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0611 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 611 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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above figs. and part of first character of column below L. figure. Paper pale buff and good. 6' x 3,I". Pl. LXV.

K.K. u. 023g. xxx. Fr. of plain silk, well woven ; pale buff. 4e" x 1 ".

K.K. II. 024o. ii. Fr. of paper, with part of impression of block, showing parts of two kneeling figures among clouds, in devotional attitude. Dressed in voluminous ceremonial robes, bordered and partly banded in black. Nearest figure seems to have face in profile turned to L. and a circular halo is carried completely round, over neck drapery. Superimposed ornamental bands to L. probably indicate altar.

Border of picture, black, with Vajra and elongated rosette reversed. Engraving rather crude. Paper buff and torn at all edges. 3" x 3"•

K.K. n. 0240. jj. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf, torn away on three sides. Fr. shows very crude seated Buddha figure to R. with the usual two characters below, and one following. To L. part of another Buddha which seems to be larger, but this appearance may be due to the paper having become woolly and stretched. The more complete of the figures has an hourglass-shaped body but broader below. Four transverse lines serve to express folded legs and Asana. A stole (?) crosses body from L. p. shoulder to waist. R. hand is held away from body nearly level with shoulder and touches line indicating halo. Face (upper L. p. part missing) is square and has nimbus. Paper buff and woolly at torn edges. 3I" x .r.

K.K. II. 024o. kk. Fr. of paper, showing rough fragmentary sketches. Lower part of elaborately robed figure apparently taking long stride. To back of this and another way up, head and L. p. arm of a man wearing high-necked coat and close turban. Paper buff and torn.


K.K. II. 0240. 11. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf, being lower R. portion with ` baluster ' ornament similar to K.K. II. 0253. b, Pl. LXV. Paper buff and well preserved. 31..3".

K.K. II. 0240. pp. qq. Small frs. of silk muslin, with traces of paint.

K.K. II. 0240. rr. Fr. of plain silk. Buff. 5" x II".

K.K. n. 0241. a. Page from printed book, of Jataka (?) stories. Page divided by two lines into four equal parts. In first (upper L.) and fourth (lower R.) are six columns of Hsi-hsia text. In second (upper R.) an old man, bald, wearing loose garment reaching to ankles, shoes, and carrying a long crooked staff. (Cf. K.K. n. 0242. b, 0285. b. vi.) He advances to R., approached by youth in long robe and Chinese lobate cap with tags hanging at back. His hands are together and his body bent forward as though in eagerness or curiosity. Vermicular' clouds drift from L. and upward, and flowers and stones indicate the ground. In third division (lower L.) a man sitting on ground, his left leg drawn up in pain and in involuntary effort to protect his body, which is being worried by a tiger (Buddha and the

tigress ?). ` Vermicular ' clouds drift from R. and upward. Roughly cut but cleverly conceived. Paper dark buff ; torn in places. 7" x 4". Pl. LXIII.

K.K. II. 0242. a. 1—viii. Frs. of block-printed paper book, with Hsi-hsia text and elaborate decoration. Owing to fragmentary condition of book it is impossible to recognize the complete scheme of the decoration, but it is approximately as follows : Upper half (?) of page has two standing figures on white ground, facing each other but divided by a vertical band of ` baluster ' ornament of a character similar to K.K. u. 0253. b. The vertical half of a similar band stands on the outer sides of each figure panel. Below each figure is a column of finely proportioned Hsihsia characters, standing under an umbrella-shaped lotus canopy with upturned ornamental outer ends, suspended to which is a vertical string of jewels.

Between these columns is a column of floral ornament enclosed R. and L. by a broad black line and a thin one. To extreme R. and L. on the outer sides of text columns are narrower bands of floral ornament. The whole effect is extremely rich and elegant.

One fr. shows an additional column of text to R. with an inverted lotus above it, the column extending higher than the other text columns and having a boldly cusped arch with black spandrels above,

The pairs of figs. are sometimes Bodhisattvas or Lokapâlas standing on lotus bases and dressed in graceful flowing robes and fluttering stoles, the head encircled by a single-lined nimbus. The other type of figure is the typical muscular, vigorously posed Dvàrapâla, also in pairs standing on a rock and carrying a long mace. All figs. are of Chien-fo-tung type.

In one of the central floral columns is part of the coiffure and nimbus of a smaller fig., and it is possible that such a fig. was in all the similar columns. Paper buff, brittle and very tattered. Engraving good. Gr. fr. c. 3f" x 2}". Pl. LXIII.

K.K. II. 0242. b. Frs. of block-printed paper leaf, showing head, L. p. shoulder and hands of a figure, perhaps a mendicant, leaning on long staff, shaped at top like a dog's hind leg, which he grasps with both hands near L. breast. He is old, bald, with round excrescence on centre of skull, and wears a spotted robe loosely draped over L. shoulder and forearm. Fig. is enclosed in a plain line border. Paper buff, much tattered and torn at all edges. Lower part missing. (Cf. K.K. n. 0285. b. vi.) 3" x 3".

K.K. II. 0244. a. xiii. Fr. of block-printed paper leaf, showing lower part of six columns of Hsi-hsia text. A large space below has three isolated stamps in black ; two are rosettes with leaves on opposite sides and one a roughly elliptical solid black spot. Parts of double-line border appear near three edges of fr. Upper part missing. Paper buff and in good condition. 9" x 7".

K.K. II. 0244. a. xiv. Five frs. of block-printed leaves with Hsi-hsia text, one fr. decorated across upper edge with seated Buddha figs. similar to K.K. II; 0281. a. xxxviii,

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