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0351 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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fine corded plain silk. Very ragged and dirty. To" x Io". Pl. XXXVI.

L.C. iii. 04. c. Fr. of figured silk ; warp-rib weave. Similar to L.C. iii. 018. A few small frs. of blue plain silk. Very dirty and discoloured ; rotten. 4f" x 12". Pl. XLII.

L.C. iii. 04. d. Fr. of silk, loosely woven gauze, in large check pattern of blue and brownish yellow. Warp and weft are in alternate bands of the two colours, about 24" wide. Where blue weaves with blue, or yellow with yellow, the colour is solid ; and where one colour weaves with the other the result is a broken tint. Very ragged, but colours fresh and fibre strong. c. Io" sq.

L.C. iii. 05. Fr. of leather lash of whip ; made of thongs of white leather, " broad, plaited round a core of coarse hair string. Well preserved. Length 1' 31", gr. diam. A". Pl. XXVI.

L.C. iii. 06. Fr. of grass rope ; two thick plies twisted together ; coarse. Very brittle. Length 13", diam. 1i".

L.C. iii. 07. Three frs. of lacquered wooden box, being part of bottom and side. Roughly elliptical ; sides appear to be cane. Lac is applied directly to the wood. Red with black lines. Hard and sand-encrusted. Bottom fr. 4" X Ii", side frs. 2" X I I" and 21" x II".

L.C. iii. 08. Butt of wooden arrow•shaft, with notch and remains of feather. Broken. Length 4", diam.

L.C. iii. og. Fr. of wood, prob. cane. Longitudinal section, broken at both ends. Very hard, with pith channel down centre. Well preserved. 21" x f"

L.C. iii. oio. a. Fr. of woollen tapestry ; shows R. side of human face about half life-size. Conventions of work and colouring closely follow those of the painted work of Mirân, with similar changes of tone and chiaroscuro. Outlines are dull brown. Lips bright red. Pink on cheek and shading in purplish grey. Division between lips, blue. Iris of eye brown outlined with black. (Cf. Mirân ` angel ' fresco, Ser. iv. PI. XL, M. III. viii.) Hair in black and tones of brown. Drapery on shoulder, warm grey and yellow.

Background dark blue, on which beside face is symbol resembling a caduceus, in yellow, with a green band between head of symbol and its staff. To R. of face are probably traces of a second fig. having pink and yellow shoulder drapery over purple.

Probably from tapestry hanging. Sand-encrusted and brittle, but colours finely preserved. 5" x 5I". PI. XXX.

L.C. iii. oio. b. Three frs. of woollen tapestry, originally sewn to L.C. iii. oio. a, now detached ; apparently parts of one large piece. Frs. too fragmentary to make out original design, but it was probably a variation of horse-legged bird motif in L.C. v. 02. a. Pl. XXXI, XXXII. Background partly blue, partly dark brown ; colours of design change as they occur on one or other ground colour. On all three frs. are bird-wing forms, sometimes in outline only and sometimes filled within outlines with a contrasting colour. Three simple oval (leaf ?) forms, with pointed ends, occur between reversed bird wings.

An upper and lower register appear to be divided from each other by a simple fret element whose free ends taper to points. Colours used, in addition to ground colours, are bright red, purple-red and two greens. Gr. fr. c. 6/,"x6". Pl. XLIV.

L.C. iii. on. Fr. of figured silk garment, of triangular shape, made of four pieces very neatly sewn together. Warp-rib weave.

Pattern : on dark blue ground, a continuous ' tree-coral ' cloud scroll with animals placed in the undulations. Pattern begins abruptly in middle of scroll. To R. (next selvedge) three Chinese chars. one above the other ; to L. of these, lion-like beast but with long crimson horn, rampant, regardant, proceeding to L. Body yellow to shoulder, crimson to near hind foot ; crimson head and protruded tongue, and off foreleg ; other two legs yellow ; outlines pale buff. Above head Chinese char.

To L., above line of lion, horseman to R. Horse trotting, large head, erect spinous mane, arched tail, yellow shaded green. Rider in green coat, buff baggy lower garment ; soft yellow cap rising above forehead in point, and point hanging in curve at neck.

To L. on lower line, yellow, winged dragon to R. ; drooping tail ; large head with open jaws and two forward pointed horns ; body marked with three roundels ; outlined buff and red.

To L. on level of first beast, another dragon to R. rampant, with backward curving horns ; green head and neck, yellow wings and near legs, crimson shoulder, flank, quarters and off legs ; outlined buff. To L. on lower level, beast similar to first ; but rounder head, no horn, mouth closed ; rampant to R., regardant ; yellow, spotted or striped crimson ; outlined buff.

From L.C. ii. 07. a. it is found that pattern repeats from this point, the first three Chinese chars. reappearing and the same cloud scroll. This is the only example of these cloud and beast patterns repeating in the width of fabric.

Below horseman is a very Rococo feature in cloud scroll, in parts green with buff ` high lights ', outlined crimson. Crimson line between buff and green becomes outline in twining towards node, a treatment common in Western, and especially Rococo, decorative painting ; in other parts crimson takes the place of green.

For horseman, cf. Chavannes, Mission archéol., 1. Pl. XXVI, Fig. 2a. For rider, see sprite L.C. 031. c. For variation of this pattern, see L.C. i. 09 iii. ox. Plain snuff-colour silk lining, torn. 19" x 20". Pl. XXXIV, XXXVIIi.

L.C. iii. 012. Frs. of figured silk in blue and buff. Angular Chinese pattern, only partly recognizable ; apparently resembling L.C. iii. 04. c. Warp-rib weave. Very brittle and discoloured. Gr. M. c. 6".

L.C. iii. 053. Mass of plain silk frs. ; buff, crimson, green, blue. Torn and discoloured ; some frs. from wide sewn bands. Crimson band 12" x44".

L.C. iii. 014. Fr. of woollen pile carpet, same as L.C. ii. 09. a. Structure as in L.C. ii. 014. Colour of weft