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0316 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 316 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.A. 08. Stone spinning-whorl, dark grey ; circular disc, pierced. Diam. xi", thickness A". Pl. XXI.

L.A. 09. Fr. of glazed pottery ; body a coarse frit, of buff colour. Glaze copper-green, cracked but adhering well to paste. 2i" x r}" x i".

L.A. 6xo. Fr. of almond (?)-shell. Length ih".

L.A. mi. Fr. of stone ; very hard, dark grey, nephrite (?).

  • Shows sign of working. 2" x 4" x

L.A. 012. Bronze disc, in form of Chinese coin, but thinner and concavo-convex. Diam. i". PI. XXIV.

L.A. 013. Fr. of bronze sheet, folded over. if x i".

L.A. 014. Bronze rivet with dome-shaped head. Diam. of head A", shank I".

L.A. ois. Fr. of worked stone blade. Length i", width 1a.".

L.A. oi6. Bronze finger-ring, with lozenge-shaped bezel punched with five small rings in corners and centre of lozenge. Well preserved. Diam. i" to i". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 017. Bronze needle or bodkin, broken off at thicker end. Point slightly flattened. Length ii", thickness T" to ".

L.A. 018. Fr. of stone blade, pink (flint ?). i" x Length ;', width I".

L.A. 019. Small loop of fiat bronze wire, prob. shank Of button. Length I", width i".

L.A. 020. Fr. of square bronze wire, tapering at one end and double curved. 1i" x i". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 021. Fr. of carnelian bead, globular. Diam.:I",

h. iv.

L.A. 022. Carnelian bead, globular, chipped. Diam. A", h. i„

L.A. 023. Fr. of glass bead, rich blue, translucent ; surface ribbed vertically as L.A. olio, Pl. XXIV. Diam. r, h. i".

L.A. 024. Carved iron blade. Perished at haft, edge corroded ; otherwise fairly preserved. Length 9i", gr. width iv', gr. thickness c. i". Pl. XXI.

L.A. 025. Fr. of circular bronze mirror. Plain raised border, r wide. No pattern on minute portion of field extant. Gr. M. ii".

L.A. 026. Lead spinning-whorl ; plan-convex disc, pierced. Diam. fi", gr. thickness h". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 027. Fr. of thin bronze sheet. ii" x

L.A. 028. Fr. of shell ring ornament, lotus-petal pattern: Chord ~ff", width i", thickness i". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 029. Misc. small bronze and lead frs. Gr. M. i".

L.A. 030. Misc. frs. of glass beads, stone and paste ; eight in all, including two complete ring-beads. One green paste, opaque ; the other blue glass, transparent. Diam. of latter

L.A. (7 m. N.E. of) oui. Paste (?) ornament ; heart-

shaped, flat, with hole drilled through centre. Length I", gr. width i", thickness E. PI. XXIV.

L.A. (7m. N.E. of) 032. Bronze stirrup-shaped object ; cf. L.A. 0126, and Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVI, L.A. vi. ii. ooxo. Length r, gr. width I". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. (7 m. N.E. of) 033. Bronze button, dome-shaped, with large loop at back and depression in crown. For another, see L.C. 014. Diam. E. PI. XXIII.

L.A. 034. Iron snaffle, one loop broken, somewhat corroded. Span 5i", thickness of bar (sq.) i". Pl. XXI.

L.A. 035-6. Two frs. of bronze sheet ; through one a rivet, hole in other. c. 4" x i". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 037. Fr. of moulded glass, yellowish, translucent. Apparently foot of vessel, with rounded edge and undulating surface on which is raised annulet. it x r" x i". Pl. XXI.

L.A. o66. Bronze nail, with round head. Diam. of head r, pin (broken) }". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. 067. Stone spinning-whorl, shale (?). Circular disc, pierced, as L.A. 07, o8. Pl. XXI. Diam. x", thickness i".

L.A. 068. Paste dumb-bell-shaped object, dark grey. Length r, gr. diam. I". Pl. XXIII.

L.A. 069-7o. Frs. of two stone blades, dark grey. Larger I" x i" x A".

L.A. 071-2. Two bronze frs. 071, wire ; 072, strip of bronze sheet. Gr. length 1i".

L.A. o73. Fr. of glass bead, blue, translucent, orig. spherical. Gr. M. 6".

L.A. 074. Fr. of iron rod, corroded. 1" x i".

L.A. 075-6. Two lead frs. 075, flattened and bent wire. s" x i". 076, disc, pierced, as L.A. 026. Diam. r, thickness i". Pl. XXIV.

L.A. ogo. Thin bronze ring, split at one side, where ends are flattened. Surface corrugated. Diam. i".

L.A. ogi. Fr. of glass, cut ; very clear, pale yellowish. x x i".

L.A. 092 ( + 0105). Fr. of bronze object (two pieces joining), hollow behind. Obv., two slightly convex surfaces meeting in straight keel shape at c. 55°. One end pointed, with bevelled edges ; other broken off. Length 2i", gr. width ii", thickness -a". Pl. XXI.

L.A. 093. Stone sphere, of lamellar structure ; dark grey, weathered, broken. Pierced with large hole. Diam.

I   .

L.A. 094-6. Three frs. of bronze ; rough, much oxydized.

  • Gr. fr. (094) curved like edge of mirror, and made of three layers of bronze, superimposed. Of these the two outer are I" wide, and the third (}" wide) is inserted between them along outer edge, leaving this " apart along inner edge. Length i $", width i9,1", thickness (outer edge) A", (inner) i".

L.A. 097. Metal sphere, irregular. Diam. c. i".