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0182 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 182 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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triangular nose, wide thick-lipped mouth, and retreating chin. All are variations of same type, and from moulds similar to those of series Ser. iv. Pl. III, Yo. ooi and 0024, q. v. for full description ; cf. also Badr. 0331.

Yo. 052. a. Dot in forehead, mouth simple line with dots at corner, no modelling of lips. L. ear lost. H. I}". Yo. 052. b. Like preceding, but nose and much of L. cheek gone, mouth slightly upturned. H. r}". Yo. 052. c. like preceding, but flatter and much worn. Lips well modelled ; forehead unmarked. H. rig". Yo. 052. d. (brought by Badruddin). Ears, hair, and L. eye and brow lost ; eyes in long sockets, wide lips down-turned. H. I}". Yo. 052. e. Fr. only, like the preceding, but eyes flush with face. H. I}". Yo. 052. f. Good example with potsherd attached; very wide lips, with holes drilled at corners ; eyes of two concentric circles ; nostrils and centre of forehead marked with small circles. H. I}". Yo. 052. g. Similar to 052. d ; vertical groove down forehead. H. xi". Yo. 052 h. Much worn, smiling mouth, eyes in sockets. H. I}". Yo. 052. i. Pointed ears complete with large lobes or rings ; round prominent eyes ; smiling lips ; worn. H. I}". Yo. 052.j. Small, crudely made ; sketchy features. H. I". Yo. op. k. Large roughly made features ; big holes for nostrils and in centre of forehead. H. Yo. 052: 1. Like 052. e, worn. H. 1}". Yo. 052. rn. Good example. Eyes in sockets, pointed prominent nose, wide lips down-turned, groove down forehead. H. I}". Yo. 052. n. Smaller example of 052. c. Hair goes straight back, unparted. Worn. H. I". Yo. 052. O. Small ; face only preserved. Thin, prominent-nosed type, with wide lips down-turned. H. I".

Yo. 058. a-d. Four terra-cotta female heads, c and d in relief only. Of same type as Ser. iv. Pl. I, Yo. 009. h. I-14, and Yo. 0041 a-e, and with similar individual variations.

a (most complete) shows characteristic coiffure almost unbroken :-short straight fringe slightly parted, and long straight locks curving round cheeks, large top-knot with small pigtail falling behind, and main pigtail caught up to join it from nape of neck. Jewelled band round base of top-knot and over top. Long incised eyes and eyebrows, slightly oblique, with punched pupils ; short triangular nose (worn away) with punched nostrils ; short straight mouth with punched corners. H. 21".

  1. Well modelled, with broad face, delicate mouth, well-developed chin ; punched pupils to eyes and hole in middle of forehead ; front pigtail taken back over cushion ; back pigtail lost. H. Ii".

  2. In relief only, top-knot broken, prominent eyeballs with ring-punched pupils, high aquiline nose with small mouth close under it ; large drilled holes for nostrils and mouth-corners. Good condition. H. 2iß". d. Face only ; like preceding but much worn. H. I}". Pl. II, III.

Yo. 054. Terra-cotta female head and bust ; same type as Ser. iv. Pl. I. Yo. 009. d. I-q and 0041. f., &c., but small scale. Hair in pompadour, with cushion under small pigtail, and large pigtail turned up from nape of neck.

Features merely scratched in. Body preserved to waist, but no modelling. Fr. of R. arm outstretched. Raised ridge (belt ?) round waist orn. with punctured dots. H. I }". Pl. III.

Yo. 056. Terra-cotta appliqué mask. Grotesque satyr face, half human, half leonine. Low forehead deeply cleft, and small hole punched on each side of cleft. Eyes round ring with centre dot. Lion ears fleshy and standing out. Nose short, well projected, and fleshy. Mouth large, smiling, and deeply dented at corners. Long wedge-shaped beard. Hair in form of short lion mane radiating all round. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLIV, Kh. 003. k. The portion of pot attached shows a line of four incised dots above and to R. of head. Very good, and well preserved. 21" x 21". Pl. I.

Yo. 056. Fr. of terra-cotta appliqué mask. Grotesque satyr face, akin to the preceding, and similar to Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLIV, Y. 0016, but bolder modelling. Upper teeth visible. All below broken away. Well preserved. If" X I}".

Yo. on. Terra-cotta appliqué mask. Neptune-like crowned and bearded head as Ser. iv. Pl. I, Yo. 0020, but less carefully made. Frowning brows with groove down middle ; oblique eyes ; small full-lipped mouth slightly open ; flowing moustaches ; and aureole of spreading hair and beard. Ears and nose damaged. For better example, but eroded, see Badr. 0330. H. 2".

Yo. 058. a-j. Ten terra-cotta appliqué masks. Lion-head framed in mane of curls, as Ser. iv. Pl. II, Vo. 0025. a-i, 0043. b-d, &c. Frowning forehead ; ring-punched eyes with dot centres ; prominent pointed snout ; heavy drooping moustache and down-turned mouth. In a-d, the moustache is marked by long incised lines following its curve ; in a g, by short lines incised across it ; in 1, by punched dots at base, and incised lines following curve at tip.

a. Complete, except for R. ear and in good condition. H. 2iv". b. R. half only, well modelled and good condition. H. 21". c. Ears, R. brow, and whole of mane except under R. cheek lost. Double-ring eyes with dot centre. H. I ". d. Lower part of face only ; mane gone except for two curls. H. ". e. Ears, end of nose and much of mane gone ; rather flat relief. Small punched ring on each cheek and over each eye. H. qr. f. Face only, ears and mane gone, worn. H. I}". g. Complete but for L. ear. Modelling less spirited. Pointed nose, no moustache. H. I} ". h. R. upper half only, extending from outer corner of L. eye, below tip of nose and across R. cheek. Large scale, and spirited modelling. Double horizontal wrinkle incised across top of forehead. H. I}". i. Lower part only, from just above eyes to curls below chin ; ears gone. Mouth open showing line of teeth. Double incised line framing face within circle of curls. Good condition. H. I}". j. Small scale, rudely made and much worn. Features almost obliterated. H. I".