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0594 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 594 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. 1.034. Clay stucco head-dress. Flat mitre-shaped frame within which swags of hair loosely plaited, the outside bordered with hanging locks recurved at ends. Remains of red and yellow paint on frame ; hair black. A wooden core, sharpened at end, inserted below. 8" x 7i". Pl. LIV.

K.K. I. 035. Fr. of clay stucco drapery, green, lined red with gilded edge. 7" x 7".

K.K. 1. 036. Fr. of clay stucco head, of demon (?). L. eye round and bulging, with pink ball and black iris ; eyebrow projecting, black ; hair black, with horn-like roll beside face. All other parts missing. 6" x 3i". Badly perished.

K.K. I. 037, 038, 058. Curved fr. of painted clay stucco, convex ; 037, 058, with black markings to simulate tiger skin. Remains of two pendent bands with pearl ornament in relief. Much defaced. Part of breast of figure clad in skin. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXVIII, Mi. xviii. 009. Behind and formerly attached to above, 038, of same form, painted red. Evidently an earlier piece of work restored by a fresh layer of stucco differently painted. to" x 6i".

K.K. 1. 040, 054, 091, 0105, 0106, 0157, 0204, 0217, 0218. Frs. of clay stucco hair. Long, slightly waved locks, voluted at ends. Texture represented by shallow formal channels, similar in character to that shown in `mitre' frame, K.K. 1. 034. Painted grey or black over blue. Occasional traces of gilding at sides. Gr. fr. 5" x if,. Pl. LIV.

K.K. 042. Turned wood finial, or Stûpa with elaborate mouldings, the upper part having Persepolitan dome (?) with raised rib round it. Above this a narrow neck, swelling out again in stepped flats (Tee ?). Below dome a pair of rounded mouldings curving upward and downward from their line of junction (Padm isana). Below this a base cut with broad and narrow flat mouldings. 41" x 2". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. I. 043. Fr. of leg of wooden stool (?) or similar object. Generally square (or rectangular) in section and may be considered as composed of three members. First, at upper (?) end a rectangular block 2" high x r" x 11", the front face being one of the large sides. In this is cut a vertical mortice I" wide and 6," deep, extending whole height.

Below first, second member resembles square capital, 1r wide, " front to back, and r8" high. This has plain abacus 8" high, and below is cut away in cyma curve on three sides ; the angles of adjoining cymas chamfered.

This rests on the third member, a base, square and chamfered outwards to form block of approx. same size as abacus, the outward curving angles being also chamfered. The whole of the back of object is flat and in one plane. Remains of broken tenon at each end. Length over all 6I"

K.K. I. 046. Fr. of clay stucco colossal foot, with

remains of gilding. Hollow below and very fibrous. Width across toes 6k", length 5I". Perished.

K.K. I. 047, 048. Frs. of clay stucco lotus petals, ornamented with flamboyant scroll-work in relief at point, proceeding from raised rib running parallel to edge. Hollow and fibrous. 047, painted red. 6}" x 5". 048, red with green edge. 8" x 8". Pl. LV.

K.K. 1. 055. Fr. of fresco in grisaille on dark green or black ground ; floral scroll pattern. Badly broken. 7" x "

K.K. 1. 057, 059, o6o. Frs. of gilded stucco of irreg. shape ; the last with projecting ball attached to surface. Largest, 5" x 2/".

K.K. 1.063, o77, 084, o161, 0185. Clay stucco rosettes, painted and gilded, from pearl rope K.K. I. 014 &c., and pearl string K.K. I. 092 &c. In centre, plain circular jewel in plain band bezel surrounded by row of pearls. Outer ray of seven flattened heart-shaped jewels point outwards, in plain raised settings. 063, 0185, broken. Diam. 21", 2k", 3".

K.K. I. 067. Fr. of clay stucco ; convex surface, from breast of figure ; part gilded and part red stucco ; a band of pearl ornament at edge of gilded portion and adjoining red. Scar of second band (missing). 63,-" x 4".

K.K. 1. 068. Back of clay stucco figure of Ho•shang, prob. belonging to K.K. 1.0142 (Pl. XLIX). Head appears to be bald, and neck is in rolls of fat. Behind L. elbow is his sack (?). :Material similar to that of 0142. The two halves do not now fit together owing to their having become rather misshapen. Very fibrous. 5" x 5r".

K.K. 1. 06g. Fr. of clay stucco demon head ; R. eye and brow. Eye bulging, red and white with empty iris socket ; brow overhanging and streaked with black lines. Boldly modelled. 51" x 4". Pl. LIV.

K.K. 1. 071. Fr. of clay stucco, representing three flattened sides ; gilded. 31" x 3".

K.K. I. 072, o86. Frs. of clay stucco band, with pearl edge. Colour perished. 4i" x xj", 9f" x

K.K. L 073, 0129, 0130, 0207. Frs. of clay stucco tiara (?), gilded ; consisting of a pearl cincture with two plain bands above, supporting a row of palmette orns. (as ` strawberry leaves ' in coronet) ; each consists of two voluted curves springing R. and L. from short pearl band, and supporting trefoil flower which issues from between. The whole convex. Gr. fr. (073) 6g" x 2i". Pl. LIII.

K.K. 1. 075, 0126, 016o. Frs. of clay stucco ' caltrop' mail, gilded. 075, well modelled but badly preserved. 41" x 3i". 0126, concave and roughly modelled. 7" x 4". oz6o, single link well modelled. 4" x (projection) I". For detailed description, see K.K. n. 0163 and 0197, Pl. LV.

K.K. I. 076. Clay stucco forearm ; upraised and elbow bent, from life-size figure painted pink with gilded pearl bangle at wrist. Hand missing. Length Iii".