stole float backwards. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. LIX, D. vii. 5, where prob. same personage is depicted.

Rear horse unmarked ; black mane ; head and hind legs cramped to bring within available space. Rider has black top-boots, and black sword scabbard at side. Front rider seems to be similarly equipped, and has streaming stole. All much defaced and very indistinct. Work free and good. Rev. Traces of horseman of same type. xi" x 3i"xA".

Kuduk.köl. 09. Fr. of painted wooden panel, pointed at one end and drilled for hanging. All other sides broken away. Traces of pink and grey wash on one side. Very soft. 7" X 3"x r.

Kuduk-köl. ono. Fr. of painted wooden panel. End and one side broken. Hole near intact corner. Obv. A few lines visible but design not made out. Rev. Coated with whitish pigment, straw, and sand. or x 2" x 15.6".

Kuduk-köl. on. Fresco fr., with traces of paint. Seated

fig.   to R. p. in crimson robe and wearing Mukuta.
Flesh pale. Much defaced. 6" x 7" x 3".

Kuduk-köl. 012. Fresco fr., showing part of meander ` rainbow ' halo in red, pale pink, green, and buff. Red band on outer edge. On inner edge, adjoining halo rays is strip of pale pink with transverse binding of pale buff scored with red lines over greater part of its length. Then broad band of dark red on which is a row of feather-like leaves projecting outwards. Then border of seeds in red outline on pink ; band of plain pink ; and another border of seeds. Abraded. 12" x 8".

Kuduk-köl. 013.. Fresco fr., from vertical border containing medallions with worshipping figs. On R. side of main border are two narrower bands, light buff and black. On borders itself remain parts of two medallions. Lower contains upper part of crowned fig. Body turned I to R. p., head turned back / to L. p. and slightly upward, arms extended down as though holding some object (broken away). Across upper part of fig. floats portion of red drapery (?), prob. part of costume of main fig.

To L. p. is prob. a demon, with yellow face and staring eyes, faint traces of the head being visible. Above is lower part of second medallion, with squatting, nearly

nude, pink figure of plump proportions ; L. arm flexed across body. Background of both medallions emerald green, border plain white ; all outlines red. Much abraded. 9" x 9".

Kuduk-köl. 014. Fresco fr. Trimùrti fig. similar to Anc. Khotan, ii. PI. LX, D. vii. 6 ; head and upper R. arm only. Main fig. blue, with black hair and moustache and yellow Mukuta. R. face pink, L. yellow. Upraised hand holding fruit, as in example referred to. Halo red with green border. Much abraded. ion" x 6".

Kuduk-köl. 015. Fresco fr. ; Buddha head and shoulders, / to L. p. Dark green robe. Green nimbus ; red vesica with brown border. Red ground outside vesica. Portion of grey Padmasana above. Very abraded. 7h" x 4j"

Kuduk-köl. 016. Fresco fr., showing green half-open lotus on pink stem. Red ground. 5"x41".

Kuduk-köl. oi7. Fresco fr., showing head of Chinese fig. with flat black hat. Flesh pink. Much defaced and very friable. 2 i" X 2 r.

Kuduk-köl. oi8. Stucco relief fr. ; hair painted blue. Red clay with fine fibre. Soft. i" x

Kuduk-köl. 0X9. Stucco fr. L. eye of Buddha, half closed, modelled in low relief and painted pale pink with black and red lines. White of eye shaded with blue at corner. Red clay mixed with fine fibre ; soft. 2" x Ii".

Kuduk-köl. 020. Fresco fr. with traces of Chinese fig. on black ground. To L. p. a red lotus bud (?). Very badly defaced. 5r x 5".

Kuduk-köl. 021. Fresco fr., same style as o20. Pink lotus with yellow seed-table, and large pink bud (?), on black ground. Bad condition. 7" x 4}".

Kuduk-köl. 022. Fresco fr. with head and R. shoulder of Buddha, I to R. p., on green vesica with grey nimbus. Outer ground red ; dark grey band diagonally across one edge. Flesh pale pink ; robe dark brown or grey. Face well drawn. Abraded. 61" x 51".

Kuduk-köl. 023. Fresco fr. with dark brown drapery from bust of Buddha. Open above showing neck (lighter brown) with rayed device at V of opening. Contour lines black. Abraded. 47" 31"

Kuduk-köl. 024. Fresco fr., from diaper of seated Buddhas. Parts of three rows. Buddhas in DhyAnamudra, with heads I to L. Colouring black, dark red, and grey, counter-changed. Surface scratched. 7" x i2".

Kuduk-köl. o25. Fresco fr., almost effaced, showing R. hand holding up begging-staff (?) against oval dark background. To R. of hand, miniature Stûpa with pennons. Beyond dark oval, on L., fr. of halo (?) with green and white waving rays, and red border. In R. top corner, leaves on light buff background. i' 5" x

Kuduk-köl. 026. Fresco fr., showing parts of two seated Buddhas, prob. from diaper. Colouring dark grey, red,