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0355 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 355 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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continuous cloud scroll, and the rosette into a square. Mostly very irregular rags. Very brittle. Fr. c. 7/" x 3". PI. XLIII.

L.C. v. 028. Three frs. of woollen canvas ; one pink, others green (?) and buff. Coarse. Gr. M. 4".

L.C. v. 029. Fr. of plain silk ; small corded weave ; very rich colour (crimson) and fine texture. Insect-eaten. 2;"x2".

L.C. v. o3o. Fr. of plain silk, dark pink, extremely finely woven. To two edges are sewn pieces of more loosely woven dull ochre silk. Perished and stained. 7f" x 8".

L.C. v. 031-4. Four frs. of wooden arrow-shafts. Butts only, orn. with bands and lines of red and black. 033 has chequer pattern in red ; notch missing. 034 has remains of whipping near notch. Lengths log', I2 r, 71", and 3f", diam. of all I". Pl. XXV I.

L.C. vi. ox. Fr. of silk damask, white or pale cream colour, with small pattern consisting of zigzag lines about f" apart, between which is row of small lozenges (` pheasant's eye ' or ` bulbul chashm'). Much discoloured. Very ragged and perished. i x c. 1'. Pl. XLIII.

L.C. vi. 02. Fr. of plain silk, very finely woven. Orig. prob. pink, now very discoloured. Remains of yellow silk sewing at two edges. Very brittle and perished. Length I', width I' 7".

L.C. vi. 03. Fr. of figured silk, same as L.C. or (Pl. XXXV), q. v. Weft here blue and brown, with yellow-brown spots. Colour well preserved. Fabric much perished. 6" x 2".

L.C. vi. 04. Fr. of plain silk, faded blue, finely woven. Much discoloured ; very ragged and perished. Length c. 1o".

L.C. vi. 05. Fr. of plain silk, pale buff or white, doubled and sewn at edges where frs. of adjoining silk show. Very brittle, ragged, and perished. 6" x c. 4".

L.C. vi. o6. Fr. of silk waste. In mass. 6" x31".

L.C. vii. 01. Misc. fabric frs., including large fr. of strong cotton fabric. Selvedge on one side, cut to curve on another, and one corner torn. Irregular shape, but suggestive of part of coat. Strong but discoloured.

With it another fr. of same fabric, rotten and much torn, and misc. small frs. of plain silk, and silk and wool felt. Large fr. 27" x 3".

L.C. vii. 02. Fr. of figured silk, finely woven, with dull yellow pattern on blue ground. Pattern is angular meander, the lines c. }" apart at their nearest points. In the bends are placed two sq. dots, excepting at the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 26th bends, in which are Chin. chars. repeated vertically but differing transversely. Along each selvedge are more chars. in pale buff, repeated at every meander, but differing on opposite selvedges.

Full width of pieces is present, the extreme edge being pale buff about" wide. Fairly preserved, but torn, with small pieces of the same, brittle and discoloured. Length 12', width (selvedge to selvedge) 19". Pl. Xxxv.

L.C. vii. o3. Wooden implement, prob. plasterer's spatula. Long pieces of wood, rectang. in section ; centre (waist) flattened at sides for grasping ; ends flattened on other two faces into paddle-shape for smoothing wet plaster. Good condition. Length 13", waist i" x I", blades 1f" and if" x}"to G".

L.C. vii. 04. Mass of frs. of silk embroidery. Ground, very fine corded silk of rich crimson embroidered in chain stitch with fine silk thread, blue, brown and buff. Pattern of graceful stems, leaves, and flowers with small simple petal shapes, semé in patches.

Plain blue and buff silk sewn in places on back as lining, and a few of the embroidered pieces sewn together without regard to continuity of pattern. Fine work and colours well preserved, but somewhat sand-encrusted. Average size of fr. c. 3" or 4" sq. Pl. XXXV, XLIII.

L.C. vii. 05. Misc. frs. of plain silk and human bones, with fr. of silk embroidery identical with the preceding. Plain silk blue and buff. Many of the pieces sticking together, and some (with fr. of embroidery) sticking to bones.

On fr. of blue silk four adjacent bones from phalanges of foot. Other loose frs. of bone also present ; all apparently those of woman or child. Very fragile. Gr. fr. (silk) 8" x 3".

L.C. vii. 06. Two frs. of plain silk garment ; body-band (?) in several pieces. Silk light buff and green, with stiffening of coarse brown cotton (?) canvas. Very ragged and dirty. Gr. fr. 1' 9" x 91" ; smaller 1' 1" x 5".

L.C. vii. 07. a. Frs. of figured silk garment, consisting of strips. Warp-rib weave ; ground bronze, blue, buff, and yellow ` vermicular ' cloud scroll ; padded with fine soft felt and lined with plain thin silk. The form of edge of garment seems to have taken a long elliptical shape with flattened point at one end, to which is sewn a bow of blue silk with long ends. About 12" from the bow a kind of cord (formed by oversewing plain silk upon felt) runs across the ellipse and curves back to join the bow.

The space contained between the strips was filled with plain silk, which is continued into the other half of the ellipse, that half being incomplete. A small fr. of brocade of same pattern as L.C. i. o6 (Pl. XLII), sewn to larger piece.

b. Two detached strips of brocade may belong to it ; of these, one shows a floral scroll in blue, green and buff on copper ground. Sand-encrusted and ragged. Gr. fr. 3o" x 2".

L.C. vii. o8. Two strips of plain silk, white, knotted together at their ends. Soft and well preserved, but discoloured. 18"x3".

L.C. vii. og. Frs. of silk damask, dark buff, finely woven. Pattern a well-designed stepped chevron in double lines, containing between them a simple fret. Adjacent chevrons are opposed point to point without touching, and in the lozenges so formed are pairs of cranes, regardant.