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0379 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 379 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Lal S. o6. Fr. of pottery, coarse, gritty, pink. Gr. M. 31".

Lal S. 07. Fr. of vegetable fibre (?) rope. Two strands, twisted. Very fine fibre. Length 21", diam. i".

Lal S. 08. Fr. of pottery, coarse, black, gritty. Gr. M. 2r.

Lal S. 09. Fr. of pottery, fine grey, ribbed on exterior. Gr. M. 21".

Lal S. o10-11. Two frs. of pottery ; smooth red, blackish-grey on each face. Gr. M. 2".

Lai S. 012. Fr. of pottery, black, gritty, as Lal S. o8. Gr. M. Iv".

Lal. S. 013-14. Two stone ' blades ', long, narrow ; greenish-grey and dove colour. 014 is fr. only. Gr. length



Lal S. 015. Bronze arrow-head ; cast, with three sharp straight-edged blades projecting from cential tapering ferrule, which is pierced with large opening in each space between blades, perhaps for securing of shalt. Blades thin and barbed (one barb broken off). Good condition. Very skilful casting. Cf. Kum. or ; C. xcvi. 013, 016 ; and Ser., iv. PI. XXIX, N. xiv. oo8. Length IA", gr. width é". Pl. XXIII.

Lal S. o16. Fr. of pottery vessel, showing part of flat base and expanding side ; no base-ring. Grey, fairly clean clay. Gr. M. 41".

Lal S. o17-18. Two frs. of pottery ; coarse, reddish-grey and grey. Gr. M. 24".

Lal S. 019-21. Three frs. of slag. Gr. M. (oi9) r ".

Lal S. 022-4. Three frs. of pottery, coarse, grey, full of white grit. Gr. M. (023) 34".


C. xcvi. ox (7 m. NW. of). Fr. of pottery, wheel-thrown ; thick, common, red-grey on faces, orn. outside with incised lines and row of four punched rings. 2h" X Ii" x ". PI. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 02 (7 m. NW. of). Fr. of pottery ; rough red, eroded. I4" x I i" x ~.

C. xcvi. 03 (7 m. NW. of). Elliptical bronze loop, with stem attached to centre of one long side. Ellipse Ii" x Ii", stem â". Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 04 (7 m. NW. of). Fr. of bronze plate ; hole drilled at one end. 4" x I" x ". Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 05 (7 m NW. of). Glass bead ; pale green, translucent, amalaka shape. H. é", diam. a". Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 07. Fr. of bronze plate, with part of pattern in low relief. r" x " x

C. xcvi. o8. Glass bead, thick, tubular ; marbled yellow and dark green ; green semi-translucent, yellow opaque. Length r, diam. 't". Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. og. Shell bead, tubular. .x," x1". Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. oxo. Glass bead, blue, translucent ; tubular. 3"x". PI. XXIII.

C. xcvi. o11-12. Two agate beads, spherical, orange-red. c. 4" diam. Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 013. Fr. of bronze arrow-head, as C. xcvi. 016 (q. v.) ; much corroded. Length rA ". Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 014. Fr. of bronze arrow-head, with three fiat sides slightly tapering and brought to sudden rounded point. Sq. hole up middle. Corroded. Length i", gr. width }". Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 015. Iron stud, broad-headed, much corroded. Length IA", head if" sq. Pl. XXIII.

C. xcvi. o16. Bronze arrow-head, of type Lal S. 015, Kum. ox, &c., q. v. for fuller descr. Three sharp prominent blades about hollow ferrule ; triangular depressions between blades, but no holes. Remains of tang in ferrule (?). Much cracked and corroded. For similar (broken) fr., see also C. xcvi. 053. Length ris", gr. width ié". PI. XXIII.

C. xcvi. 017. Fr. of bronze wire, with moulded square billet at one end. Other end broken. Prob. part of bangle. Length I}", gr. width é". Pl. XXIII.


L.H. i. cm. Mass of silk and canvas rags, similar to   part of garment). 1' 5" x 1' I".

L.C. 09. Very brittle and dirty. Gr. fr. (silk, apparently


L.H. 01. Wooden cup or dipper, without foot. Cut, not turned, in one piece with small ring-handle flattened on top. Marks of adze on outside and chisel marks inside. Well preserved. Diam. 41", h. 3". Pl. XXIX.

L.H. 02. Three-legged wooden food-tray, with circular top. One leg missing. Upper surface of top has raised edge, " high and I" broad, cut in the solid. Under-surface has three projecting ribs, running from centre as

strengthening pieces, and drilled through near edge with holes to receive circular tenons of legs. Latter of conventional lion-leg pattern, as N. xxvl. or (Pl. XV) and Ser. iv. Pl. XLVII, L.B. III. Warped, but otherwise in good condition. Diam. of top I ii", thickness 1", length of leg 6k". Pl. XXVII.

L.H. 03. Wooden box; elliptical. Bottom in one piece, with ` check ' or rebate round upper edge to receive sides.