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0173 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 173 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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M. Tagh. 04-6. Three string shoes with open-work sides. Similar to Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVII, L. A. vi. ii. 0025, but finer workmanship. Much worn and ragged. Wrapped in piece of canvas: 04, 10" x 4". 05, 7i" X 3". 06, 7g.." x 3f". See PI. VI..

M. Tagh. 07-8. Two votive stucco plaques, in red clay, from same mould. Seated Buddha on lotus in pose of meditation, surrounded by pear-shape halo of pearls within flames. Very roughly done. For similar plaques see Yo. 0137, Pl. III ; also M. Tagh. o9-10, 028. 3i" x 2".

M. Tagh. 09-10. Frs. of three stucco plaques similar to M. TAgh. 07, but from different mould. 3i" x 2r".

M. Tagh. o1I. Conical wooden float (?) or shuttle, or handle for closing snare. Hole drilled through thick end. Through hole passes string, knotted at one end to prevent slipping; other end knotted in loop. Groove round thinner end of wood and hole in middle of same end running up into interior. Length 2k", diam. r to i•". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 012-13. Two frs. of string netting, of about IN mesh, made of various thicknesses of string.

M. Tagh. 014. Two thin woollen cords and one of dark brown goat's hair, knotted in fashion of rosary. 015 pale blue wool. Lengths‘ I' 51" and 3".

M. Tagh. 016-19. Bronze and stone frs., threaded on string.

o16. White marble spinning whorl, broken at one side. Diam. ", h. I". Pl. VI.

017. Well-designed bronze buckle, elliptical D ; the straight side formed of two parallel thin bars with i" space between, terminated at ends by projecting pieces from that side of the D. No tongue. Good work. H. Ii", width Ii". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 020. Fr. of wooden border ; oblong, convex on front, which is painted with simple scale imbrications in black outline. No colour remains. Both ends sawn or otherwise cut, and long edges cut. Back split off. Length 2h", width I", gr. thickness }".

M. Tagh. 021. Small wooden cleat or handle of string used for twisting churn stick. Round, narrowing to each end ; sunk channel in centre. Chisel-cut. Length 2i", diam. iâ". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 022-3. Two wooden stopper-like objects, with broad flat heads, worn by cords at neck. Perhaps floats for fishing net. Gr. diam. Ii", h. 1i". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 024. Wooden object like cricket ball ; round, with incised annulets ; slightly narrowed at one end ; pointed knob with thin neck at other. Not turned ; chisel-cut. Remains of pink paint or lacquer ; black at blunt end. Perhaps handle of stamp. H. 3i", diam. I" Pi. VI.

M. Tagh. 026. Circular pottery stamp. Heavy, roughly

made, with projecting handle at back. Hard pink clay

with thin pink glaze in parts. Pattern : pair of peacocks, . adorsed, regardant, wings upraised, tails down, beaks

almost touching ; standing on lotus, surrounded by small pearls. Well designed. Diam. 2i", h. Ii". Pl. V.

M. Tagh. 027. Wooden pear-shaped object, with neck near thin end, round which is tied a piece of string. Perhaps float for fishing net ; cf. M. Tagh. 022-3. zi" x I•" x ii". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 028. Votive clay plaque, similar to M. TAgh. 07. Broken (now joined). 3" x 21".

M. Tagh. 029. Clay spinning-whorl ; roughly spherical, burnt clay, pierced with large hole. Diam. #".

M. Tagh. 030. Hard clay seal ; dome-shaped at back, with one hole drilled through laterally, and another partly through from centre of back. Device on face : a scattered arrangement of signs roughly incised ; bird, crosses, Svastika, &c. Diam. I i s", h. 1". Pl. CXI.

M. Tâgh. 031. Hard clay mould of eight-petalled rosette. Prob. potter's mould. Diam. 21". Pl. V.

M. Tagh. 032. Flat wooden spatula ; spade-shaped, smooth from wear. Handle broken. 4"x x 1". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 033, 035-7. Four wooden writing-slips ; whole or broken, blank. 033 and 035 join into one complete slip. All have hole drilled near one end. 033 and 035, 8i"xi"xi".

M. Tagh. 089. Portion of horn comb, similar. to M. Tagh. 040. 2i" x 1 "x u". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 040. Horn comb, with spreading ends and slightly arched back. Unusually long ; teeth badly broken: Well made. 41" x 21" x 1". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 041-2. Frs. of two wooden combs, unusually narrow. General shape as M. Tagh. 040. o4z, IS"x1"x'lae". 042, 216"XIi"XI". PI. VI.

M. Tagh. 043. Fr. of wood, with traces of brush-drawn lines in black. 2}" x 4" x i".

M. Tâgh. 044. Wooden key, with holes for five pegs of which two remain. Handle drilled for cord. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XVII, Kha. ix. oo8 and v. oo6, and full description of ancient wooden lock and key, ibid., i. p. 191 sq. 4' x i"xr. PI. VI.

M. Tagh. 045. Wooden object of unknown use. As seen from side, of long wedge shape, upper edge curved from broad end downwards. At under-side of broad end, rectang. piece cut away. Hole drilled through broad end, and a second Ii" from other end. Lower edge flat, upper rounded. Length 41", gr. h. I", width g". Pl. VI.

M. Tagh. 046-8. Frs. of three wood or cane arrow-shafts, with whipping of gut. 046, reed ; 047, wood (?) ; 048, cane, showing notch. Longest (047) 8i", diam. r.

M. Tagh. 049. Hard clay mould of rosette, composed of eight enclosed palmettes round circle of pearls, with inner circles of cable and pearl patterns. At outer edge, between palmettes, single pearls. Prob. potter's mould. Diam. 41". Pl. V.