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0199 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 199 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Badr. 0876. Terra-cotta miniature vase ; solid. Oval body, tapering from wide shoulders to small bottom, from which expands circular foot. Remains of pair of ring-handles on shoulders (which turn in almost flat above), and of circular neck broken off short. H. ie", gr. diam. f" (without handles). Pl. II.

Badr. 0377. Terra-cotta monkey(?)-head, crude, globular, with short rounded muzzle and ring-punched eyes. H. a".

Badr. 0378. Terra-cotta relief monkey-head. More naturalistically modelled than the preceding examples, with long face and somewhat saturnine expression. Ears flattened down, and ring-punched fillet, or flat cap, on head. H. tan. PI. II.

Badr. 0879. Stone spinning.whorl ; greyish-green hard stone, marbled with black. Dome-shaped, concave on under-side. H. r, gr. diam. 1".

Badr. 0380. Clay spinning-whorl, echinus-shaped, concave on under-side. Om. round gr. circumference with pair of incised lines between which are series of slanting incised dashes ; and on under-side with seven-pointed star within incised circle, rays also crossed by short incised lines. Grey clay, hard-fired. H. f", gr. diam. ".

Badr. 0381-2. Frs. of two stucco relief plaques, showing Buddha seated in meditation as Badr. 034-5, &c. Hands folded over each other, and uncovered by drapery. Chevron border to halo within plain mouldings. Greater part of each preserved, except for outer lotus-petal border. Faces worn. Red clay, burnt. Diam. (0381) 3f".

Badr. 0383. Terra-cotta monkey-head, solid, with frs. of wall of vessel to which it apparently formed knob-handle. Made- in one with vessel, not appliqué. Face long and flat, with ring-punched eyes and dots for nostrils. Eroded. If" X I8".

Badr. 0384. Terra-cotta fr. Back of head, moulded in separate half from front, and notched along joining surface. Hair marked by long incised grooves, parting from central line on top and reaching to neck. Circular hole through crown, just by edge of fr. 1" x I " x r.

Badr. 0885. Terra-cotta monkey, standing upright with feet together, playing guitar, wearing loin-cloth. Feet lost, otherwise good condition. H. 1,". Pl. II.

Badr. 0386. Torso of terra-cotta monkey, with fr. of outstretched L. arm. Fur not marked. H. V'.

Badr. 0387. Terra-cotta monkey, seated with legs apart ; perhaps playing musical instrument ; wears loin-cloth ; fur not marked. Head and most of arms lost. H. /". Pl. II.

Badr. 0388. Upper half of terra-cotta monkey ; ` owl ' type. R. side of head, and arms, gone. Fur not marked. H.-14".

Badr. o38g. Upper half of terra-cotta monkey ; ` owl' type. Head tilted back drinking from horn, which he holds to mouth with both hands. H. f".

Badr. ono. Head and shoulders of terra-cotta monkey ; ` owl ' type. Very crude. H.".

Badr. 0891. Clay spinning-whorl, conical, with flat under-surface. Top broken.; Pinkish-grey clay. H. -A", diam. f".

Badr. 0392. Stone spinning-whorl, dome-shaped with flat under-surface. Hard pale greenish-white stone, (jadeite ?). H. f", diam. If".

Badr. 0393. Stone spinning-whorl ; dome-shaped, with flat under-surface, and large hole expanding to bottom. Dark greenish-grey marbled stone, hard. H. #", diam. j".

Badr. 0394. Steatite charm, roughly vine-leaf-shaped, notched at edges, with large ring for suspension at stalk end, also notched. Slightly curved vertically. I}" x r x $".

Badr. 0395. Paste bead ; green-grey, Amalaka shape ; chipped. f" x I".

Badr. 0396. Lead coin-like disc, pierced with long hole. On each side of this, on obv., are raised Chin. lapidary chars. Rev. blank. Diam. /".

Badr. 0397. Bronze bead formed of two cup-shaped seven-petalled open-work flowers, made of wire twisted cable-wise, and joined mouth to mouth. Diam. ".

Badr. 0398. Paste bead ; cylindrical, grey, irregularly spotted with cobalt enamel over white. Cf. Badr. 0399, and Ser. iv. Pl. VI, Kelpin 009. a, &c. ie" x }".

Badr. 0399. Fr. of glass bead ; dark wine-colour, translucent ; studded with cobalt blue spots on white paste surrounded by alternate opaque white and translucent grey-green rings. Rings formed of visible edges of alternate white and green saucer-shaped laminae, placed one in the other and then pressed into the body. The blue centre is applied last and is in relief. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. VI, Kelpin 009. a. Diam. A".

Badr. 0400. Fr. of bronze ornament. D-shaped ring, inner surface smooth, outer scalloped. Open at one side where fr. of thin wire-like end of straight side of D remains. Diam. I", thickness".

Badr. 0401. Fr. of bronze bar, with minute cup-shaped bowl at slight angle at one end. Bar tapers slightly towards bowl. Broken off at length of IA". Cf. Badr. 0119, 0417, Pl. X. Length I ", diam. of bowl ".

Badr. 0402. Glass seal ; rectang., light ruby, translucent. Device in intaglio : an ear of corn with narrow pointed leaf curving across stalk. Edges chamfered, back rounded. Perfect condition. f" x I".

Badr. 0403. Mass of bronze frs. ; coins, ornaments, spoon, wire nails, &c. All small and corroded.

Badr. 0410. Piece of string, knotted in form of rosary. Length r' II".

Badr. 0411. Bronze ink-seal ; square with tunnel-shaped loop at back. Device : two broad heart-shaped palmettes in outline with their points at diagonally opposite corners of square, and voluted bases nearly touching at other diagonal. Inside each palmette, at point, is a dot, and