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0292 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 292 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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L.M. 043. Jade Celt, dark green, broken and prob. unfinished. 2" X .r x 1".

L.M. 044-9. Bronze ; rough nuggets. Largest c. g,/

L.M. 051. Iron (?) punch or chisel ; straight bar, pointed one end, flat chisel-shape at other. Length 3", gr. width 1". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 052. Fr. of stone, dark grey, lamellar structure, lozenge-shaped in section (scraper ?). Weathered. II" XI"X

L.M. 053. Fr. of marble (?). White, streaked with grey strata. Weathered smooth. i" x I}" x I".

L.M. 054. Fr. of stoneware ; smooth grey with faceted outer surface. 21" x IA" x I".

L.M. 055. Jade 'celt, pale green, roughly made. 21" x II" x l ". PI. XXII.

L.M. 056. Stone core, black, from which long narrow flakes have been split. xi" x I" x

L.M. 057-9. Three frs. of stone, irregular shape,chipped ; possibly cores. o58, red-brown streaked with pink (flint ?). Gr. fr. (058) it- x IN x ".

L.M. 060. Bone spinning.whorl ; flat disc, pierced. Diam. is", thickness â". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 061. Pottery spinning-whorl ; flat disc, roughly chipped from potsherd, pierced in centre. Diam. i".

L.M. 062. Pottery disc, rough, partly drilled as for whorl. Diam. 11".

L.M. 063-9. Seven paste balls, blackish, opaque, irregular shape ; as L.K. 047. Largest I" x I".

L.M. 070. Glass spout ; fine blue, translucent. Curved, tapering, tubular ; broken both ends. Length 2I", gr. diam. I". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 071-82. Twelve frs. of glass, fine blue, translucent, as L.M. 070. Slightly curved. Gr. fr. (o73) x" x

L.M. 083-98. Eleven glass beads or frs. of beads ; including opaque green and light blue, translucent pink, yellow, light and dark blue, and one white glass gilded. Shapes : tubular spherical, ring, and two double-ring (o91 and 092). Gr. length I".

L.M. 094-9. Six frs. of glass ; pale greenish or straw colour, transparent, with pattern raised in applied ribs. Average size i" x I". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. oxoo. Fr. of glass, pale buff, translucent, cut to disc ; flat on one side, hollow cylindrical on other as though shaped on a wheel, for setting (?). Diam. Iz".

L.M. OIoI. End of glass rod, dark blue, translucent, resembling L.M. 071-82. Gr. M. I".

L.M. 0102. Pebble, creamy-white, bean-shaped.x "

1 xi"•


L.M. 0103-17. Misc. frs. of bronze, mostly sheet. 0103 (largest) fr. of rim of vessel. xi" x -" x

L.M. oI18. Bronze ring, broken, corroded. Diam. c. width N.

L.M. 0119. Fr. of bronze anthemion ornament, massive, cast in relief. In form of expanding plume, the feathers graduated in size from centre, and their division marked by channelled lines on back as well as front.

In upper end of each feather is hole passing partly through, and similar hole at back. The two prob. originally met, but passage choked by corrosion ; probably intended for jewels. Each lobe is rounded off at upper extremity, and finished in small point. Lower end of orn. broken off, and most of R. p. side corroded. H. 3",. gr. width 21", thickness I". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 0120. Fr. of bronze rod, sq. in section, with iron core. Length r1", width

L.M. 0121. Fr. of shell. i" x".

L.M. 0122. Fr. of pottery, ordinary red, glazed green each side. Glaze much gone. Prob. part of rim of vessel. i" X I" X I".

L.M. 0129. Bronze bezel ofjewel, as L.K. ox. Elliptical, with plain inner and cable outer stone border. Two holes in floor of setting for ring or other attachment. ti" x I". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 0130. Bronze ring ; wire, round in section, broken. Diam. I" to 1".

L.M. 0131. Bronze ' cat-bell ', complete with clapper and suspension eye, as Ser. iv. Pl. XXIX, L.A. 00104, &c. Diam. h". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 0132. Flake of iron, oxydized. 1" x I" x i".

L.M. 0133. Fr. of paste, opaque, chocolate-coloured.

3"Xs"X s"

i   8   lb •

L.M. 0184. Fr. of glass, bronze colour, opaque. I" x i" x iv .

L.M. 0135-6. Two frs. of pottery clinker (?). Gr. fr.

I" x " x r.

L.M. 0187-8. Two grains of Indian corn.

L.M. 0189. Fr. of woollen (?) string, bound round with crimson and buff thread. Length ii", thickness 1".

L.M. 0140-3. Frs. of bronze nails ; 0142-3 sq.-headed, corroded. Gr. length 1Ç", gr. width of head A".

L.M. 0144. Fr. of bronze spoon-bowl, long, with thickened edge. 2f" x i". Pl. XXIV.

L.M. 0145-7. Three frs. of iron implements ; 0145, curved, flat, broadening at one end into three points ; 0146, hook-shaped. Gr. fr. (0145) 21" x ri" (gr. width). PI. XXVI.

L.M. 0148. Fr. of lead, irregular shape, drilled at one end. I"x4"xi". Pl. XXIV.