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0194 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 194 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Badr. 0203. Carved wooden finial, or halo from statuette (said to be from Toghrak-mazar). Disc-shaped, with plain round centre slightly raised, from which close-set V-cut grooves radiate to circumference. Back plain. Remains of tenon, jr wide, below (broken off). Diam. 4.1" x 4", thickness i s"

Badr. 0204. Long flame-shaped fr. of white jade (?) ; curved, with small hole drilled at base, well made. Length 1 s", gr. width g", thickness 2-". PI. X.

Badr. 0205. White jade (?) ring ; circular, quadrilateral in section ; sides expanding slightly to one edge. Diam. of ring c. }", average thickness 21'

Badr. o2o6. Fr. of crystal bead ; spheroid, chipped, and with one side split off. Diam. }".

Badr. 0207. Two carnelian beads; red, flattened spheroid and ring-shaped, chipped. Gr. diam. 6"

Badr. 0208. Misc. stone and glass beads and frs., comprising : one ring-shaped bead of blue glass (iridescent), diam. }" ; one white shell bead, spheroid, diam. 6" ; one tubular agate bead, white and brown, length 16", diam. }" ; two irregular frs. of garnet (?) pierced, gr. m.

Badr. 0209. Carnelian bead ; cylindrical, tapering to each end ; deep red to grey, one end chipped. Length 1", gr. diam.

Badr. 0210. Hollow bronze (?) ball, with large hole pierced through opposite axes. Diam. b", h. 6".

Badr. 0211. Two garnets or rubies ; one pear-shaped; the other, an elliptical cone smoothly cut, with flat base. Lengths 6" and s".

Badr. 0212. Glass bead ; opaque lapis lazuli blue ; large spheroid with sides cut in twelve facets, and axes left round. H. r, diam. e" to )s".

Badr. 0213-21. Nine frs. of bronze ; perhaps all from vessel. 0214-18 are curved frs. of rim, slightly thickened and in-turned ; orn. outside with two pairs of fine incised annular lines. 0213 and 0220, plain frs. slightly curved ; 0219 flat ; 0221 very slightly curved with raised rib on outside ; corroded. Gr. M. (0213) 2i", gr. length of rim (0214) I i s", average thickness 116'.

Badr. 0222. Bronze spinning-whorl ; echinus-shaped, concave on under-side. Fair condition. H. lÉ'", diam. t".

Badr. 0223. Bronze strap-attachment (?). Rectang. piece of plate, with receding edges making hollow back. Short pin at each corner behind, and oblong opening through plate by one edge. Sand-encrusted.

Badr. 0224. Bronze finger-ring, very small, with circular cup setting for jewel (empty). Diam. of ring }".

Badr. 0225. Stucco relief fr. ; long plano-convex, widening slightly to one end which is rounded. Other end broken. White stucco, burnt hard as Chal. o8 ; Badr. 071, Pl. V ; 0226-3o. Length I}", gr. width r.

Badr. 0226. Stucco relief fr. ; thin flat piece, relief pattern consisting of two pairs of scrolled leaves issuing

from opposite sides of transverse cincture. At one end of cincture another leaf scroll. Broken away on all sides. Cf. Badr. 0228. White stucco, burnt hard as Badr. 0225, &c. 11"x

Badr. 0227. Stucco relief fr. Small L.-hand (?) fingers extended close together and bent slightly back ; thumb gone. Broken off half-way up back of hand. Palm and inner side of fingers not modelled. White stucco, burnt hard as Badr. 0225, &c. I}" x }".

Badr. 0228. Stucco relief fr. of foliate orn. Pair of conventional leaves curling upon themselves ; similar to Badr. 0226. Good work. White stucco, burnt hard as Badr. 0225, &c. ;" x r}'.

Badr. 0229. Stucco relief Sr. Flat spiral curl of hair. White stucco, burnt hard as Badr. 0225, &c. Diam. 2° to 1-5'.

1s   16

Badr. 0230. Stucco relief fr. ; of long curving frond-like leaf with deeply serrated edge. White stucco burnt black and hard like the preceding. if x

Badr. 0231. Terra-cotta relief fr. Six-petalled rosette, apparently rising from voluted pair of leaves as Ser. iv.

Pl. VIII, A. T. i. 0012, but leaves broken off short.   " x r.

Badr. 0232. Terra-cotta relief fr. Cast of L. side of head of sheep or camel, as Yo. 071, 095. Very crude. Length

Badr. 0283. Stucco mould, for single flat spiral curl as Badr. 0229. Stucco burnt hard and black as Badr. 0230. Diam. $".

Badr. 0284.. Stucco relief fr. Flat spiral curl as from 0233, but smaller. Grey clay, burnt. Diam. r.

Badr. 0235. Soapstone seal ; high, four-sided ; sides tapering towards top, through which is suspension hole, and orn. with grooves running round horizontally. Device on oblong base ; a roughly cut Svastika (?), with one bar of cross double. Lemon-yellow soapstone, encrusted with dirt. H. 1", base 6" X iV.

Badr. 0236. Terra-cotta relief fr. Cast of L. hind leg of camel, with hump, as Yo. 075. Harness not indicated. H. 2i".

Badr. 0237. Lead (?) bar ; straight, round in section ; tapering slightly towards ends, one of which is flattened and has hole pierced through. Length 2ïfi", average diam. â . Pl. X.

Badr. 0248. Stucco relief fr. of halo, prob. from standing Buddha. Plain field, inner lotus-wreath border on receding plane, and outer border (on lower plane) of creeping flame. Stucco burnt hard as Badr. 0225, &c., and discoloured black and green. I i" x i".

Badr. 0249. Horn spoon ; non-Chinese ; cut in one piece, with flat handle on same plane as bowl. Latter shallow, oval ; cut to fine point at outer end, and with slight shoulder at offset of handle. Handle flat, with sides cut so as to form first (near bowl) an elongated lozenge shape, then a square, then flat bar widening slightly to end.