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0181 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 181 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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Sec. ii]



circular rosette, with cascade of jewels issuing from centre. Jewels akin in treatment to seed-vessel' of Ser. iv. PI. VIII, A. T. v. 0039, and ` wedge-shaped mass ' of Yo. o4. 3" x I". Pl. I.

Yo. 032. Fr. of shoulder of terra-cotta vessel, orn. with applied palmettes hanging from small raised moulding. Same as Ser. iv. Pl. IV, A. T. 040. I " x Ii". PI. III.

Yo. 033. Fr. of side of terra-cotta vessel, orn. with notched ridge above, two incised annular lines below, and incised chevron basket-pattern between ridge and lines. Below these again are traces of incised festoon pattern. 2 i" x I r. Pl. I.

Yo. 034. Fr. of shoulder of terra-cotta vessel, orn. with band of two incised lines, above which is incised petal ornament, and below appliqué circular rosette. r i" x Pl. I.

Yo. 035. Fr. of terra-cotta vessel, orn. with applied palmette in low relief. ii" x 22-". PI. III.

Yo. 036. Fr. of domical lid (?) of terra-cotta vessel, or small terra-cotta bowl. Om. outside with whorl of long narrow petals, radiating from apex. Incised midrib to each petal, terminating in punched dot in centre of petal end ; and circle of similar dots at origin of petals. Beyond petals ends are two incised annular lines. Flat rim, lightly notched. Arc at rim r 1", h. I;".

Yo. 037. Fr. of rim of small terra-cotta bowl, like preceding but on larger scale. Remains of two petals with midrib and double outline. Single annular line beyond tips. Plain rim. Gr. M. Iii".

Yo. 038. Fr. of neck and rim of terra-cotta vessel. Lip, turned slightly outwards, is orn. outside with incised oblique lines. Below is narrow band of cable pattern ; and below, again, row of applied upright palmettes with two incised annular lines underneath. Along broken edge at bottom, traces of applied rosettes. Rough work. 2*" x 21". Pl. I.

Yo. 039. Fr. of neck of terra-cotta vessel, concave in profile from shoulder towards rim (lost). Raised ridge, with notched herring-bone orn. round junction of neck and shoulder ; and similar ridge running vertically from it up neck. H. 3f", arc at bottom 3". Pl. I.

Yo. 040. Fr. of shoulder of terra-cotta vessel. Incised orn. consists of three annular lines, with downward-pointing petal orn. (of type Yo. 036) above, and lozenge diaper below. On top of incised orn. is applied grotesque head of rat type, with reeded scroll curling up and outward from behind. Head has prominent muzzle and circle of curls like degenerate lion-heads of type Yo. 058 ; cf. also `hyena' head of Anc. Khotan, ii. Pl. XLIV, Y. 009. p. x i" x 2,/". Pl. I.

Yo. 041. Fr. of neck of terra-cotta vessel, ribbed inside ; outside orn. with crude head of bull (?) in bold relief. Traces of dark green discoloration over whole. 21" x 21". Pl. III.

Yo. 042. Terra-cotta appliqué mask, with potsherd attached. Grotesque human face of same type as Ser. iv. PI. III, Yo. ooi. o, but better modelled and more spirited. Mouth broadly smiling ; L. hand under chin holding double cord or fold of drapery ; bangles on wrist. Complete except tip of nose. xe" x

Yo. 043. Terra-cotta appliqué mask, from pot. Grotesque human head after type of preceding, but modified by freehand modelling after casting. Nose flattened ; mouth straight with deep holes punched at corners ; ears lost. If" x I".

Yo. 044. Terra-cotta appliqué beast-head, with fr. of neck or straight side of pot. Lion-head of gargoyle type in high relief, roughly modelled. Holes at corners of mouth are deeply punched, meeting internally and prob. affording passage for ring. Raised moulding runs behind top of head. I.2" x Ii", relief r". Pl. III.

Yo. 045. Terra-cotta appliqué mask, with fr. of potsherd attached. Degenerate lion-head as on Yo. 040, Pl. I. Potsherd orn. underneath mask with band of three deeply incised annular lines. I4" x I4".

Yo. 046. Pottery fr. ; coarse gritty red clay, having an applied disc orn. with punched circle. Gr. M. I I".

Yo. 047. Foot of terra-cotta vessel, flat, circular. Edge moulded round, with band of punched rings above. Within is mark where circular stem has broken off. Rough work. Diam. 2h", h. c. i", diam. of stem at point of attachment

Yo. 048. Fr. of terra-cotta male head ; mouth, chin, tip of nose, fr. of L. cheek and ear, with ear-ring of stamped circles. General type as in Ser. iv. Pl. I, Yo. 009. b, and with similar cable-like moustache. But there is no gorget, and chin is covered instead with short beard indicated by rows of incised dashes. H. 2k". PI. III.

Yo. 049. Fr. of terra-cotta male face ; R. half only, from tip of nose to neck. Small well-modelled tip of nose and mouth ; long rope-like moustache, and fringe of short beard and whiskers framing face continuously so far as preserved. Sharp outstanding ridge round middle of neck, perhaps edge of leather collar (?). For general type, cf. Ser. iv. Pl. CXXXIII, Mi. xi. 0097. H. I i".

Yo. 05o. Terra-cotta relief head ; female, well proportioned. Eyes long, R. eye slanting upward. Lower lip drawn in and puckered as though from grip of teeth. Hair in form of low coronet with small loops under ears. Eyebrows marked with series of slight indentations. Well modelled ; fair condition, somewhat worn. H. I}". PI. II.

Yo. 055. Terra-cotta relief head, of Chinese type ; male. Eyes narrow and slanting ; hair strained back from forehead. Well modelled. Ears and surface of nose lost ; otherwise good condition. H. I}". Pl. II.

Yo. 052. a-o. Fifteen terra-cotta appliqué masks from vases. Grotesque human face, with parted hair, circular ring-punched eyes with dot centres, short prominent