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0200 Innermost Asia : vol.1
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a similar dot at each of other corners of square. Rather roughly made. The shape is usually found only in stone ; cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. L, A. oor. c ; Ser. iv. Pl. XXIX, N. 0020. in x TV.

Badr. 04x2. Bronze seal ; octagonal with thin shank pierced with small hole. Much corroded and obscured."xI"•

Badr. 0413. Bronze seal ; square, drilled through from side to side parallel to sq. faces. Device on each sq. face, obscure. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. L, A. oo6. a. T9g" sq. x }" thick.

Badr. 0414. Disc of white jade, prob. for seal ring. Plain. +r" x As".

Badr. 0415. Fr. of bronze bracelet ; narrow elliptical section. End slightly thickened' with notched necking. Thickened at centre, where it is broken. Diam. r}", thickness " X i".

Badr. 04x6. Three glass or shell beads ; one blue, barrel-shape ; one straw-colour, square ; one small shell, drilled lengthwise. Gr. M. 1Ç".

Badr. 044. Fr. of bronze bar, round in section, slightly tapering. Near thicker end, further thickened to form a rectang. block, I" long and •}" wide. A pair of slightly raised mouldings encircle ends of block ; space between pairs of mouldings on each face is cut into lozenges by notches in long edges of rectangle. In centre of each of two opposite is small depression. Perhaps fr. of beam of fine balance, the depressions being for points of fulcrum. Broken at both ends ; corroded. Cf. Badr. ox r9, 0401, Pl. X. 1151 x 1"

Badr. 0418. Fr. of steatite ; irregular ; cut or rubbed into unequal facets. 1" x 1" x -".

Badr. 0419. Fr. of steatite ; irregular, white. ." x f" x



Badr. 0420. Miniature bronze wine jug of quasi-classic form. Solid, intended as an ornament. Handle of scroll type, its upper end rising above lip of jug. Foot is tall and consists of astragal above flattened cone. Well modelled. /" X g

Badr. 0421. Bezel of finger-ring ; plain, intended to be engraved as seal. Length of arc fI".

Badr. 0422. Fr. of malachite (?) beaçi, greenish-blue. TVx•"x2'.

Badr. 0423. Fr. of bronze finger-ring. Bezel with raised ridge at one end, cleft in centre. No corresponding ridge at other end. About half of ring missing. Diam. t".

Badr. 0424. Elliptical lead disc resembling Chinese coin, but hole oblong and imperfectly pierced. Raised device on one side suggesting manner of lettering on Chinese coins, but chars. prob. not Chin. ; cf. Badr. 0396. 4" x H".

Badr. 0425. Bronze pendant, prob. earring (?), consisting of two parts cast in one piece. Upper part, a vertical elliptical ring with small projection at top, unjoined at one side (back). Lower part, a broad pear-shaped solid setting for jewel ; raised border, transversely corrugated, on front side.

Upper end fashioned into a semicircular horizontal table. From this rises a conical knob projection into upper ring, which has the appearance of a swivel joint, but being cast in one piece is not movable. Lower end• of ` pear ' terminates in rosette-like knob. Plane of ring is at right angles to that of jewel setting. Encrusted with corrosion. Length I", width I".

Badr. 0426. Terracotta male head, broken from fig. Chinese type, hairless, wearing cap with high lobate crown like cap of Liberty, with vertical seam in front. The narrow bands rising from the sides meet in centre just below lobe of crown, where they are knotted together. Ears normal. Face smiling and very delicately modelled. For type of cap see silk painting Ch. lxi. 002, Ser. iv.

Pl. LXXVI.   " x I" x I". PI. II.

Badr. 0427. Terra-cotta two-humped camel, with rider or load. Head, hind feet, and most of load missing. 2k"

X 21".

Badr. 0428. Terra-cotta male head, of royal personage with fillet and turban. Long hair drawn back over ears and scrolled at ends. Indian type ; well modelled. Small hole drilled through just beside scroll of hair. R. side worn away ; under-surface smooth as though rubbed. Prob. orn. from pottery vessel. r " x r}" x I". PI. II.



Chal. 01-4. Four frs. of stucco border, of imbricated lotus petals in relief bound at intervals by cinctures. Traces of blue colour wash on ox, and of pink on 04. For similar bands see Ser. iv. Pl. X, K. S. 0020 ; Anc. Khotan, ii. Pls. LIV, LV. White plaster. Gr. fr. 5h" x 21" x r".

Chal. 05. Stucco relief fr. Upper part of draped Buddha fig., head lost. R. hand raised in Abhaya-mudra. Cf. Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. LXXX, A. or. White plaster, burnt hard, and showing fire fractures. 31' x 21". Pl. Ix.

Chal. 06. a-d. Four stucco relief frs. Buddha heads ; hair unmodelled. White plaster, much defaced by burning. Average size xI" x r".

  • Chal. 07. a-b. Two stucco relief frs. Nimbate heads, with prob. of Gandharvis, with hair in loose top-knot, and large ear-rings. Cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XV, Kha. i. E. 0039. White plaster much defaced by burning. Aver. size au x .1..

Chal. o8. Stucco relief fr. Lotus-petal border of halo ; two petals springing from row of seven seeds. As Ser. iv. Pl. XVI, Kha. ii. c. 004. White plaster, burnt. 3I" x 2I"

Chal. og. Stucco relief fr. from lotus-petal border of halo. Three curved petals, springing from row of seeds. Plain fillet on other side of seeds. For type cf. Ser. iv. Pl. xv, Kha. vii. oor and 004. White plaster, burnt. 3I" x 21".