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0589 Innermost Asia : vol.1
Innermost Asia : vol.1 / Page 589 (Grayscale High Resolution Image)

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cylindrical tool ; brown pigment has buried itself in the glaze. Remains of brown glaze inside 026. Cf. K.E. '

XIII. 04 (Pl. LVII). 026. I xI}"X ". 028. I'x~--'x A' Pl. LI.

A.K. 027. Fr. of pottery, of buff paste glazed and decorated similarly to A.K. 026 and 028, but glaze flaking off. Brown inside. For another example, see K.E. xxII. 04 (PI. LVII). I ' X I' x A'. Pl. LI.

A.K. o2g-36. Frs. of pink stone (agate ?) ; some worked. 035 worn smooth. 036, cabochon, prob. part of natural pebble. Largest fr. i" x -' x I".

A.K. 037. Fr. of bronze, from rim of vessel (?), thickened at inner edge, broken on all other sides. Outer surface very slightly convex. 2i" xI "x a". Edge f'. Pl. LI,

A.K. o38. Fr. of iron object, scrolled into loop at one end, which tapers ; thicker end broken off. Much oxydized and split. Small hole in centre of thick end. I i" x

A.K. 039. Small bronze standing figure with pointed nimbus ; pose slightly curved as though resting on L. foot ; R. arm hanging, L. arm raised from elbow ; high keel-shape head-dress. Broken away at knees. Much worn. 1 i' x i". Pl. XI.



K.K. 01. Fr. of wooden comb, in two pieces. Semi-elliptical back. Long teeth extending to within i" of back. Close-grained heavy wood. Well made. 2f" x 2i". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. o2. Frs. of silk and cotton ; a string of cotton rag, with pieces knotted to it. Two pieces of closely woven silk damask ; pattern fragmentary. Twill weave. Length c. 23'.

K.K. 03. Fr. of printed paper ; with block-print lozenge border and part of Tibetan characters on illustration. Very rough. 4" x Ii". Two plain pieces 7' x 2f'.

K.K. 04. Fr. of silk ; buff, with small lozenge diaper. 6'xI

K.K. 06. Fr. of silk ; white ; plain. 5 ' x it".

K.K. 07, 08, 017. Three frs. of bronze sheet. Gr. fr. o8, II" x r i" (bent).

K.K. og, o10. Two flint frs. ; pale buff. Gr. fr. I'X ' X r.

K.K. on. Glass bead ; spherical, white ; pierced for thread. Diam. s".

K.K. 012. Fr. of green stone, soft. r x i" x I".

K.K. 053. Inscribed wood. Small wooden tablet coated with black lac ; oblong, with two upper corners cut off segmentally. On each side are two Chinese characters, cut through the lac, so that they show white. A small hole drilled laterally just below cut corners. Well preserved. Length IN" x 6' x ". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. 015. Fr. of bronze, flat, with raised surface near one edge. Corroded. Gr. M. I i'.

K.K. 016. Iron hook. I i" x i'.

K.K. 018. Fr. of iron dagger.blade, of rhomboidal section. Corroded. 2â" X i" X i'

K.K. 019. Iron staple, made from flat strip bent over to form loop ; the opposite end bent and scrolled. 2i' xis" (loop).

K.K. 020. Tang and part of blade of iron implement. Knife (?). 2" x i".

K.K. 021. Fr. of pottery. Solid pyramidal foot of vessel

with part of body attached. Hard, buff ; partly glazed with dark brown. At bottom, potter's mark deeply incised. Diam. of foot 2", height 21'. Pl. LVII.

K.K. 022. Lead disc ; flat, irregular ; drilled near centre. r r X i"

K.K. 023. Fr. of pottery ; base (?) of vessel ; in two pieces decorated with annular channels. Pale buff, extremely fine texture, covered with very thin buff glaze. Diam. I i', height I i". Pl. XI.

K.K. 024. Fr. of pottery ; from foot and bottom of bowl (?) ; ivory-coloured, porcelainous, with colourless glaze. Ring-foot and slightly raised band immediately outside it. Very flat spread. Bottom pierced through. 3" x

K.K. 025, 026. Fr. of porcelain ; from rim and wall of vessel, in two pieces ; glazed in and out with dark grey-green (celadon). Edge of thin rim unglazed. Inside, a pattern in low relief below the glaze, consisting of a hollow-sided hexagon within which is a faint floral pattern. Beginning of other hexagons at sides and bottom. 4i" x 31" x

K.K. 027, 029. Frs. of pottery ; hard grey body covered with grey-green glaze. Celadon ware (?). Faint pattern in relief under the glaze, inside. 027 from wall of vessel, I i" x I". 029 part of ring-foot and wall, I i" x i".

K.K. 028. Fr. of pottery ; buff, glazed. r i" x i".

K.K. 030. Stone axe.head, grey, similar to K.E. V. 03, with larger hole, narrower butt and sharp blade. I i" x

  • i' x i". Pl. LXVI.

K.K. 035. Pottery whorl, with large hole. Roughly made. Diam. Ii" x i" (nearly).

K.K. 036. Fr. of pottery, from rim of small bowl of porcelain-like paste, semi-translucent glaze, starch blue. Lip slightly out-curved, with faint rib parallel on outside about r below. Good glaze. 4" x I i6' x i".

K.K. o37. Fr. of pottery, from rim and side of bowl in porcelain-like paste, semi-translucent glaze, pale olive. Lip }' wide, sharply out-turned and curving slightly upward. Outside moulded in shallow tomato-like ribs. Cf. K.K. 0106. it-a" x ri' x AN. Pl. LVII,