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0215 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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Sec. iii]   FINDS AT SITES

Bal. 072-4. Stucco relief frs. Lower parts of standing Buddhas resembling Bal. o67 sqq., but from different mould. Hard white plaster. 3f" x 28".

Bal. 075-6. Stucco relief frs. Two floating Gandharvis carrying swag of drapery in upraised hands, a jewel in centre. Costume consists of beaded necklace, girdle with attached festoons over hips, armlets and large ear-rings. Edges of cloak seem to appear at shoulders. Coiffure loose and wavy over ears, with high Ioop at crown tied with cinctures. Body curved gracefully R. p. to L. p. ; legs crossed ; sole of R. foot upturned. Background dented like lotus seed-table. Traces of pink discoloured in part to green. For similar type, see Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. i. E. 0039. White plaster. Well modelled. 41" x 4if". Pl. Iv.

Bal. 077-80. Stucco relief frs. Buddha heads with nimbus, from same mould ; long narrow eyes, wide mouth, small nose, and short curly hair. Good work. White plaster, burnt. Largest (with neck and part of nimbus) 2" X I". Pl. V.

Bal. 081-2. Stucco relief frs. Lotus-bud pedestals with Buddha feet, resting on top ; cf. Ser. iv. Pl. X, K.S. 007. White plaster (burnt). I}" x I".

Bal. 083. Stucco relief plaque ; Buddha seated in meditation on lotus. Plain circular halo and vesica with incised line in each, indicating width of border. Feet hidden by robe. No traces of paint. R. side of vesica gone. Hard white plaster. H. 4e'

Bal. 084. Stucco relief fr. Lower half of Gandharvi kneeling on R. knee, / to R. Same type as Ser. iv. Pl. Xv, Kha. ii. x.w. 003 ; but background broken away close to fig. Remains of light red paint on robe and grey on stole. Hard white plaster. H. 2f-".

Bal. 085. Stucco relief fr. End of fold of drapery, with remains of gilding in hollows. Hard white plaster. Length 2i".

Bal. 086. Stucco relief fr. Head of (standing) Buddha, same type as that of Bal. 061 and prob. from same mould ; much worn. Remains of green paint on halo, black on hair, and of gilding on neck and ear. Hard white plaster. H. 2i"

Bal. 087-8. Stucco relief frs. Two Buddha heads with circular haloes, from standing figs. of type of Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. i. c. oo8. Traces of light red and black paint. Much defaced. Hard white plaster. Gr. M. 2}".

Bal. 08g-go. Stucco relief frs. Two heads, prob. of Apsaras, slightly to R. Round youthful faces, eyes slightly oblique, black hair flat (?) on top of head and falling straight towards shoulders ; remains of fillet-like head-dress with triple flower-orn. (?) in front. Remains of white paint. Hard grey plaster ; worn. H. Ik" and 1E Pl. V.

Bal. og1. Stucco relief fr. Gandharvi head I to L., with remains of circular halo on R. Black hair tied in


loop on top. From same mould as Bal. 051. Hard grey plaster ; worn. H. 2".

Bal. 092. Stucco relief fr. Lower part of face, mouth, chin, end of nose and R. cheek adjoining, features of conventional Buddha type. Strongly modelled, with deep depression at corner of mouth and below centre of lower lip. Remains of white slip. Clay, burnt hard on surface, but influence of fire not extending far, the back being quite soft. Gr. M. 2I".

Bal. 093. Stucco fr. Life-size thumb (two end joints). Covered with bright pink paint, now much effaced ; nail marked in red. Soft clay mixed with fibre, and unburnt. Length 2 r.

Bal. 094. Fresco. On red ground (on which scrolls are faintly visible) an elliptical panel, half bordered by green band disappearing behind, and continued in straight band downwards. Within panel is galloping yellow horse outlined red, having green collar with long wind-blown ends ; marked on quarter with Svastika and a horizontal to shape, and on flank by annulet with projection at lower edge.

Below horse, in centre, a six-pointed star formed of two interlaced triangles ; to R. p. an annulet with projection to R. p. side (green) ; to L. p. a four-petalled rosette ; to L. p. of this a circle (?) with centre spot ; above tail, an annulet. At top of ellipse is straight yellow band below green. Upper and L. edge of fr. broken away. May represent neck or stomach portion of garments of figure, or decoration applied to flesh. Surface flaking off. 9}" x 6".

Bal. 095. Fresco fr. ; Buddha seated in meditation ; red robe, green halo, pink nimbus, red ground. Above and below parts of similar figs. in different colouring. Part of diaper. 74" x 31"

Bal. 096. Fresco fr. Bodhisattva seated within vesica ; body nude (?), red Dhoti, hands in lap holding tall flask. Head I to L. p., tiara, necklet, and massive carcanet. Flesh pale pink ; all outlines red. Background red-brown, and oblique band of purple-brown to L. p. Much damaged. 'or X 8".

Bal. o97. Fresco ; upper part of face â to L. p., over which, and attached to tenia, is animal's head with open jaws and tiara. Prob. part of Trimûrti. 3" x 21".

Bal. og8. Fresco ; upper part of princely fig. playing harp (cf. ` Apollo ' fig. in panel on Stiipa base from Sikri in Lahore Museum). Costume : closely fitting vest (or nude ?), neck-band, elaborate jewelled armlet, bracelets, ear-rings. Long black hair nearly covered by elaborate Pagri of red cloth orn. with strings of pearls. Harp (carefully studied) of gold (yellow). Eyes dreamy ; mouth slightly open (singing ?) ; small moustache ; Tilaka, horizontal red line on cheek below eye. Thin grey stole over R. arm. Hand, graceful and carefully drawn, is plucking strings. 'or x 10".