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0196 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 196 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Badr. 0288-90. Three frs. of stucco relief plaques, showing seated Buddha, as Badr. 034-5, &c. Hands covered by fold of drapery. 0288 shows fig. and fr. of rayed halo border, and outer lotus-petal border by R. knee. 0289 shows L. half of fig. and adjacent halo. 0290, fig. only. All heads lost. Remains of paint (?) on 0288. Pinkish grey clay, burnt. Gr. fr. (0288) 3" x 31".

Badr. 0291-2. Stucco relief frs. Parts of two Buddhas seated in meditation, from same mould. Prob. plaques as Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. iii. 0089, but larger size. Arms and body only preserved in 0291 ; hands exposed. Head, fr. of halo, body, and arms to elbows, in 0292. Halo plain. Pinkish clay. Gr. M. 3r

Badr. 0293. Fr. of stucco relief plaque, showing Buddha

seated in meditation as Badr. 034-5, &c.   Fig. only
preserved (with head) ; finely modelled but much chipped and worn. Light red clay, burnt. II. 311".

Badr. 0294. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of head of Buddha with halo, as in 0292. Prob. same mould. Pinkish grey clay. H. I}".

Badr. 0295-6. Stucco relief frs. Upper parts of two (seated ?) Buddhas, prob. from plaques as Badr. 0288-90. 0295 same size ; 0296 slightly larger. Pink and grey clay. Heads and shoulders only, with part of halo in 0296. Gr. M. 1 2".

Badr. 0297. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque human type, with prominent nose, oblique well-opened eye, wide smiling mouth, and bulging cheek. Forehead, lower lip and chin, and whole of L. side of face lost. Spirited modelling, but corroded. I}" x I ". Pl. III.

Badr. 0298. Terra-cotta appliqué mask ; lion-head within circle of curls as Yo. 058. a-i. Degenerate specimen ; much worn. 2" x I I" x I".

Badr. 0299. Stucco fr. Lower lip, chin, and under-surface of human face. Roughly made. 21" x 21".

Badr. 0300. Fr. of wall of terra-cotta vessel, with circular portion of surface in low relief and rudely modelled in likeness of face to take place of appliqué mask.

Face of grotesque human type, with large eyes drawn to fine point at external angles, short broad nose, and thick mouth slightly grinning. Forehead and cheeks covered with roughly incised dashes usually intended to represent fur. 2:1" x 22" x 16" to 4". Pl. III.

Badr. 0301. Stucco relief fr., representing railing. Three uprights extant, joined by two hexagonal rails (on lower plane), and with plain rail or moulding running along bottom and top. Uprights wide and flat, grooved down centre in middle part of their length, the groove forking at each end.

Above and below the points where they intersect the uprights, the surface of the latter slopes backwards, and is covered with semicircular petal-like orn. representing the usual half-lotus common in Buddhist rails rising from cross-bar or rail at top and bottom. Whole railing very slightly curved along top and bottom.

Pink clay with remains of creamy paint on face ; impress of grass stalks on rough back. Good condition. Cf. Ser. i. p. 115, Yo. 0065. a-g. 24" x 44" x (gr. thickness) II". Pl. III.

Badr. 0302. Fr. of terra-cotta handle, as Yo. our, 015 (q. v.) and Ser. iv. Pl. II, Yo. 0057. Curve of whole fr. here, from top to bottom, is convex. Palmette stands away from side of vessel, and junction with latter is effected by flat piece of stucco, turning in at right angles below volute and orn. on under side (?) with row of punched dot and circle orn. Remains of light buff-coloured slip. Good condition. 34" x 24" x (gr. thickness) 1". Pl. I.

Badr. 0303. Fr. of wall of terra-cotta vessel, orn. with band of vine-leaf scroll moulded in relief. Fine work, somewhat worn. 2" x 21" x 6". Cf. Pl. V.

Badr. 0304. Stucco relief fr. Half-round necklace, slightly curved ; representing twisted band of (alternately) plain fillet and string of pearls. As K.K.I. 0167, and Ser. i. p. 142, A. T. 0019, &c. Red clay, burnt hard. Surface eroded. Length 5", width ri", gr. thickness 1".

Badr. 0305. Stucco relief fr. Crescent orn. as Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. v. 0017. b, &c. Pink clay, burnt. 2$" X 21".

Badr. 0306. Stucco relief fr. Flat band, slightly curved, with high rounded moulding at inner edge, and beaded border between plain raised fillets at outer. Field shows moulded relief orn. of circular boss in centre, and four pear-shaped leaves radiating from it in manner of St. Andrew's cross. Between each pair of leaves again is smaller boss.

Whole suggests representation of cabochon jewel ornament of Byzantine type. Raised transverse bar on one side suggests edge of panel. Cf. Ser. iv. PI. IX, A. T. iv. 0032, 0034. Pink clay, burnt. 2i" X 2". Pl. III.

Badr. 0307. Stucco relief fr., like the preceding, but more sharply moulded and on smaller scale. Transverse bar here occurs in middle of fr., showing repeat of pattern on either side. Five-petalled rosette takes place of central boss, and punched circles of bosses between leaves. 1 jh" x 2. Pl. V.

Badr. 0308. Stucco relief fr. Waved lower edge of drapery, falling in folds. Pink clay, burnt. 2e" x 2g".

Badr. 0309-II. Stucco relief frs. Human ears ; 0309 and 0310 L. ears, tips lost ; 0311 R. ear, upper half only. Pink or grey clay. Gr. length 2é".

Badr. 0312-15. Four stucco relief frs. Flames, curled in flat spiral, prob. from border of vesica ; as Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. v. 0056. Red clay, burnt. Gr. M. 2r.

Badr. 0316. Stucco relief fr. Part of crescent orn. on top of triangle, as Ser. i. p. 143, A. T. 0033, &c. Bead border to triangle. Grey clay. 11" x 2".

Badr. 0317. Stucco relief fr. Head, breast, R. shoulder, and upper arm of Buddha. Red clay, burnt hard. Much eroded, and all features of face gone. 2f' x I f".

Badr. 0318. Fr. of stucco relief plaque ; as Ser. iv.