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0347 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 347 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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â". 027. Double hook, formed by piece of flat bronze wire doubled, with ends turned upward and sharpened. A loop is formed at doubled end for suspension. Cf. L.A. 019. Length I".

L.C. 028. Bone object, hollow, gourd-shaped ; with hole drilled through each side near mouth and opposite each other, prob. for suspending cord. Well preserved. H. I", gr. diam. of body i", diam. of mouth }", thickness of wall A". Pl. xXIV.

L.C. 029. Four bronze frs., plain. Gr. M.:1".

L.C. 030. Fr. of plain silk fabric, green ; finely woven, but torn. r' 3" x 5".

L.C. o3x. a. Four frs. of figured silk. Similar to L.C. i. 09. Warp-rib. Ragged and perished. Gr. M. 8f" x 3".

L.C. 031. b. Fr. of figured silk. Pattern present is in five rows. First row : in outline, elongated octagons with the three sides at one end omitted and a short line joining each long side to corresponding sides of adjacent octagon. Two lines within octagon parallel to long sides. Connected with upper end a regular hexagon within which two dots. Six dots between hexagons.

Second and fourth rows : long rectangular billets, solid. Third row : elongated octagons in outline with two inner lines as in first row. Fifth row : angular meander formed of half hexagons alternately reversed, and a pair of dots in each hollow.

Ground rich blue ; pattern rich yellow. Warp-rib weave. Ragged and discoloured in places. For similar fr., see L.C. ii. os. a and Ser. iv. Pl. LV, T. xv. a. 002. a. 4"x4". Pl. XXXV, XLII.

L.C. 031. c. Fr. of figured silk. Cloud scrolls of ` tree-coral ' type. To R. a sprite sitting on node with feet resting on another. Puck-like face, cap with long tail hanging to shoulder. Calyx-like cape and kilt. To L., a pair of standing birds, addorsed, heads reverted gazing at each other.

Pattern is a turn-over, which gives bi-symmetrical forms to cloud scrolls and results in Rococo forms. Ground blue, pattern crimson, green and two tones of buff. Warp-rib weave. Well preserved. 5" X 2l". Pl. XXXIV, XXXIX.

L.C. 032. Strip of embroidered silk canvas. Silk pale buff. Embroidery in silk, a continuous lozenge pattern ; each lozenge formed of two concentric lines of blue and pale brown, enclosing different patterns of which small frs. only remain. Colour scheme rings the changes on blue and pale brown without observing any regular sequence. Much worn and very fragile. Io" x Ii". Pl. XLII.

L.C. 033. Embroidered comb-case, of crimson woollen repp, lined, bound, and embroidered with silk. In shape a long ellipse, doubled (but whole of one edge perished). Pocket inside in each half, one containing comb of hard wood, the other retaining mould of comb now lost. Pockets made of strips of plain and damask silk ; diced pattern, alternate squares being, respectively, ribbed and herringbone twill. Lined with fine hemp (?) canvas ; crimson

repp outer cover lined with felt ; edge of whole bound with plain crimson silk.

Cover cut from larger piece of embroidery, showing orig. corner and two edges. Along the latter is embroidered band of ` latch-hook ' pattern much scrolled ; within are scrolls of naturalistic grape-vine with fruit and leaves.

Embroidery worked in chain-stitch, in dark blue (?), green, and yellow ; but, like whole of rest of case, blackened with use and age.

Comb, well made, of dark-brown wood, with high arched back ; apparently unused, but splinter split off one edge. Sticking to one side of case was knotted fr. of plain silk, containing some substance which has hardened the adjacent folds and turned them ash-grey.

With case were also two frs. of figured silk of same type as L.C. 07. a, one with bronze ground, the other with rich blue. Case (doubled), length 4i", width 3f" ; comb, H. 214", width 2}", frs. of figured silk 2k" x ii" and Ii" sq. Pl. XLV.

.C. 034. Wooden stick, round, painted red ; with black rings round ends. Very brittle. Length 2i-g", diam. I".

.C. 035. Fr. of cotton (?) jean, like L.C. o6. c. White. Ragged but tough ; excellently woven. 7" x 3 ".

.C. 036. Fr. of cotton fabric ; plain weave, buff, with piece of white silk attached. Ragged but tough. 6" x 3".

.C. 037. Fr. of woollen fabric, dark brown (discoloured). Weave fine twill with flannel-like inner surface ; covered with corroded brown silk to which a piece of felt is attached.

4" x 3".

.C. 038. Three woollen fabric frs., red. One plain weave, two ` serge ' weave ; all well woven and well preserved. Gr. fr. 7i" x 2".

.C. 039. Misc. fabric frs. ; two of plain fine buff silk ; one of wool felt. Brittle. 4#" x 4" ; 4" x 3".

L.C. 041. Fr. of bronze buckle ; attachment plate, root of tongue, and beginning of arms of loop. Attachment plate pierced with oblong opening ; then two small circular openings, round the bar between which is curled root of tongue. Length â", gr. width i". Pl. XXIII.

.C. 042. Bronze hook or ring handle of flattened wire. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. LIV, T.W. 007. Length IF", diam. of


ring ä .

.C. 043-4. Two bronze frs., corroded, from mirrors (?). Gr. fr. ii" x r N", gr. thickness A".

.C. f. ox. Fr. of woollen ' box-cloth ' ; rich crimson with buff warp, woven in a fine cord texture. Sewn down centre is a wide tuck, on which is a section woven in dark blue. Velvety to the touch, and apparently teased up in parts to a surface somewhat like box-cloth. For larger fr., see L.C. ii. 016. Much torn and perished. Colour good.


C. i. 02. a, b. Two frs. of cotton garment ; buff,

plain weave, padded with loosely felted wool. On rev. remains of lining of fine buff silk. Much perished and