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0083 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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Sec. iv]   DARÊL OLD AND NEW   29

of many a bloody deed and, as far as Tangir was concerned, probably also by a genuine love of the former turbulent independence. So in the winter of 1917 a conspiracy hatched in Tangir proved successful, and Raja Pakhtûn Wali was cruelly murdered with an axe while watching the construction of a mosque at Lurg. With his life the chiefship also came to a sudden end. The Tangiri tribesmen, with the Gabar-khél to the fore, at once plundered and burned down Pakhtûn Wall's old stronghold at Jaglôt (Fig. 25). Gumare-k& was then attacked and sacked by the Darêlis, who are said to have razed its walls to the ground. The Raja's wives, children and near relations, including Mehtarjao Shah `Alam, were forced to flee to independent territory westwards, where most of them live now in Kandia as hapless refugees subsisting on charity. The story is of a type familiar in the history of these regions. But I am glad to have known its chief actor.



Dar. oz. Silver charm case, square with two loops at lower edge, to which is attached a chain of fine wire suspending a semi-sphere. Pattern in repoussé on sides ; within bead border, a four-petalled rosette and scrolls. Wire of chain appears to be drawn. Perished and broken in four. 1" sq. when whole. Pl. XI.

Dar. og. Copper charm case, similar to Dar. oz, but loops and chain missing. Corroded. z" sq. Pl. XI.

Dar. oil. Fr. of silver armlet. Wide band of thin sheet silver, with three raised ribs, and transverse band of simple incised orn. at end. Deeply oxidized. Length 2", width I}". Pl. XI.

Dar. 05. Pottery spinning whorl, in form of two cones joined at bases and truncated at ends. One end longer than the other ; pierced with large hole vertically. Grey clay. Diam. z", H. I".

Dar. 06. Fr. of silver orn. Upper end, a square wire bent into hook. This broadens downwards into flat band, on front of which is heart-shaped palmette of twisted cable wire, to one loop of which hangs short, very thin wire strung with four minute glass beads, two green and two white. Below this, also on face of band, is heart-shaped


Dar. oz. Arrow, with cane shaft (broken) and wrought-iron head. Head triangular in section, with sides somewhat concave ; barbed. Whipping of gut at this end, and traces

cell setting for jewel (missing). Band terminates below in a loop, with fr. of wire suspended. Oxidized. Length 2 f", gr. width i8". Pl. XI.

Dar. on. Frs. of iron chain, with 8-shaped links, one limb being twisted at right angles to the other. Some parts

corroded together. Brittle. Links 11' x   PI. XI.

Dar. 08. Eight cowries, drilled for threading, and one stone bead.

Dar. og. Twelve glass and paste beads. Two are composed of several fused together. Colours chiefly blue and green. Gr. M. (fused) I".

Dar. ozo. Misc. metal rings and frs. of various kinds, including one finger ring with large cup-shaped setting for jewel. Poor condition. R. finger ring diam. i 6" ; diam. of setting r. Pl. XI.

Dar. o11. Three stone beads : one cornelian, lozenge-shaped ; one pinkish-white pebble, lozenge-shaped ; one bluish pebble, barrel-shaped. Gr. length

Dar. 012. Misc. frs. of bronze and lead. Gr. M. (fr. of ring) z}".

Dar. 013. Misc. frs. of glass beads, &c., pebble, crystal, and teeth. Gr. M. a".


of lacquer and feathers at other. Good condition. Length of whole 2' 6f", length of head 2 f".

SPECIMENS OF POTTERY FROM Kino•kôt. oz. Fr. of pottery vessel. Hand-made (?).

No orn. ; moderately good clay, not well washed. 2 I" x Ii" x é"


Ramal•kbt. oz. Fr. of pottery. Hand-made ; coarse grey clay, red-burning. No orn. Gr. M. z".