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0599 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 599 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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K.K. II. 022. Frs. of paper, perished, with traces of Chinese characters. Largest c. 3" x 3".

K.K. II. 024. Silk banner top, triangular, crimson with round white spots by resist process. Edges bound with buff gauze, with top loop for suspension and short tasselled ends of same. At lower corners blue (faded to green) tubular gauze streamers with terminal yellow and blue tassels. A Chinese numeral (?) in black ink near point. 12" x 6".

K.K. n. 028. Fr. of paper, with Chinese characters. Very rotten, Gr. fr. 3" x Ik":

K.K. II. 029. Frs. of paper, soft and woolly, with block-printed Chinese characters. Gr. fr. 21" x II".

K.K. II. 030. Fr. of silk damask, with small lozenge trellis all over. Pale blue faded to buff. 8" x

K.K. II. 032. Fr. of printed silk, crimson spotted with six-petalled buff rosette in resist, showing centre circle and midribs to petals reserved in ground colour. II" x 5". Pl. LXXXVI.

K.K. u. 033. Fr. of printed silk ; blue printed white by resist. Spot pattern of symbols. r2" X 4". Pl. LXXXVII.

K.K. II. 034. Frs. of printed silk, thin and loosely woven. Dull crimson, dyed with pattern reserved buff by resist. Large piece spotted with rosettes composed of large centre dot surrounded by ring of xo small dots. Rosette frequently distorted as though stamp was only half a circle stamped twice to form the circle, and often overlapping so that a kind of ellipse is formed.

Small piece spotted with five-petalled rosette. The two pieces sewn together. 12" x 4". Pl. LXXXVI.

K.K. II. 035. Fr. of canvas painting. R. arm, and outline of hip and leg of figure. Background blue, bordered gold (metallic) ; probably vesica, with crimson background above upper curve of vesica. Short tight-sleeved tunic with band above elbow and cuff of vandyked ornament. Arm pendent with two bangles at wrist ; hand defaced. Drapery at hip. Traces of black (hair) at shoulder. Outline black ; very faded and worn. Pose of R. leg suggests advancing R. to L. 12" X 2".

K.K. II. 036. Fr. of silk tapestry, composed of several pieces sewn together. Very ragged but fine work. Floral pattern too fragmentary to make out. Ground dark brown, pattern in shades of green and buff. Encrusted with mud. c.4"x6".

K.K. II. 037. Fr. of silk damask. Pattern very indistinct ; small floral sprig, seine. 5" x 3 g".

K.K. II. 041. Silk threads of blue and yellow, twisted together and made into a hank 19" long.

K.K. II. 042. Frs. of paper, stuck together like cardboard. Gr. fr. r4" x Iis"

K.K. II. 043. Silk wallet (?), in two frs. faded green ; lined with several thicknesses of MS. paper, similar to K.K. II. o18 (Pl. LXXXIII), but without string. rod" x 61".

K.K. II. 044. Frs. of canvas, blue and buff, stuck together with paper bearing Chinese characters, used as stiffener. Shapeless and ragged. I1" X Io".

K.K. II. 045. Fr. of silk banner. Upper border of stout ribbed blue silk, doubled with frs. of edge of painted fabric adhering to stitching at lower edge. Portion of cane stiffener in fold, and two silk suspension loops ; through these are put two short pieces of cane, of which one is portion of arrow butt. 2' 6" x 4".

K.K. II. 050. Fr. of silk damask, very firm, pink, with bold floral design. A few cursive Chinese characters in black ink on one side. 5" x 24".

K.K. II. 052. Fr. of silk. Long strip, thin, pink, with bold Chinese writing on both sides. 24" x 4¢".

K.K. II. 053. Fr. of silk damask, lined plain silk. On damask, traces of Chinese characters apparently written on a painted surface put on the damask. Very worn and pattern unrecognizable ; all discoloured. 8" x Ion".

K.K. II. 054. Frs. of printed silk ; several pieces joined ; one piece plain. Two with spot pattern in black outline—two concentric circles from which six short rays with small rhomboids between, making a kind of wheel design A" in diameter. Another piece dotted with stars and birds, and having a few Chinese characters either written or stamped. 19" x ro ".

K.K. II. 055. Fr. of painted silk canvas ; torn, very faded and nothing of interest ; patches of red and other colours. c. 12" x 3".

K.K. II. 056. Fr. of block.printed paper. At top a row of four seated Buddha figures in teaching pose with lotus petal halo and nimbus. Below, four rows of 5 Chinese characters. Then four more figures in meditation, under each of which five more Chinese characters. To L. six Chinese characters (probably more missing at upper torn corner). Below these a small Pagoda. A line across bottom. Torn away at lower R. corner. r r1" x 5".

K.K. II. 064. Fr. of paper, with a few black lines and traces of green and red colour. 31" x 2".

K.K. II. 065. Fr. of drawing on paper, showing rough sketches of head of stringed instrument, a flower and upper part of shoulder; face and head of figure. Thin lines. 41" x 51".

K.K. II. 066. Fr. of painted canvas banner. Part of face and R. shoulder of Buddha. Flesh colour, shaded. Eyes oblique. Short black hair in bow-shaped curve over forehead with red spot in front. Cf. plaster mask K.K. 1. 019,5 (PI. LIII). Long ear.

Petal-shaped nimbus, buff, halo green with red border. Background green with black line scroll-work ; red outer border ; outlines black. Poor work of Tibetan type. Ioi" X II".

K.K. II. 067. Fr. of silk appliqué band ; made of narrow strip of fine dragon design work in gilded silk canvas