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0232 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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Legs have lower part carved in form of animal leg ; as L.B. III. r, but shorter ; above is oblong brick-like member, and above again a flat disc-like member set on edge, coming immediately below mortised upper half of leg which holds ends of chest proper.

Round upper edge ran relief band of cable pattern cut on separate strips of wood and attached by wooden dowels. Fair condition ; wood hard. H. 3' 2", depth of chest r' 6", capacity of cupboard 3' 5i" x 2' I". Pl. XV.

N. -xxvi. 04. a-d. Four frs. of wooden cupboard, as N. xxvi. oz but smaller ; a and b a pair of legs, c and d (joining) boards of bottom or top. Legs exactly as in Ser. iv. Pl. XLVII, L.B. III. r, except that one sunk groove takes place of three at top of beast-leg, and foot is placed on small base of plinth. Boards rabbeted, plain. Good condition. Legs, H. 2' 7", width 31", thickness if" ; boards (joined) 2' 3f" x 1' 2".

N. xxvi. os-6. Pair of wooden capitals (?). Each cut in one piece, in form roughly of cylinder, bevelled inwards from ends for distance of about 2", to narrower neck, and swelling again to form quasi-globular middle section. Tenon in middle of each end of each ; one in each case cut off sq., the other roughly pointed. Somewhat rudely cut ; good condition but o5 cracked ; remains of black paint on o6. Length with tenons c. I' z", without 9+F"; diam. of ends and middle 7", of necks 4", of tenons 2*".

N. xxvi. 07-9. Three specimens of wood, roughly trimmed ; wood hard and split. Gr. fr. (09) I' Io" x 3" x

N. xxvx. ow. a and b. Frs. of carved wooden uprights from architrave from doorway ; (a) is from the L. and (b) from R. Both carved on face only, with same patterns. Down centre a band of imbricated laurel leaves (cf. Strzygowski, Kopt. Kunst, Cairo Museum, p. 85, No. 7368) c. 1" wide, between plain fillets, I" wide.

Towards inner edge, a band of long flat billets " wide ; each billet Ia" long, the intervals between billets, c. {", cut into transverse prism, ridge outwards, by sloping cut above and below from ridge. Towards inner edge of architrave, plain surface, c. {" wide, on slightly lower plane than billets. This edge is worn round in places, and chipped and irregular from wear. Outer edge has plain fillet c. I" wide.

Outer return surface of (a) is roughly channelled to a depth of }" and width if', as though to fit against a round post. In (b) the corresponding surface is flat. Inner return surfaces adjoining jambs, and back surfaces, plain in both.

Each has a rectangular tenon cut on the lower end for jointing to sill. Tenon is flush with inner surface on one side, is cut back from face about I" and measures }" in thickness, 2" (a) and 2*" (b) in breadth, and 1" to i" projection. Upper end of (a) broken and cut away. That of (b) sawn off for convenience of transport. Split, weather-worn, and perished on surface.

Carving rough but effective. Laurel leaves produced by series of diagonal cuts in opposite directions forming lozenge shapes, and the upper half of each lozenge cut back as in ` chip ' carving. (a) Length 3' if", breadth c. 5", thickness 3". (b) Length 3' 21", breadth 5", thickness 2{".

N. xxvi. o11. Wooden socket, or ` striking plate ' for wooden lock. Consists of one piece of wood 7" long, of which 21" is a tenon for fixing in door frame and has dowel hole. Outer end, 4f" x 4" x 21", has all outer corners rounded off, and is pierced through laterally by bolt-hole, if" x Ir. From above downwards is a small hole, perhaps for extra pin to keep bolt in position when shot. See Ser. i. pp. 191 sq., Kha. v. oo6, for type of lock, with drawing. Pl. XVI.


N. xLI. 01. Fr. of cast-iron cauldron, similar to N. 025 but probably smaller. Handle and portion of side only. Much oxydized. 5r x 3e", span of handle 4". Pl. XXVII.

N. XLI. 02. Bronze finger-ring, thin. Plain, flat bezel, roughly lozenge-shaped. Hook roughly chased on each

side of bezel ; broken at thin part opposite bezel, where was original joint. Diam. 4".

N. xLI. og. Bronze ring, strong, of even breadth and thickness ; cast. Surface reeded. Diam. ii", breadth

7 it


N. sLII. 01. Turned wooden bowl, with flat shallow foot. Much split and weathered. Diam. 4", h. 21", thickness 1". Pl. XVI.

N. XLII. 02. Terra-cotta spinning-whorl, cut from potsherd. Flat disc, pierced. One side coated with dull buff slip. Diam. i}" x

N. xL1i. og. Fr. of woollen fabric, in faded crimson, oversewn at one edge. Open texture, plain weave. 6" x 3f".

N. xtu. 04. Fr. of wood, prob. half of disc originally circular ; hacked with knife along broken edge. 4" x 2° X.



N. 'um. 05. Irregular block of mulberry wood, partly cut and partly broken. Hard. ,r x I(" x .r.

N. xui. i. ox. Carnelian bead ; spherical, poor quality. Diam. Vg."

N. max. i. 02. Bowl of horn spoon ; with continuation for attachment to handle, shaved to wedge shape for splicing, and drilled with two holes for pegs (dowels). Bowl 21." X I*", length of tang 2". Pl. XVI.

N. XLII. i. o$. Wooden cleat, small, freshly cut ; as

Ser. iv. Pl. XXVIII, N. xiv. iii. 00x7. Prob. used in loom.

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