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0307 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 307 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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into facets ; hollow and spongy inside ; edges round hollow worked flat and smooth by rubbing on a flat surface. Hard, black. Perhaps a burnisher. H. I", diam. of flat side IAN.

C. xciii. 0155-6. Two frs. of pottery, coarse, gritty. 0155, red, black exterior ; one edge chamfered. Probably part of bottom and side of a vessel. 0156, light grey throughout. Gr. M. (0156) .21". Both weathered and sand-worn.

C. xciii. 0157. Fr. of iron, oxydized. z" x

C. xciii. 0158-62. Five stone flakes and frs. 0158, brown jasper, perhaps used as end-scraper. 0159, yellow-brown, triangular in general form ; high median ridge ; retouched on edges. oz6o, grey-brown, showing bulb of percussion. 0161, hard, black, showing bulb of percussion with conchoidal rings ; under face retouched at one end. 0162, long narrow blade, greenish stone ; edges worn. Gr.

M. (0158) I g". Pl. XXII.

C. xciii. 0163-6. Four frs. of pottery. 0163, red, gritty ; outer surface flaked ; inner surface bears marks suggesting wheel-throwing. 0164, red at inner surface, grey at outer ; gritty ; weather and sand-worn. 0165, red, inner and outer surfaces blackened ; gritty and hard. Probably hand-made. oz66, similar to 0165 but inside surface red. Sand-worn. Gr. length 1", gr. thickness r.

C. xciii.—L.A. 01-7. Seven jasper and chert blades, long, narrow ; single and double-ridged ; yellow-brown,

grey, black, and dark red stone. Gr. length (03) 21"

C. xciii.—L.A. o8. Fr. of soft stone, grey and white, semi-cylindrical. Length 1}", diam. 1".

C. xciii.—L.A. og--11. Three jasper arrow-heads (?).

  1.  chipped sq. one end, greenish-grey. Length I a".

  2. pointed each end, yellow-brown. Length 1i".

  3. long leaf-shaped, as L.I. 012, &c. ; olive green. Length 2h".