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0631 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 631 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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doi: 10.20676/00000187
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a rectangle divided into squares each containing a symbol. Rev. plain and roughly cut, with small piece chipped out. Much defaced. 17r x 6" x -". Pl. LXVI.

E.G. 013. a. xxxi. Fr. of paper ; upper part of large figure subject of which only haloes and tip of pointed Tibetan hat remain. To L. top of thin upright staff from which hang tassel and short streamers. Behind and above haloes a mass of flowers and foliage. In L. corner a sun ; in R. a crescent moon. Paper buff, stained. 3" x 9I".

E.G. 014. a. xviii. Fr. of block-print on paper. Very bad impression. Appears to be part of a border. Paper thin, laid. 3e" x 2k".

E.G. oi4. a. xix. Fr. of woollen fabric, fine, loosely woven and fallen into rags. Pale grey. c. 9I" x 6".

E.G. 017. a. xliii. Two frs. of paper sketch, forming part of sheet with three lines Tib. writing on one side and roughly sketched Yantras on other. Paper double, brittle and torn or broken at all edges. 4" x 21".

E.G. 017. a. xliv. Fr. of paper, printed with double border line and part of flower. 3" x

E.G. orq. a. xlv. Fr. of block-print on paper. Tib. script enclosed in rectangular border lines within which, above script, a series of contiguous petal-like brackets terminating at end in scroll. On reverse, Tib. inscription within rectangular frame. Paper thin, wove. Torn at edges. 6" x 31".

E.G. oi8. m. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf. Two circular haloes side by side with small space between ; enclosed in each a deity. That to L. rides on elephant. The deity to R. seems to be standing on a female figure lying supine. Mountains, trees and clouds form background to two haloes. Whole in red and very faint. Paper double and card-like. Torn at all edges. ioI" x 4I".

E.G. oi8. n. Fr. of block-printed paper. Against a background of clouds and mountains is a warrior divinity playing the Biwa. Above and below, scroll borders. Ends missing. Paper treble, laid. 5" x 5k".

E.G. oi8. 6. Block-printed paper leaf, in red. A deity seated on PadmAsana, enclosed in halo. Background, up to halo, clouds with rock (or ground) below. Figure has decorated head-dress with couch or Vajra central ornament. Four arms : R. p. upper holds rosary, lower in Vara-mudrâ ; upper L. p. holds mace (?), lower in front of body vase-shaped object. All rather faint and indistinct. Paper laid. 5" x 2r".

E.G. 018. p. Fr. of paper sketch, with rough drawing of eight-armed Trimurti deity seated on lotus. Halo and nimbus indicated. Hands carry various emblems. Very roughly sketched. Beginning of rough sketch of animal below. Above, three impressions of panels containing Tibetan inscriptions. Reverse, two faint impressions of seals in red, one in Chinese. Paper torn away nearly whole of L. side ; laid. Rather soft. r3" x 61".

E.G. oi8. q. Fr. of block-printed paper, tinted yellow on obverse. Within a fret border a standing beast to L. with off forefoot lifted. Feet have cloven hooves, body covered with scales, decorative tail uplifted in form of broad long-haired brush with small scrolls at base. Saw-tooth ridge along back. Long straight-haired ruff and mane on L. of head, which is probably regardant. Head vague and part missing. A symbol with waving ribbons in each lower corner. Paper laid and soft. Upper part torn away. 5" x 4f".

E.G. oi8. r.+o23. a. xxiv. A sheet of block-printed paper in two frs., the R. end missing, showing two Tib. Yantras. Each is a series of concentric circles with radial divisions made by an undulating line lying between centre and outer border, the undulations making five outward and five inward loops.

Four legs of hog issue from below circle ; crined back, tail and head appear on upper side. A line of Tib. script appears along top edge of paper. More than half of R. Yantra is torn away. Paper buff, thin, laid. io" x 8".

E.G. ox8. s. Sheet of block-printed paper, of circular Mantra in Tib. There are three concentric lines of script. At centre a vase from mouth of which issues fire. Snakes appear to support vase at each side. Round outer rim of Yantra a flame border. Paper thin, laid and in good condition. z3" x 9f".

E.G. oi8. t. Small sheet of paper, with roughly drawn geometrical forms. Corners of paper, which is oblong, are rounded like those of ordinary playing-cards. A single line border is drawn all round about it" from edges. Within this arc an equilateral triangle with a pair of concentric arcs cutting off each angle, the angular point being the centre of each pair. To R. of apex is a written symbol.

Below triangle, a long narrow rectangle running across narrow way of paper and parallel to base of triangle. Below, two double-line squares placed lozenge-wise, the lowest corner of the upper interlacing with highest corner of the lower. Below, a form like an H turned on its side with thick centre limb ; probably representing an altar image base. To L. a few Tib. characters. Two pinholes equidistant from one long edge of paper seem to be old. Paper thick. 3f" x i ".

E.G. oig. a. xviii. Fr. of silk, from painting ; shows part of hind legs of horse on red ground with portion of blue beside it. Good work. i" x

E.G. 022. a. xxxii—xxxiv. Frs. of block-printed paper, stained yellow on one side. Crude. Tib. Yantra. Paper laid. Gr. fr. 5•" x

E.G. 022. a. lviii, lix. Two frs. of block-printed paper. Enclosed in simple line border, probably an enshrined Buddhist figure of which part of elaborate Padmâsana and scroll enrichments at sides remain. Below, a line of Tibetan script. Paper thin, laid. Gr. fr. 5,I" x 31".

E.G. 022. a. lx, lxi. Two frs. of block-printed paper. Ix. Within rectangular border lines a thin scrolling stem