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0201 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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Sec. ii]


I 23

Chal. ozo. Stucco relief fr. Buddha seated in Dhyàna-. mudra. Much defaced. Legs missing. Traces of red on robe, white op flesh and black on hair. Head broken off (now joined).* Thick backing of several layers of very hard plaster. Material, white plater. 6!r" x 4f" x 2". PI. Ix.

Chal. oII. Stucco relief fr. Buddha head as Chal. o6. a—d. White plaster, very hard. Defaced by fire. 2" X 2 ".

Chai. 012. Stucco relief fr. Lower part of seated Buddha, similar to Kara-sai. 02. R. leg missing. White plaster, hardened by fire. 3" x 2".

Chal. oz8. Stucco relief fr. Nude body of male fig. ; head, R. arm, and all below hips missing. L. forearm flexed against upper arm. Body long and narrow, with umbilicus strongly marked. Edge of girdle below waist. For pose cf. Ser. iv. Pl. X, K. S. oo5. Hard white plaster. 2e" x 2f". Pl. Ix.

Chal. 014. Stucco relief fr. Three spiral curls of hair (Ammonite type) from colossal fig. in white plaster.

For same type see Ser. iv. Pl. XVI, Kha. ii. N. ooro. Abraded but hard. 5" x 5f".

Chal. 015. Stucco relief fr. from curved lotus-petal border, with beads at inner edge ; cf. Chal. 09. Hard white plaster, much weathered. 5"x 4".

Chai. oz6. Fr. of stucco slab, with incised chevron pattern and dog-tooth edge in relief. Hard grey plaster. 51" x 3k".

' Chal. 017. Bronze vase ; small, cast ; with trumpet mouth, sloping shoulders, and oval body tapering slightly to flat base. On each shoulder is grotesque T`ao-t`ieh ogre head in relief, as handle ; very short and wide with curling ears or horns.

Each side, again, shows in very low relief, in oval panel within double-line border, a Chinese dragon plunging down from clouds (?) into waves. Panel has straight sides diverging upwards. At top and bottom of each side right-angled shoulders support rounded ends.

Fine design. Vase generally in fair condition but slightly corroded on surface. H. 3}", diam. of mouth if", at

shoulders If", of base    Pl. X.


Kara-sai. oz. Stucco relief fr. Buddha seated in Dhyâna-mudra ; single robe. Head, hands, feet, L. leg, and L. shoulder missing. Buff colour in places due prob. to fire. White plaster. Surface broken away. 3e" x 3f".

Kara•sai. 02. Fr. of stucco relief plaque ; curved lower edge showing lower part of Buddha seated in meditation on lotus. Upper part to elbows, and L. side, broken away. Traces of pink and grey paint. White plaster. 3" x 2f".

Kara-sai. og. Stucco relief fr. Part of double flame border from vesica ; spinous, as Ser. iv. Pl. XVI, Kha. ii. 0046. Inner ray pink, outer grey (orig. prob. blue). White plaster. 6" x 2".

Kara•sai. 04. Stucco relief fr. Part of flame border, as Kara-sai. 03. 3f" x 23".


K. Yar. ox. Painted wooden panel. Oblong wooden board, chamfered at all edges on obv., and painted with hexagonal diaper much defaced ; bordered on chamfers with repeating scroll pattern in light colour on dark ground.

Rev. On white ground an elaborate shrine in black outline, placed the upright way of panel. On a pavement stands a Stfipa-shaped shrine with two-storied podium and flight of steps leading to sanctuary. Seated in it a Buddha figure on straight Padmâsana under semicircular arch from which two leaves of a door are thrown open R. and L.

Dome, covered outside with curved imbrications, supports, on a kind of ornamental Tee, plus two slender detached flanking shafts, a tall spire built in horizontal courses and crowned by a half-open lotus. This is protected

Kara.sai. 05-6. Stucco relief fr. Upper half of seated Buddha, much defaced. Traces of whiteviash and red lines. • Background plain. 5" x 5".

Kara-sal. 07. Terra-cotta appliqué mask ; grotesque face as Yo. 052 and Ark. Han. 07. I " x

K.Sai. 08. Stucco relief fr. Gandharvi flying R. and holding garland in outstretched hands. Makes pair, in general type and details, with Bal. 075 ; see also Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. ii. w. oos. Head, hands, and legs below knee lost. . Remains of red paint on mantle under arm. Hard white plaster ; surface worn. 3" x 3f".

K.Sai. og. Stucco relief fr. Head of Buddha, from mould exactly similar to Bal. 077-80, Pl. V. Fr. of circular halo. White plaster, burnt hard as Chal. o8. Eroded. H. tE.


by diminishing ` Chattras', from the lowest of which hang long rippling streamers. Flame ornament flanks the Stûpa.

Perspective is used in the lower parts of drawing. The whole much sand-encrusted and faint. Small hole drilled through centre about f from one end. Perhaps Pbthi cover. 20}" x 6" x }".

K. Yar. 02—s. Two pieces of mica, prob. for inlay. Flat, roughly triangular in shape, with serrated edges.

1" x i

K. Yar. 04. Chip of carnelian, reddish-yellow. Gr. M.

K. Yar. 05. Fr. of dark brown translucent pebble (?). Gr. M. 's".

K. Yar. o6. Bronze spoon handle (?). Long, flat,

R 2