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0204 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 204 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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126   FROM KHOTAN TO LOP   [Chap. IV

high relief, prob. for application to side of vessel. Mouth slightly open, mane erect. 2" x I i". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 030. Fr. of terra-cotta handle in form of animal. Traces of green glaze. Worn. 2" x 11". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 031. Terra-cotta appliqué orn. Frog, life-size, much flattened. 21" x I}".

Ark. Han. 032. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, in form of grotesque creature with large projecting ears, wide mouth, no upper lip, wedge-shaped nose, and bulging eyes. Rough work. 21" x I f". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 083. Fr. of terra-cotta grotesque horse-head ; type of Yo. 091-2, Pl. III, and Anc. Khotan, ii. PI. XLV, Yo. 009. b. L. side only. Nose broken ; weathered.

I" X I".

Ark. Haii. 034. Terra-cotta horse, as Yo. 076-7, Pl. III ; cf. also Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLVI, Y. 009 c. R. half only. Head and extremities of legs missing. Remains of some object on saddle. 21" x I}".

Ark. Han. 035. Fr. of handle of terra-cotta vessel, with lozenge-shaped thumb-rest ; moulded and glazed with light brown. Cf. Ans. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLII, T. M. 003. d. 21" X I".

Ark. Han. 036. Fr. of terra-cotta handle, similar to Ark. Han. 035, but grey clay with dark green-brown glaze. Pattern a scroll rosette. 21" x Ili".

Ark. Han. 037. Twenty-five stone and glass beads, carnelian, shell, paste, glass, agate, jade, &c. ; and miniature bronze charm with impression of two concentric circles on one face. Gr. M. (bead) TV.

Ark. Han. 038. Brown stone charm of irregular conical shape, pierced at point. Plain. I" x 1".

Ark. Han. 089. Jade pebble, light greenish brown. Gr.

M. t .

Ark. Han. 041. Fr. of mouth of terra-cotta vessel. Cable pattern roundeedge, and horizontally ribbed pendent orn. applied below. Well levigated. in x I" x 1".

Ark. Han. 042. a-b. Jade and glass frs. (a) Jade pebble, irregular cone shape, drilled for thread. Length 1". (b) Thick tubular yellow glass bead. Diam. A".

Ark. Han. 043. Body of terracotta monkey. Head, arms, and legs missing. Grey. 1" x 1".

Ark. Han. 044. Bronze disc ; thin, broken, with traces of gilding on both sides. Diam. i".

Ark. Han. 045. Bronze stud, in shape of small vesica ; concavo-convex. Edge divided by shallow lines into quatrefoil. Rev. remains of shank. 1" x A" x A".

Ark. Han. 046. Bronze stud ; round cheese head ' with central depression hollow. Two pins on edge at back, on one of which a diamond-shape washer. Diam. i13". Depth r. Pins a".

Ark. Han. 047. Curved bronze fr. ; ribbed, broadened at one end. Prob. part of handle. 11" x 1".

Ark. Han. 048. Bronze fr. with raised Arabic chars. in band between border lines. Arabesque background to inscr. Prob. part of vessel. w x i " x i-g". Pl. X.

Ark. Han. 049. Bronze stud with sq., pyramidal head, shank at back, and remains of iron washer. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXIX, L. A. oorgq. a. fill x 1f".

Ark. Han. 050. Fr. of bronze rod, split. Length I}", diam. ".

Ark. Han. o5x. Fr. of handle of terra-cotta vessel, in form of grotesque sheep ; cf. Yo. o86. a-f. One side of face broken away. 21" x Ih".

Ark. Han. 052. Stucco relief torso ; male, nude, with triple necklace, armlet (lotus pattern), and long curled hair on R. shoulder. Remains of arms, slightly outspread. Narrow waist. Well modelled ; burnt. 4}" x 51". PI. IV.

Ark. Han. 053. Fr. of stucco relief fig., as preceding. Shoulders and head (defaced), with fillet falling from crown. Burnt. 31" x 3A". Pl. IV.

Ark. Han. 054. Stucco relief fr. Hands, L. arm, and part of lap of Buddha seated in Dhyiina-mudrà. Well modelled. Traces of colour wash. Burnt. 21"x 1}".

Ark. Han. 055. Stucco relief fr. Part of Buddha head with Usnisa. Burnt. 1}" x

Ark. Han. 056. Fr. of stucco fig., hollow. Knees and lower part of tunic of kneeling woman, as Yo. 061, and Ser. iv. PI. II, Yo. 2. Burnt. 2" X I}". Pl. IX.

Ark. Han. 057. Stucco relief fr. ; flame, like stalk of fleur-de-lis, from vesica ; cf. Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. ii. 0041, also i. p. 142, A. T. 0020, for full descr. Burnt, point broken. 21" X Ir.

Ark. Han. 058. Stucco relief fr. Head and nimbus of Buddha, badly defaced. Burnt. 2" X Ii".

Ark. Han. 059. Stucco relief fr. Buddha head and nimbus similar to Ark. Han. 058. Nimbus in form of lotus, with short petals projecting beyond seed-table, which forms background to head. Much defaced. Burnt.

  1. X

Ark. Han. c6o. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of R. side of grotesque face, life-size. Eyes well modelled. Eyebrows project in sharp, well-curved ridge. Herring-bone incisions above and below ridge to indicate hair. Hair on head indicated by rough long incisions converging to point over centre. Rough work. Burnt. 5}" x 41". Pl. IV.

Ark. Han. 061. Stucco relief fr. Forearms and crossed legs of Buddha seated in meditation. Feet turned downwards. Traces of green (?) glaze. Rough work. Burnt.

  1. x Ih".

Ark. Han. 062. Fr. of stucco relief plaque, showing L. knee and crossed down-hanging feet of seated Buddha, with lotus vesica, of which two petals appear below feet and knee. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. VIII, A. T. iii. 0089. Foot well modelled. Burnt. 21" x 2".