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0348 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 348 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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ragged. For other frs., see L.C. i. o6, oy. (a) z' . z" x 6" ; (b) z' 6" x r' 6".

L.C. i. 03. Fr. of felt ; yellow, laminated approximating to soft paper in appearance. Much perished. 6" x zk".

L.C. i. 04. Fr. of woollen fabric ; red, coarse plain weave, as L.C. 038. Sand-encrusted. 8" x c. z".

05. Misc. frs. of plain silk, generally fine texture, buff crimson, and blue, much faded. Remains of sewing on many. Much perished. Gr. fr. 2' 6" x c. 2".

L.C. i. 06. Portion of padded cotton garment, in several frs. Strong plain cotton cloth, buff, padded with layer of loose felt and lined with plain light buff silk. Horizontal and vertical bands of figured silk, applied to front.

Pattern : Chinese ` vermicular ' cloud scroll, stepped and slightly angular in treatment, with grotesque beasts and birds ; generally much faded, only blue and buff and traces of green remaining.

At R. a winged dog-like beast with open jaws springs downwards to L. In front of him a plump partridge-like bird; standing, at right angles to general line of beasts. To L. a striding leopard, mottled and marked with three roundels on body, with Chinese lapidary char. over his back and another below forefeet.

Next distinguishable feature is the pronged element with Chinese char. to R. ; to L. a monster resembling in pose the third form R. in L.C. os'. a, and pronged element to L. ; two Chinese chars. are respectively R. and L. of monster. Beyond this nothing is clearly distinguishable but angular scroll and the pronged element.

The above description of pattern is compiled from several frs. Cf. also L.C. 07 (Pl. XXXIV) ; iii. 04. c, 0X7. b, 018 (Pl. XLII).

There is evidence from another fr. of the colouring being rich copper ground, buffs, blue, and dark green. Fr. of burnt bone found with garment. Very ragged and perished. Gr. fr. z' 8" x e 3". Pl. XLII.

L.C. i. 07, 07. a. Frs. of padded garment, similar to L.C. i. o6, of which it appears to be a part. The only fr. of recognizable pattern has the partridge as in L.C. i. o6. Very faded and garment rotten. c. i X 9". PI. XLII.

L.C. I. o8. Fr. of woollen pile carpet, rather coarse, woven in red, brown, and tones of dull yellow. Only part of pattern recognizable is two bands of ` latch-hook', 2f" apart, with hooks turned reverse ways. Length of pile about r, and six shoots of weft between lines of pile. Faded. z' x z' 2'. Pl. LXXXVII.

L.C. i. 09. Three frs. of figured silk. Pattern : tree-coral cloud scroll with occasional naturalistic floral outgrowths. To R. near selvedge, winged leopard in pose of Mycenaean lions, head reverted to R., crimson body spotted with yellow roundels. Thin upward curled tongue issues from open jaws (or this may be a continuation of tail of next beast). Near jaws a Chinese lapidary char. Level with head of leopard, a short winged sheep, standing to L., with a single horn, upright on its head, or it may, be one of the ears. Body, part green and part

yellow according to change of warp, outlined crimson, hoofs crimson. . Facing sheep but on level of leopard, large headed, horned, and winged monster with short pendent tail, near which is Chinese lapidary char. A variation of ` horseman ' pattern, L.C. iii. or! (Pl. XXXIV), q. v.

Colour perished, but probably yellow, with crimson roundel on flank. From scroll behind this beast springs thin stalk bearing two leaves and a flower. Remainder of pattern missing.

Ground blue, with scrolls of yellow, crimson and green. Remains of plain buff silk lining. Faded, perished and ragged. For well-preserved colour, see L.C. iii. cm' (Pl. XXXIV). Gr. fr. c. 8" x 8".

L.C. i. ono. Fr. of figured silk in two pieces. Lozenge all-over pattern similar to L.C. v. 027. a (Pl. XLIII). Well preserved. 4"

L.C. i, on. Fr. of cotton damask ; pink, close-woven, three pieces sewn together. Ground woven in small rib ; pattern in large broken twill giving effect of chequer. Design : lozenges repeating in rows, each row separated from the next horizontally by a chevron line of chequer-work. Chequer-weave of lozenges themselves is broken by four small roundels, woven in small rib-like ground, and disposed diamond-wise within field of lozenge. For similar damask, see L.C. v. oz. b.

Torn, but well preserved. 9h" x 6i", lozenge 2e" x ii'g ". PI. XLII, LXXXVII.

L.C. 1. on. Fr. of woollen (?) fabric ; red, plain weave. Ragged but good colour and texture. 5" x 41".

L.C. i. 013. Fr. of plain silk, buff, fine texture ; ragged. 3" x zf".

L.C. i. 014. Wooden stick ; trimmed round, expanding slightly to one end, which is then cut to very fiat point. Other end cut to similar point, groove cut round stick r from it, and hole (1" diam.) drilled through just within groove. Length z' 3k", diam. i". Pl. XXIX.

L.C. i. oz5. Fr. of wooden buckle from harness. Flat piece of wood, roughly oblong, but one end broken off (at beginning of slit). Other end expands slightly into curved end, finishing in ogee point. Long slit transversely through this end, forming D. Surface orn. with rows of small incised circles with dot centres. For complete example, see L.C. iv. oz (Pl. XXIX). L. 3i", gr. width zI", thickness T70".

L.C. i. oz6. Carved wooden leg of food-tray, like L.C. iv. 07-8. Beast-shape ; no detail ; unpainted. Tenon at top, broken. H. 4", width z", thickness t".

L.C. ii. ox. Fr. of figured silk. Rich dark yellow-brown ground.

Pattern : in very dark bronze green ; to R. T`ao-t`ieh monster, very stylized, with bandy legs and straight radiating spines issuing from shoulders. Open grinning jaws with triangular, pointed teeth ; large round eyes, circular ears, and a row of triangles for hair or mane. Style recalls Polynesian work.