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0380 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 380 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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These are formed of one piece, bent to shape and sewn at the overlap with cane. Wooden pegs driven in askew from below secure bottom to sides.

On sides is scratched pattern of large rectangles crossed by double-line diagonals. Underside of bottom scored by knife cuts. Sides broken at upper edge, and split. Length 7r, width 3f", height 21". Pl. XxIX.

L.H. 04. Woollen tapestry shoe, made to shape on a last and finely woven. Back and sides are plain buff, with a band of darker colour running centrally through it, and splitting into thin lines towards the toe but finishing before toe is reached. Buff ground of sides continues round front as a narrow band immediately above sole. Upper edge neatly worked over thick cord.

Space on top of toes worked in buff and crimson, in bands of interchange. On upper band is flying bird, each side, and in middle five pairs of heraldic lions on buff and crimson alternately, in counterchange. Below is band of flying birds, crimson on buff ; and below again a band of buff trellis on crimson. Between first and second bands narrow line of crimson runs from each side and terminates near centre in two bright green eyes.

Weft of upper, very fine wool ; warp perished. Lining of coarse canvas and sole of finely plaited string, the warp in each case being of vegetable fibre, prob. hemp, and body perished. Extremely good work. g" x 3I". For technique and design, cf. Ser. iv. Pl. XXXVII, L.B. iv. ii. oor6. Pl. XLII, LXXXVIII.

L.H. 05. Fr. of iron bar, flat, with indications of copper attachments. Heavily corroded and earth-encrusted.

4i" x -"•

L.H. o6. Mass of silk rags in buff, green, and blue ; plain weave. (In mass) 8" x 5}" x 2".

L.H. 07. Fr. of woollen pile carpet ; pile crimson, buff, and pink, occurs about every tenth shoot of weft, but has almost completely perished leaving canvas ground. 8" x 5".

L.H. 08. Silk fabric frs. ; plain, light green, much perished. Length c. 7".

L.H. og. Fr. of figured silk, perished. Colours now buff and blue. Cloud scroll pattern, indistinct. Warp-rib weave. 6" x 3f".

L.H. oxo. Silk fabric, plain, green (discoloured) ; well woven. 4 " x 5".

L.H. on. Fr. of silk damask, faded crimson, perished and broken into small pieces. Spot pattern, indistinguishable, but a large lozenge, with interlaced angles on short diagonal, forms important part ; alternate patterns composed of small scrolls are also used. Average size of frs. c. ii" x r".

L.H. 012. Wooden cup, round, handleless, sides drawing in to small circular base. Roughly cut, fair condition. H. 3k", diam. of mouth c. 31". Pl. XXVII.

L.H. 013. Wooden food-tray, four-legged (one leg missing). Shallow elliptical tray, with four sq: projections on underside, cut in one piece with it and socketed to take tenons of legs. These are of waisted cylinder. type—the

upper part of the cylinder shorter than the lower and roughly quadrilateral—and are secured in sockets by wooden pins driven right through socket and tenon. Tray split, roughened on inside and scored with knife-cuts. Length r' 5", gr. width rot", h. 6". Pl. XxvIII.

L.H. 014. Broken frs. of silk, plain buff. Brittle. Gr. M. 6".

L.H. Drs. Fr. of woven shoe upper ; fine work resembling L.H. o4 (q. v.). Crimson and buff. Perished. Gr. M. 7". L.H. or6. Mass of silk frs., plain buff. Perished.

L.H. orq. Mass of silk frs., plain, light blue. Perished.

L.H. o18. Frs. of vegetable fibre fabric, perhaps from shoe. Woven with double weft, the alternate pairs of weft threads twisted respectively to R. and L. and giving effect on surface of rows of plait. Brittle. Gr. M. c. " x f".

L.H. org. Frs. of grass fabric, like the preceding but coarser. Caked with sand, brittle. Gr. M. x" x 1".

L.H. 020. Fr. of silk, fine plain weave, reddish-buff. Perished. C. 41" x 2f".

L.H. 023-7. Five wooden arrows ; wooden shafts with feathers and binding, but no heads. Instead, stick is simply trimmed very smoothly to point. 023, 024 alone complete ; others broken off before point.

Feathers remain on all, though worn down to stumps on 027. They are tied on in bunches round shaft, and cut short at length of about 3", forming short stiff ` brush' round it. Two bunches (or traces of two) remain on all except 025, one covering end of shaft, and the other about 6" lower down. Binding is of gut, with red woollen string sometimes on top.

Shafts of 023 and 026 also orri. with incised spiral lines (three on each), running down from feathered end (on 023 complete) to 5" from point, where are marks as of binding. Spiral lines are further toothed' on L. side by series of small incised dashes, cut at right angles to direction of shaft ; cf. ornamentation of wooden pins L.F. ii. 04, &c. (Pl. XXIV).

025 has piece of deerskin (?) tied round shaft 3" below base of topmost feather bunch, and from this gut runs spirally down shaft towards point (broken off).

Lengths : 023 and 024 (complete) 29" ; 025, 22" ; 026, 141"; 027, 2o1" ; diams. (025) " to (023) ig". Pl. XXV.

L.H. 028-9. Two carved wooden legs of food-trays ; lion-shaped as N. xxvi. or (Pl. XV), but without disc. Deep semicircular depression above hock.

Not a pair, 029 being larger than 028, and having two grooves along abacus, and oblong bevelled projection at back of lower leg. Oblong tenon at top of each. 028 well made. Good condition. 028, 41"x iI" x i"; 029, 5" x ria" x I". Pl. xxvl.

L.H. 030. Carved wooden leg of food•tray; in form of waisted cylinder, roughly cut, with projecting tenon at top. H. 3" (with tenon 3k"), gr. diam. 2f".

L.H. 031. Pottery handle, ear-shaped, broken off vessel. Red, rather fine clay, with yellowish slip (?). H. 3", gr. projection r{". Pl. XXVI.